Best Split King Adjustable Beds: Top 5 Picks and Buyer’s Guide

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 26 minLast updated on December 16, 2022

One of the biggest struggles couples often face is trying to meet each other’s comfort needs when it comes to sleep.

However, an adjustable bed frame can handle this issue and help partners achieve a compromise. When it's a Split King model, it can allow for independent controls and individual comfort settings.

Today’s review will share the top 5 adjustable bed frames in the Split King size to help couples enjoy proper rest. Plus, readers can check our buyer’s guide to make sure they choose wisely when shopping.

A Quick Overview

Puffy Adjustable Base
Best Overall

Puffy Adjustable Base
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Lineal Adjustable Bed Base by Saatva
Runner Up

Lineal Adjustable Bed Base by Saatva
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Amerisleep Adjustable Bed
Best for Heavier Sleepers

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+
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Split King Adjustable Set by GhostBed
Best Bundle Offer

Split King Adjustable Set by GhostBed
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The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame
Best for Relaxation

The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame
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Our Reviews of the Best Split King Adjustable Beds

Best Overall – Editor’s Pick — Puffy Adjustable Base

Puffy Adjustable Base

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  • dual massage zones for increased comfort;
  • lifetime warranty to guarantee your protection as a customer;
  • comes with a headboard mount and allows for versatility in use;
  • adjustable height to help users find the perfect set-up with any mattress.

The Puffy has all the right to be among the best Split King adjustable beds, and there are numerous reasons behind this pick. The first thing I noticed about this model was, of course, its sturdy build. I especially appreciate its reliable construction because my wife and I sleep on an extra-heavy hybrid mattress. Not every bed frame can handle it without creaking, but the Puffy nailed my tests.

I also love that this model comes with adjustable legs. My Split King mattress is quite tall and often looks overly bulky when used with other bed frames. However, the Puffy’s legs can be made shorter. That’s why this adjustable bed frame paired up perfectly with my thick mattress. And if you have a thinner model, you can make the Puffy’s legs taller so that your bed won’t be too close to the ground.

Runner Up — Lineal Adjustable Bed Base by Saatva


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  • wall-hugging design to save more space;
  • three massage options for enhanced relaxation;
  • free White Glove delivery for effortless and stress-free set-up;
  • comes with a built-in remote flashlight to make sure one’s path is safe at any point during the night.

A close second among the best Split King adjustable beds is the Saatva. This model was built to deliver unparalleled comfort, and it handles the task quite easily. The Lineal bed base even includes three massage options – wave, head, and leg. The wave massage is my favorite, as it managed to relax me instantly. Therefore, the Saatva can help sleepers wind down at the end of the day.

I also appreciate the mattress brackets on each lower corner of this adjustable bed frame. As an active sleeper, I tend to toss and turn during the night, which often makes my mattress shift (especially if it’s not a very heavy model). However, with the Saatva, I did not experience this issue. I tested it with a relatively lightweight foam mattress, and it stayed in place no matter how much I moved.

Best for Heavier Sleepers — Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+

Amerisleep Adjustable Bed

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  • adjustable legs to blend with any bedroom set-up;
  • under-bed lighting for extra safety during the night;
  • works with most standalone bed frames and can suit any interior.

Looking for the best Split King adjustable bed that can handle more weight without sacrificing its durability? Then this model by Amerisleep might be your perfect match. The Adjustable Bed+ has an extra-sturdy feel (it even managed to withstand my niece and nephew, who enjoy jumping on beds). Plus, the Amerisleep comes with extra legs in the center for additional support. Naturally, it can easily handle more weight and support heavier sleepers.

I also like that the Bed+ comes with adjustable legs. This means you can create the most comfortable set-up and forget about climbing onto your bed every evening (especially if you have a high-profile mattress).

Best Bundle Offer — Split King Adjustable Set by GhostBed

Split King Adjustable Set by GhostBed

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  • available with all GhostBed mattresses, giving customers an impressive variety of comfort options;
  • multiple massage modes to achieve instant relaxation;
  • charging USB ports on each side to help sleepers keep their devices within reach.

Another top-rated Split King adjustable bed base I want to share is the GhostBed. The company offers a bed + mattress bundle, which means an exceptional value for money. To tell the truth, I was pleasantly surprised with the price of this set. It’s not that easy to find such a good bargain on the market. That being said, if you don’t need a mattress, you can still buy the GhostBed adjustable bed and enjoy all of the perks it can offer. 

