Best Sofa Beds for Everyday Use

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 15 minLast updated on March 4, 2021

Versatility, convenience, space-saving design…

These three factors are crucial when it comes to smaller living spaces.

That’s when sofa beds come to the rescue. This sleek piece of furniture can serve multiple purposes and transform your home. Read my review of the best sofa beds for everyday use and find out which model would be a perfect solution for you!

A Quick Preview

Jarreau Sofa Sleeper by Signature Design by Ashley
Best Overall

Jarreau Sofa Sleeper by Signature Design by Ashley
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Serta Rane Convertible Sofa
Best for Solo Sleepers

Serta Rane Convertible Sofa
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Futon Sofa
Best Faux Leather Sofa Bed for Elegant Interiors

Convertible Lounge Futon Sofa Bed by Best Choice Products
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Our Reviews of the Best Sofa Beds for Everyday Use

Best Overall — Editor’s Pick - Jarreau Sofa Sleeper by Signature Design by Ashley

Jarreau Sofa Sleeper by Signature Design by Ashley

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  • chaise design;
  • foam cushions;
  • steel frame;
  • pull-out mechanism.

The first item I want to mention in my review of the best sofa beds for everyday use is the Jarreau Sofa. This fancy-looking piece of furniture can become a great addition to your home interior without taking up much space.

As this model has a chaise design, it can make a great lounge area for you, your family, or friends. While being rather compact, the Jarreau provides enough space for sitting. The cushions are made with high-resiliency foam. They may feel a bit firm at first, but after the break-in period, this sofa bed starts feeling extremely comfortable. 

The Jarreau has a pull-out mechanism and takes minimal time to set up. The bed section has a sturdy steel frame. It is supportive, comfortable, and feels like a medium-firm mattress. The polyester upholstery is soft and pleasant to the touch, so you can enjoy occasional naps even without any sheets.

I’m sure that you will fall in love with this stylish, comfortable sofa bed. The Jarreau works perfectly for both lounging and sleeping. It is a quality-made piece of furniture that will serve you and bring you joy for a long time.

Best for Solo Sleepers - Serta Rane Convertible Sofa

Serta Rane Convertible Sofa

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  • click-clack mechanism for easy setup;
  • metal frame and legs;
  • foam cushions.

If you need a small couch/bed for one, you will definitely like the next model in my review of the best sofa beds for everyday use. With its contemporary design and comfortable cushions, the Serta has all the chances to become your most favorite spot in the house.

Now, this is a rather affordable model. It doesn’t mean that the Serta is made with low-quality materials. However, keep in mind that the weight capacity for sleeping is 260 pounds, which makes it ideal for solo sleepers. But you should probably avoid jumping on your sofa bed.

The cushioning uses high-density foam, which has a medium-firm to firm feel, depending on how much you weigh. To turn this sofa into a bed, you just need to push its back down. It takes a second to set up. 

It gets better:

This sofa bed arrives assembled, so you only need to attach the legs!

The Serta is a great find for those who don’t need a large sofa bed. It looks more expensive than it really is and can fit into almost any interior. I personally enjoyed both lounging and sleeping on it, and I’m sure you will too!

Best Faux Leather Sofa Bed for Elegant Interiors - Convertible Lounge Futon Sofa Bed by Best Choice Products

Futon Sofa

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  • three adjustable positions;
  • wooden feet;
  • folding design.

Another sofa bed I want to share with you is this faux leather model by Best Choice Products. This is a stylish model that could spice your room up and add an elegant touch to it. Additionally, it’s very comfortable for both lounging and sleeping.

Since the upholstery uses PU leather, it is very easy to care for. All you have to do is wipe it with a damp cloth once in a while to keep your sofa clean. It’s also a great option for lounging, especially if you decide to bring snacks or drinks.

Another cool thing about this convertible sofa bed is how easy it is to fold. The backrest is adjustable and can be used in three different positions. You can even use the sofa reclined, which is ideal for watching a game or even for taking a quick nap.

All in all, the Best Choice Products futon sofa has a lot to offer. It is stylish and versatile in use, which so many shoppers would appreciate.

