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Written by: Alex Savy
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Are you looking for a quality RV bunk mattress? You’ll find details on the best RV bunk mattresses available for your RV today here. You will learn about three top-rated RV bunk mattresses and what makes each product appealing. There are also a few details to note when looking for a quality mattress.   

A Quick Preview

Dreamfoam Essential
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Dreamfoam Essential
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Aurora Luxe
Best Cooling

Aurora Luxe
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Signature Hybrid
Best Hybrid

Signature Hybrid
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3 Best-Rated RV Bunk Mattresses

Best Overall - Dreamfoam Essential

Brooklyn Wanderlust

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  • The Nano Stain Terminator finish prevents splashes and spills from staining your mattress, making it easier to maintain.
  • The foam features an open cell system that allows air to flow, providing a cooling effect that keeps you comfortable.
  • The high-density foundation provides a firm core that keeps the mattress intact, providing a relaxing rest.

The first camper bunk mattress to spot is the Dreamfoam Essential. You’ll find this mattress useful regardless of your sleeping position, as you can order it in one of five foundation sizes from 6 to 14 inches.

The 6 and 8-inch versions are dual-layer mattresses for stomach and back sleepers. The 10-inch variant has extra contouring support for side sleepers, while the 12 and 14-inch versions feature added Variflex transition foam, a foam layer that supports additional contouring for all positions.

The mattress responds well to your movements through the gel swirl memory foam appearing on the first two inches. The memory foam also keeps you cool while relieving pressure on various points around the body. The design offers a comfortable sensation that will help you relax after a long day of traveling in your RV.

Best Cooling RV Bunk Mattress - Aurora Luxe


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  • The 1.5-inch CopperFlex foam responds well to your movements, offering enhanced pressure point relief.
  • The TitanFlex foam provides an additional layer of contouring support for pressure points.
  • The dense core of Ascension coils includes three areas to provide better body support, offering a comfortable surface for sleep.

The Aurora Luxe travel trailer bunk mattress combines foam and springs to create a relaxing rest in your RV. The mattress has a smooth weave top over a CopperFlex foam layer. CopperFlex provides contouring support for whatever sleeping position you use. The copper material also offers antimicrobial properties to maintain a healthier sleeping environment. You’ll appreciate how the mattress feels, as bacteria will not stick to it for too long. You will stay relaxed and happy while you’re asleep.

You’ll stay cool and comfortable on this camper bunk mattress thanks to a TitanCool water-based infusion that conducts heat well. The TitanCool feature draws heat away from your body and moves it into the mattress. You won’t struggle when trying to sleep, as it won’t be too hard.

Best Hybrid RV Bunk Mattress - Signature Hybrid

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid

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  • The premium quilted top allows air to move, keeping you cool while sleeping. The design also prevents body impressions from forming.
  • The 0.25-inch mattress flex base reinforces the hundreds of coils inside its body. The design keeps the coils in their place, providing perimeter support.
  • The combination of TitanFlex and VariFlex foams offer a quick response to your body’s sleeping position, relieving pressure from various points.

The third of the best RV bunk mattresses available is the Signature Hybrid. This model features a combination of foam and coils. The mattress has slightly fewer coils than the Aurora Luxe, as the Signature Hybrid has 961 coils versus the 1,032 on the Aurora Luxe. The Signature Hybrid uses Ascension perimeter coils that provide enhanced edge support on the sides, head, and foot, allowing you to stay in position while sleeping in your RV.

One convenient part of this mattress is that you can select the amount of TitanFlex and VariFlex materials you need in your mattress to fit your sleeping needs. You can order a mattress with 1.5 inches of TitanFlex and 1 inch of VariFlex for a soft/medium mattress that provides extra support for your joints. You can also stick with a firmer mattress with 1 inch of TitanFlex and 2 inches of VariFlex to create a responsive body that quickly reacts to your movements.

Read our full Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid review for more information.

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Side Sleeping
Brooklyn Signature Hybrid-P1066633

How Do You Choose the Best RV Bunk Mattress?

How Thick Is the RV Bunk Mattress?

The best way to look for the best RV bunk mattress for your vehicle is to consider your specific needs. You can start by reviewing how thick your mattress can be. An RV bunk might only fit a model up to twelve inches high. Check the height restrictions in your RV to see how much space can work for your camper bunk mattress. You don’t want to order a model that is too high to where it won’t fit in your RV.

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What’s Inside the RV Bunk Mattress?

You can find travel trailer bunk mattresses with various materials, including:

  • Quilted top surface
  • Memory foam on the inside
  • Cooling surfaces near the top
  • Coils may appear on the bottom part

Each mattress features a distinct body with varying features. The Dreamfoam mattress has no coils, but the Aurora and Signature do, for example.

You can use a foam-based RV mattress with a sturdy core that responds to your movements. There’s also the option to use a coil-based mattress that includes coils reinforced in certain areas to create a better sleeping response.

The Sleep Foundation writes that a foam mattress does well for relieving pressure in the joints. Meanwhile, a mattress with coils can provide better support for heavier people.(1)

Don’t forget to look for something that offers cooling support. Open-cell foam materials can provide cooling features by allowing air to flow well, while the quilted top may also feature a weave that allows body heat to escape into the mattress, keeping it from sticking around the sleeping surface too long.

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Can Your RV Bunk Mattress Fit Your Profile?

Your RV might have limited space for your bunk mattress. The best RV bunk mattresses will include a slim design that isn’t too high. A bunk mattress about 6 to 12 inches high will be suitable for most situations, as it keeps a person from banging one’s head on the RV ceiling when getting up or possibly sliding out of bed at night.(2)


How big is an RV bunk mattress?

An RV bunk mattress is about 42x80 inches in size.

How long can an RV bunk mattress last?

A travel trailer bunk mattress can last for about 10 to 15 years on average.

How can you keep your RV bunk mattress long-lasting?

Rotate the mattress every few months to keep the weight distributed across the bed. Be sure to also clean your mattress on occasion for the best results.

Do you need a foundation for your RV bunk mattress?

A foundation isn’t necessary, but make sure if you have a foundation in your RV that the slats aren’t three inches or more apart.

Wrapping Up

Out of the three options we have reviewed, the Dreamfoam Essential mattress is the best RV bunk mattress you can find today. This mattress features a comfortable foam-based material that keeps you comfortable, plus its Nano Stain Terminator finish prevents spills and other stains from sticking, helping you clean it off in moments. The Dreamfoam Essential is also available in five firmness levels, ensuring there’s an option for you regardless of your sleeping position or other need. 

Be sure when finding an RV bunk mattress that you’re looking for something that can respond well to your body’s movements while also being easy to maintain. You will enjoy a good evening in your RV when you have a mattress that fits your needs.



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