I also love the massage features this model has. The GhostBed can aid whole-body relaxation, and all you have to do is press a button. I especially like the fact that this adjustable bed frame has a timer. I used it with a gentle massage mode when falling asleep. The bed turned off on its own, so I wasn’t disturbed in the middle of the night.

Best for Relaxation — The Nectar Adjustable Bed Frame

Nectar Bed Frame

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  • recline setting to make watching TV in bed more rewarding;
  • simultaneous head-up and foot-up setting that keeps a user relaxed and limber;
  • ridiculously easy to set up.

Everything about the nectar adjustable bed frame screams user comfortability at its peak, right from its setting up, which does not require any technical know-how. Its easy-to-follow controls led to it being regarded as having the fastest setup. 

With its three massage modes, you are able to wind down in bed after a long day and be assured of a good nights’ rest. It also boasts USB ports that allow you to keep your devices within reach. In addition, the nectar is equipped with a programmable memory setting that allows you to store your favorite position and setting, all accessible at a moment's notice from the comfort of your bed. This particular feature is only made all the more appealing with the presence of the wireless remote.

For couples, there is also an added feature that allows you to control your side of the bed and remake it into a position of your choice while also enjoying the other features available. The nectar adjustable bed frame is no doubt the best when it comes to user comfort.

Our Methodology - Why I Picked These Split King Adjustable Beds

These adjustable beds have been chosen based on their durability and what features they have that can improve your life the most for sleeping on an adjustable split king bed.

In my review methodology, I check a frame’s durability by doing a few movement tests, seeing if the legs or any part of the frame wobbles or squeaks and if the legs damage the floor. I also check for stability by marking the legs’ position on the floor at night and checking if they’ve moved in the morning. This is a good indicator of how well-grounded a frame is, despite tossing and turning in bed, and helps me decide if this frame will be effective short-term and long-term.

At the end of the article, I’ll explain my methodology in why these split king adjustable beds are the best, and what to look for so you can choose one for yourself.

Who Needs a Split King Adjustable Bed Base?

Adjustable bed frames come with numerous perks. However, they can be costly, and many shoppers doubt whether they need such a big investment.

So, here are a few examples of who will benefit from using an adjustable bed the most:

  • Couples with different comfort preferences. A Split King adjustable bed frame would allow partners to use two different mattresses and various bed settings without having to compromise;
  • Chronic pain sufferers. An adjustable bed can be a real savior for pain sufferers, as it offers various comfort positions that may aid tension alleviation and pain relief. Additionally, people who deal with pain often toss and turn a lot, trying to find a good position. Naturally, they can disturb their partner when doing that. However, using a Split King bed will prevent this issue.
  • People with sleep apnea. Often, sleeping with one’s head elevated can reduce sleep apnea symptoms (1). Naturally, an adjustable Split King bed frame will allow the other sleeper to remain in any other position that they choose. 
  • Sleepers who often suffer from acid reflux. Again, sleeping with one’s torso elevated can reduce the chances of heartburn and, consequently, may help owners of adjustable beds sleep better. And with a Split King model, the other sleeper can keep their bed side independent and in any position.
  • Restless sleepers who share their bed with a partner. A Split King bed means two separate mattresses. Naturally, shock from motion won’t transfer to the other side of the bed in this case.
  • Chronic snorers. Snoring often occurs when the upper airways become obstructed. Sleepers can reduce the pressure from the airways by lying elevated. That’s why adjustable bed frames can be real saviors when it comes to snoring.
  • People with bad backs. Using an adjustable bed frame can help sleepers test various positions, many of which reduce pressure and can help with back pain. And when the bed is in Split King size, the other sleeper can tailor their side to their liking without disturbing the partner who experiences back pain.

What Makes a Great Split King Adjustable Bed Base

There are numerous Split King adjustable bed frames, but are they all worth the money?