Understanding the Sofa Bed Mechanisms

Understanding the Sofa Bed Mechanisms

A sofa bed suitable for everyday use can become a perfect solution when you don’t have enough space for a regular mattress. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

The most important factor that separates different sofa beds from one another is their mechanism. The most common ones include:

  • Click-clack. These sofa beds look sleek and minimalistic. To turn one into a bed, you just need to push its back down. Basically, a sofa transforms in one click, hence the name. 
  • Pull-out. This mechanism requires users to pull the mattress part out from the underneath of the sofa. The back remains in its place, while the mattress is stored inside the base when not being used. This type can work great for a guest room if you can’t invest in a regular, full-size bed and don’t want your guests to sleep on an airbed.   
  • Fold-out. This type requires minimal setup time. You just need to fold the mattress out from underneath the cushion part. Such sofa beds come in different sizes. It is important to pick one with a very steady construction since the fold-out section might make noise when the material isn’t that sturdy.
  • A-frame. A-frame sofa beds are perfect for minimalistic living spaces. They are very easy to unfold and usually take minimal space. How they work is very simple: pull the front section and unfold the back part. An A-frame sofa bed might remind you of a caterpillar. It has foldable sections, which makes it a great solution for people who want a no-frills design and hassle-free use.

“The biggest perk of using a sofa bed every day is the versatility that this furniture piece offers. Sofa beds are typically small and can fit into almost any room. They are flexible in use and easy to combine with other parts of the interior.”

What to Look for in a Good Sofa Bed for Everyday Use

What to Look for in a Good Sofa Bed for Everyday Use

Sofa beds have a lot to offer. They are convenient, space-saving, and comfy. 

But they can also give you a headache when you’re trying to pick a good one among all the possible options.

What’s the solution? Simply consider the most important factors before making your final decision:

  • Space. If you aren’t limited by space, the choice of options is endless and you can pick among all the possible sizes. But if you need to install a sofa bed in a small room, you may want to consider the Twin size (1). Twin sofa beds often measure 40 to 50 inches wide, so they can accommodate two people sitting. When opened up, the sleeping surface typically measures 39 inches wide, which is enough for one person to sleep comfortably.
  • Mattress size and type. Ideally, it should be standard (Twin, Full, Queen, whichever you require). This way, you won’t have any trouble finding suitable sheets or covers. If the sofa bed comes with a mattress, you should also consider the material used. Keep in mind that foam is good for pressure relief and motion isolation, while innerspring provides bouncy support and good air circulation. These are the most popular mattress types used in sofa beds.
  • Frame. Wooden frames are considered to be sturdier and more durable. However, this material can make your sofa bed look bulky, depending on your interior. As for metal frames, they are lightweight and look sleeker. They might be squeaky if the quality is not that good, so it’s better to check this aspect in user reviews.
  • Mechanism. As I’ve mentioned before, different sofa beds have different mechanisms of turning into beds (2). This factor is totally up to you: just think about which type would be the easiest for you to use.
  • Edges. It’s better to pick a model with smooth, upholstered edges. Something pointed or rough can ruin your sheets, pillows, blankets, or even your clothes. Plus, if you have kids, they can hurt themselves when playing on such a sofa.
  • Assembly process. Now, this is where it gets interesting. Some models come pre-assembled, saving you from the hassle. However, others may require a bit of effort on your side. My advice is, read reviews. See how much time on average people spend assembling the sofa bed you want to purchase and decide for yourself whether you’re ready for that or not. What makes some sofa beds tricky is the moving parts. They take longer to assemble. You can also contact the manufacturer and inquire about the in-home assembly or the currently available pre-assembled models.

“Some sofa beds have special storage units in their base. This is a great option for limited living spaces. For instance, you can keep your blanket, pillows, and sheets inside the sofa when lounging, and then simply take everything out when it’s time for sleep."


How much does a sofa bed weigh?

Depending on the materials and design, sofa beds weigh around 200-350 pounds on average.

How much does a sofa bed cost?

The most common options range between $200 and $500, although you can find both cheaper and pricier models depending on their style and construction.


As you can already see, getting yourself a comfy, stylish sofa bed can have countless perks. To make the best choice possible, pay attention to the frame material. And don’t forget to check the mattress type, as your new sofa bed will serve a 2-in-1 purpose.

Now, among all the reviewed options, the one that may impress you the most is the Brittany Sofa Sleeper by Novogratz. This model is ideal for both sleeping and chilling in front of the TV or with a good book. It uses quality components and has supportive cushions for improved comfort. And the memory foam mattress will ensure your restful sleep.

What do you think? Which model managed to win you over? Let me know in the comment section!


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