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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 20 minLast updated on March 8, 2023

More often than not, standard Short Queen RV mattresses are uncomfortable, give under your weight and continuous use easily, and become worn from life on the road quickly. They also often don’t come with cooling technology to combat hot nights.

However, replacing an RV mattress is a challenging task. Without the proper knowledge, you may choose a mattress that will end up giving you the same problems, and might not even fit right.

This is why we’ve compiled a short list of my top four best Short Queen RV mattresses, so you can choose the right one for your RV and enjoy your travels to the fullest extent possible.

A Quick Preview

Dreamfoam Essential
Editor’s Choice

Dreamfoam Essential
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Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid
Best Hybrid Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid
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Aurora Luxe
Best For Cooling

Aurora Luxe
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GhostBed RV
Best For Couples

GhostBed RV
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A Closer Look At the Best Short Queen RV Mattresses

Dreamfoam Essential - Editor’s Choice

Dreamfoam Essential

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  • Nano Stain Terminator finish prevents stains from sticking
  • Open cell layout in each foam layer to improve airflow
  • Gel swirl memory foam responds well to your sleeping position
  • The high-density foundation provides a strong core to keep the bed together

The Dreamfoam Essential is an exciting choice for a camper short queen mattress, as it offers a high-density foundation that provides structural firmness and a sturdy core. The surface remains stable throughout the night as it conforms to your body movements. It creates a relaxing feeling that fits your sleep position. My favorite part is how well the mattress responds to the sleeping position throughout the evening, as it never feels uncomfortable.

The design includes gel-infused memory foam at the top to keep you cool. The foam also has an open-cell structure, allowing air to flow while letting your body heat escape. The design ensures you’ll stay cool while you’re asleep.

Another part of why this is the best short queen RV mattress comes from the Nano Stain Terminator finish. This feature prevents splashes and spills from staining your mattress. Stains will not absorb or blend in with the mattress, as you can clean off stains in moments.

One thing I always look for in a short queen RV mattress is how well I can clean it. I want to make sure my mattress stays comfortable and doesn’t build up lots of stains.

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid - Best Hybrid Mattress

Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid

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  • Sturdy quilted top prevents body impressions for your comfort
  • Ascension coils prevent motion transfer from being an issue while sleeping
  • ¼-inch flex base reinforces the coils and keeps them functional
  • The TitanFlex foam responds well to movements

The second choice for the best short queen RV mattress is the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid. The mattress is a hybrid model with a mix of Ascension coils and TitanFlex foam.

The TitanFlex foam on the top provides latex-like responsiveness as you move on the mattress. It contours to your body’s movements, focusing on the pressure points. I like how the surface offers a good feeling without creating any irritating sensations like what a regular latex surface might produce.

The camper short queen mattress also has Ascension coils that provide edge, foot, and head support. The coils respond well to your movements without disturbing your sleeping partner. There are fewer coils in this mattress than in the Aurora Luxe.

The VariFlex transition foam in the middle offers deeper compression support. It relaxes your joints while you’re asleep, reducing pain and discomfort. It is convenient for all sleepers regardless of their sleeping positions.

The idea of springs in a foam mattress sounds unusual, but I appreciate this in a short queen RV mattress. Springs provide added support after a long day out, plus they aren’t as tall as you’d expect.

I reviewed the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid and was impressed by how it handled my bounce test. The Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid had a total bounce value of 9.92 inches, meaning its coils are responsive enough to give you thorough, cushioning comfort while keeping your spine straight and supported. This is similar to the Winkbed (one of the bounciest mattresses we’ve reviewed), with the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid only 0.3% more bouncy.

Read our full Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid review for more information.

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Side Sleeping
Brooklyn Bedding Construction

Aurora Luxe - Best Cooling Short Queen RV Mattress


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  • Ascension coils reduce motion transfer and provide support for the entire body
  • CopperFlex foam on the top responds well while relieving pressure points
  • ¾-inch foam base reinforces the coils, keeping the mattress stable
  • Gel swirl memory foam provides pressure relief and absorbs body stress
  • Gel cooling beads in the foam respond to your body temperature to keep you cool

The next camper short queen mattress to see is the Aurora Luxe, a mattress ideal for cooling needs. I could feel the effects of the GlacioTex fabric at the top. GlacioTex fabric includes fibers with high thermal conductivity to keep you cool while you sleep. The surface offers faster cooling effects than what the Dreamfoam Essential provides.