To avoid any doubts, shoppers need to consider certain aspects that make a great Split King adjustable bed. They include:

  • Durability. Adjustable bed frames aren’t cheap, especially in the Split King size. Therefore, it’s better to pick a long-lasting model. Shoppers need to make sure that the steel frame is thick and sturdy enough. They can also inquire about the maximum weight capacity of the bed – the higher it is, the more durable the bed frame should be. And, of course, reading other people’s reviews can help shoppers understand how their desired model will hold up with time.
  • Warranty. The best adjustable beds in Canada come with at least ten years of coverage. The rule here is simple – a more extended warranty usually means higher material quality and, potentially, increased durability. Plus, the warranty coverage will ensure the customer’s protection. Therefore, a longer one can guarantee shoppers’ peace of mind. 
  • Comfort features. This is when it gets fun. Split King adjustable beds come with tons of different features, and shoppers need to pick the ones that can make their lives easier. These features may include multiple preset positions, massage modes, customizable bed height, timers (for both massage and comfort modes), wall-hugging design, retention system for the mattress, under-bed lighting, Zero Gravity mode, charging ports, silent alarm, etc. However, shoppers need to remember that extra features typically cost more.
  • Compatibility with headboards and other bed frames. A good Split King adjustable bed has to easily blend with one’s interior. That’s why shoppers often choose models that feature built-in headboard brackets. Many adjustable beds can also be placed inside standalone frames, allowing shoppers to easily incorporate this new bedroom accessory into the room’s set-up.

Other Considerations When Shopping for the Best Split King Adjustable Bed

It can be challenging to find a perfect Split King adjustable bed. However, the task becomes easier when shoppers know what to look for.

So, here are some additional factors they might want to consider to find something that would make them happy:

  • Mattress type. Not all mattresses work with adjustable bed frames, so shoppers first need to check theirs before buying a new adjustable foundation. Now, ideal mattresses for adjustable beds are flexible. They can be made using memory foam, polyfoam, and latex. Most modern hybrid mattresses also work with adjustable bed frames, but it’s better to check with the manufacturer to be on the safe side.
  • Room size. Split King is among the largest standard bed sizes. Therefore, before spending money on a new bed frame, shoppers need to make sure their bedroom measures at least 12’ by 10’.  Bigger is better, of course, as it will give sleepers more room to walk around (or for extra furniture). 
  • Sleep trial. Some adjustable bed frames come with an in-home trial, making them an excellent solution for hesitant shoppers. They can test the new Split King bed frame, see how it works with their mattress, and get a refund if it doesn’t make them happy. Sleep trials are relatively rare for adjustable foundations, though. This means hesitant shoppers may spend more time looking for a suitable model.
  • Price. Adjustable models aren’t the cheapest ones on the market, but shoppers can save more when buying in bundles (a bed frame + a mattress, for example). Most adjustable foundations in Split King size cost around $1,800-$3,000. Luckily, some companies offer financing, which may help reduce the load on one’s budget.
  • Wireless controls. This feature can be very handy, especially for people who appreciate effortless and intuitive operation. Many adjustable beds have wireless remotes or Bluetooth to work with apps. Some of them can even be adjusted using voice commands. However, this feature would cost more.
  • Motor noise. Of course, some Split King adjustable beds can be rather noisy and disruptive. That’s when an in-home sleep trial can come in handy. As an alternative, shoppers can read other users’ reviews to see how quiet or noisy their desired bed is in real life.


Is a Split King adjustable bed worth it?

A Split King adjustable bed frame would be certainly worth it for partnered sleepers who want to have more comfort options without disturbing each other.

Is a Split King adjustable bed bigger than a King?

No, a Split King bed is the same size as King. However, it combines two smaller sections that can be adjusted on their own, making Split King bed frames perfect for couples.

Will I need a box spring with my new Split King adjustable bed?

No, adjustable bed frames are designed to be used on their own with almost any mattress type.

Wrapping Up

With a great Split King adjustable base, couples don’t have to struggle to meet each other’s comfort needs. Plus, they can get the best sleep ever thanks to different comfort modes. And to choose the best model, shoppers need to check what comfort settings the adjustable bed offers. It also wouldn’t hurt to read more about the warranty coverage and the materials used for the bed frame.

And if you’re feeling picky today, allow me to ease your mind and share my absolute favorite – the Split King adjustable bed frame by Puffy. This universal model can work with any mattress and in any bedroom set-up. Moreover, the Puffy is very well-made, comes with excellent warranty coverage, and even includes a sleep trial (perfect for hesitant shoppers). It also has a massage feature and built-in charging. Therefore, the Puffy bed frame can offer both reliable support and unparalleled comfort.

What made you look for an adjustable bed frame in the Split King size? Are you after some specific features and characteristics? Let us know in the comments!



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