Best RV Mattress for Back Pain Sufferers

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 16 minLast updated on February 9, 2023
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We all know the feeling of an uncomfortable, ache-inducing RV mattress, especially for back pain sufferers. Replacing an RV mattress, however, can feel like a never-ending search with the number of available options. Luckily, we’ve collected all of the best RV mattresses for back pain, identifying the most suitable for reducing or removing back pain entirely while sleepers are away from home.

I will look at the top picks of RV mattress, how to choose an RV mattress, and frequently asked questions such as what thickness an RV mattress needs to be.

A Quick Preview

Dreamfoam Essential
Best Overall ⁠— Editor’s Choice

Dreamfoam Essential
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Aurora Luxe
Runner Up

Aurora Luxe
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GhostBed RV
Best Budget Option

GhostBed RV
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Our Pick for the Top 3 Best RV Mattresses for Back Pain 

Best Overall ⁠— Editor’s Choice — Dreamfoam Essential 

Brooklyn Wanderlust

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  • Nano Stain cover ensures the mattress is incredibly stain and spill-resistant.
  • Gel memory foam top gives the ultimate level of comfort, conforming to the body while also cooling.
  • Open cell technology throughout the mattress’ layers ensures it is breathable, helping disperse heat throughout the night.

The Dreamfoam Essential mattress is the best RV mattress for back pain for its superior conforming comfort and robust practicality for the RV life. The mattress is engineered to conform with thick, absorbing memory foam and comes in various sizes and heights to accommodate an RV’s unique dimensions.

I also like how on top of being supportive and durable, with a high-density foundational core, Dreamfoam also comes with at least two inches of gel swirl memory foam, meaning the top layer is as cooling as it is pressure-relieving on sore muscles. It helped me stay comfortable even during hot summer nights without the need to use my old trusty cooling fan.

Runner Up ⁠— Aurora Luxe


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  • CopperFlex foam top layer provides superior conforming and antimicrobial relief.
  • The secondary layer, made up of TitanFlex, ensures the spine is adequately supported for pain relief throughout the night.
  • Hybrid Ascension coils provide immediate responsiveness for more effortless movement and more of an ‘on top of the bed’ feel.

The Aurora Luxe is our runner-up for the best RV mattress for back pain due to its full suite of features, such as its antimicrobial CopperFlex, which conforms as a latex alternative and provides adaptive pressure point relief. This is ideal for travelers who need a more responsive mattress to tackle back pain, but are either allergic to latex, or don’t want the price tag involved when it comes to latex mattresses.

On top of being super conforming, I am also impressed with the Aurora Luxe’s ice-cold GlacioTex top layer, guaranteeing ideal coolness temperatures of 88 degrees, wrapped up in an advanced technology fabric that ensures proper heat dispersion. That means I can rest assured at night knowing even if I’m away from home, my mattress will always be the perfect temperature no matter what the weather is like outside.

Best Budget Option — GhostBed RV


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  • Accommodating size for RVs, ensuring this mattress will fit comfortably with travelers on their next adventure.
  • Geared to be medium-firm, with a superior balance of conforming, cushioning support that sleepers with back pain need.
  • Antimicrobial and resistant to mold and germs, making this mattress ideal for the RV life.

The GhostBed RV mattress is the best budget option for those with back pain due to its excellent price point while still offering a full suite of features that an RV mattress geared towards extreme comfort can’t do without. Being $708 cheaper than Aurora Luxe, Ghostbed still offers competitive, pain-relieving comfort while also being cooling and breathable - everything a traveler needs for the great outdoors.

I also like how GhostBed offers sleepers various options, such as a hybrid (memory foam and coils) versus an all-foam mattress. It’s also great that I can use the GhostBed outdoors in my RV and not have to worry about mites or mold - GhostBed is also antimicrobial, giving sleepers peace of mind as well as heightened sleep quality.

Our Methodology - Why I Picked These Mattresses

Our goal is to ensure these mattresses will not disappoint our readers. That’s why we take our time when reviewing each mattress. We conduct multiple tests and use our evaluation system to give points to each important characteristic. They include pressure alleviation, support, cooling, overall comfort, durability, and more. Check here to find more details about how we test our mattresses.

When selecting the best RV mattresses for back pain sufferers, we also focused on their ability to support the body and keep the spine neutral throughout the night. We also tested these mattresses’ pressure-relieving abilities.

How to Choose the Best RV Mattress for Back Pain?

To choose the best RV for back pain, it’s best first to measure the bed frame size in your RV and see what dimensions you’re working with. With RV ownership only increasing these past few years (over 62%), more people need to either upgrade the stock mattress or replace old mattresses (1). That means more people need the know-how to choose a new mattress, which is super easy.

First, measuring the RV’s bed frame is best to ensure the mattress you put in will fit. Take all the measurements, including the width, height, and depth. Depth (or thickness) is likely the most important measurement as some RVs have incredibly limited space on how high a mattress can be, especially if there is a low ceiling.

Once the measurements are taken, the next thing to look for is the level of density the mattress needs to be. For RV mattresses designed to tackle back pain, a higher density around medium-firm or firm will be adequate to support a sleeper with back pain (2). According to studies, a medium-firm density level is ideal for promoting comfort, sleep, and spinal alignment, which in turn reduces and alleviates back pain.

Looking at the cover specifically, RV travelers will want to look for a traditionally made cover that’s taped and sewn for a more durable, long-lasting experience. It’s better to avoid zipper covers as zippers tend to break down faster, especially in an outdoor environment.

Not every sleeper may be well addressed from the list, as it should be noted that sleepers on the heavier side will need a different mattress than a light sleeper. We also have a collection of the best RV mattresses for those needing more options.

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Best Short Queen RV Mattress


How Thick Should an RV Mattress for Back Pain be?

An RV mattress for back pain should be on the thicker side; the thicker, the better, keeping in mind that RVs do have limited space - ideally, stick to 8 to 12 inches for optimal back pain relief. Looking at memory foam specifically, it’s best to look for RV mattresses that offer at least two inches of memory foam. Typically, two to three inches of memory foam will provide enough conforming comfort, letting your body sink into the material. If the foam is only an inch thick, there won't be the conforming support one would typically expect with memory foam. On the other hand, memory foam at four inches runs the risk of being too soft, causing the body to sink and be misaligned, causing more pain.

Wrapping Up  

Out of all of the options, Dreamfoam Essential stands out as the best RV mattress for back pain sufferers due to its stain-resistant cover, which is perfect for the adventurous life of the RV traveler, and its open-cell gel memory foam, ensuring sleepers get the comfort they need while also remaining cool.

When choosing an RV mattress, always keep in mind the dimensions the RV bed frame has to ensure the new mattress will fit, and look for more thickness in the mattress, especially with memory foam, as this will help conform and relieve pressure.



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