The cooling gel beads in the foam liquefy at high temperatures and solidify at low temperatures to create a comfortable surface. I notice how well these beads work by seeing how soft the surface feels at the start while eventually conforming to my body. I don’t have a sinking feeling in my body while asleep.

The 1.5-inch CopperFlex foam at the top contours to your body’s movements to offer relief for your joints, plus the antimicrobial properties of copper also keep bacteria from sticking.

The three-zoned Ascension coils provide support for all parts of your body while relieving pressure points and reducing motion transfer between sleeping partners. This feature cools the body as the coils allow room for air to move, preventing heat from building up. I didn’t notice any bothersome noises from the coils when getting on or off or moving about.

GhostBed RV - Best Short RV Mattress For Couples

GhostBed RV

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  • Viscose and polyester cover for added comfort while asleep
  • 8 inches of high-density foam support proper spinal alignment
  • The open-cell memory foam top reduces motion transfer
  • Added antimicrobial materials protect the body and ensure a clean surface

You will find the GhostBed RV an appealing choice for the best short queen RV mattress. This model works well for couples, as it offers a 2-inch open-cell memory foam top that keeps motion transfer from being a hassle. I tried this mattress with my partner the other day, and we both had a good night’s sleep without either one of us being bothered by the other’s movements.

This camper short queen mattress also includes an 8-inch high-density foam core that creates a sturdy foundation. The design creates a medium-firm body that supports spinal alignment for side sleepers. It also absorbs enough pressure on the body to provide a consistent sleeping space without spreading too far to the other side of the bed. The layout makes it work for two people at a time.

Our Methodology - Why I Picked These Short-Queen Mattresses

When you’re short on space in an RV, I always look for short-queen mattresses that will fit the space well and stay comfy for a long time.

In my review methodology, I test RV mattresses similarly to standard ones, inspecting their construction and taking apart the layers to see how each layer individually feels. Then, I test it in different sleeping positions and gauge how well the sinkage balances with spinal support, measuring how much the mattress compresses in my body's upper and lower parts. A mix of hands-on experience and years in the mattress industry help me choose the best short-queen mattresses, and at the end of the article, I’ll share a few more methodology tips so you can choose the right one for your RV.

Choosing a Short Queen RV Mattress

What Material Works In Your Short Queen RV Mattress?

What Material Works In Your Short Queen RV Mattress?

Foam and spring materials are both good options to consider. One idea for finding the best short queen RV mattress to follow involves looking at the material on the inside. Foam is a good choice, as it helps you stay cool at night while responding to your body’s movements and adding comfort to your pressure points.

You can also consider springs, as they can handle more weight and provide reinforcement on the perimeter. Springs can also last longer on average than foam.

What Does a Short Queen RV Mattress Feel Like?

What Does a Short Queen RV Mattress Feel Like

Many short queen RV mattresses can feel soft or firm depending on the model you order. Every short queen RV mattress feels different, with some focusing on specific sleeping needs. A softer model promotes spinal alignment for side sleepers, while a firmer one distributes body weight well and works for back and stomach sleepers.

How High Should Your Short Queen RV Mattress Be?

A camper short queen mattress is about 8 to 12 inches high on average. You can choose a model that fits your RV by being high enough to stay comfortable but not too high to where you could bump your head in your RV.

Frequently Asked Questions About Short Queen RV Mattresses

What size is a short queen RV mattress?

A short queen RV mattress is 60 x 74 inches. It is six inches shorter than a standard queen mattress.

Can you use queen sheets on a short queen RV mattress?

You can use regular queen sheets on your short queen RV mattress, but make sure the fitted sheet secures well. Additional straps may be necessary for keeping the fitted sheet in place.

Is a short queen RV mattress thinner than a regular one?

Most short queen RV mattresses are 12 inches or less thick, making it shorter than a regular queen mattress.


Our preferred choice for a short queen RV mattress is the Dreamfoam Essential. This model is easy to clean off and is short enough to fit most RVs. The Dreamfoam Essential is also cool to the touch and keeps odors and stains from being a problem while you sleep. The layout provides a great surface for all sleeping styles.

Have you tried any of these short queen RV mattresses and want to share your opinion? Leave a comment with us about what you’ve experienced.


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