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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 21 minLast updated on March 30, 2023

Enjoying the close quarters with your family in your RV’s bunk beds can make for a quality road trip. But what happens when your mattress begins to sag and lose its shape? RV bunk mattresses are a unique shape, making them a challenge to shop for, especially when you have to look for something that’s still comfortable at a shorter profile.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of my top two best RV bunk mattresses, and tips and tricks on what to look for when you want to replace or upgrade your bunk mattresses.

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A Quick Preview

Plank Mattress
Best Overall

Plank Mattress
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Signature Hybrid
Best Hybrid

Signature Hybrid
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Key decision factors for choosing the Best RV Bunk Mattress

When we want to choose the best RV bunk mattress, we keep several factors in mind that directly impact our choices. These factors are also factors that specify the quality of a mattress aimed for use in an RV. Therefore, these factors are sure to help us get the best options out and present them to you to make decision-making easier for you.

There are a sea of products out there, and putting them on this list would not be possible. So we've only included the products that truly excel at these factors. So for finding the best RV bunk mattress, the most effective factors for us were height, edge support, and motion transfer. Here, we will explain each of them in detail and discuss why they matter to a good RV bunk mattress.


First and foremost, we check the height of the mattress to make sure it's going to be comfortable for you in the RV. Usually, a standard RV bunk mattress is about 6 to 12 inches high, so we choose the mattresses with a height in that range.

Edge support

Edge support refers to the ability of the mattress to support the edges and prevent them from sinking or compressing too much to limit the space a sleeper has to spread out or move around on the mattress. Mattresses in RVs generally need to provide great edge support in order to fit a couple or provide enough space for the sleeper to get comfortable. Usually, a sinkage of fewer than 3 inches means great edge support, and more than 5 inches means little edge support.

Motion Transfer

The last factor we look out for to find the best RV mattress is motion transfer. Since RV bunk mattresses are generally exposed to lots of movement from the environment outside the RV or the movements of the army itself, they can be less comfortable if they have high motion transfer. Motion transfer refers to how much the mattress transfers motion from one side to the other side. This factor has an effect on partner disturbance as well. Usually, memory foam mattresses have the best motion isolation, and spring or latex mattresses transfer much more motion.

RV Bunk Mattresses - Our Tests

We consider various options for RV bunk mattresses, and we test mattresses for different factors. However, for the purpose of this article, we specifically tested motion transfer and edge support. The way we test for motion transfer is by using a glass of water. We simply place a glass of water on one side of the mattress, and we apply pressure or make movements on the other side of the mattress. If the glass of water spills, it has high motion transfer. If the glass only moves around a bit, it has very little motion transfer. And if the glass of water does not move at all, the mattress has excellent motion isolation.

We also test for edge support by sitting on the edge of the bed and measuring how much the mattress sinks on the edge from its original height. Up to four inches of sinkage is usually considered good enough, but more than that would make the mattress saggier on the edges,  and that would not make it suitable for use as an RV bunk mattress.

2 Best-Rated RV Bunk Mattresses

Best Overall - Plank Mattress

Plank Mattress


  • A thin height of 11.75 inches ensures this mattress can fit in most small RV spaces.
  • The Extra Firm side has a minimal loft, putting you close to the high-density core for better spinal alignment.
  • The durable core can handle more weight and pressure and withstand road life longer than other mattresses.

The Plank is my best overall RV bunk mattress due to its low profile, excellent spinal alignment, and durable core. The Plank is just 11.75 inches, only 0.75 inches higher than the Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid mattress. That means the Plank is thin enough to fit into most cramped spaces that RVs are known for, especially in a Bunk size. The Plank is also ideal for heavier sleepers or if you prefer more support while sleeping. From my tests, its Extra Firm side only has a sinkage of 1 inch. This emphasizes keeping your spine, hips, and neck straight while offering some cushioning, which I found to be a nice balance. I felt adequately supported while lying on my back, and my muscle tension was released. Comparably, a similar all-foam model the Zoma Start had 1.07 inches more sinkage, meaning the Plank is more firming.

Based on our review, the Plank’s core feels more durable than conventional mattresses as its high-density foam can hold more weight, due to its reported 1 inch of sinkage. This helps you enjoy a sag-resistant and indent-resistant mattress longer on the road.

Key Decision Factors

Considering motion isolation, this mattress is perfect for partners since it uses sturdy foam on both sides, which allows the mattress to block a considerable amount of motion from being transferred. Regarding edge support, the edges sink only about 4.1 inches, which is just a bit over 4 inches.

Testing the motion transfer
Testing the motion transfer

Design and Construction

The plank mattress is actually a flippable mattress, which means that you can flip this mattress to experience two completely different firmness and comfort levels. This mattress has 2 thick layers of foam, 7 and 2 inches. This makes the whole height of the mattress to be about 11.5 inches. This is a great type even considering its supposed usage as a bunk mattress in your RV.

Based on Our Tests

I found both sides of the Plank mattress comfortable to sleep on, and my partner felt the same way. The thing with this mattress is that it sinks just enough and provides great support, so I feel pretty relieved sleeping on it.

Plank Mattress edge support
Plank Mattress on a bed frame

Read our full Plank mattress review for more information.

Best Hybrid RV Bunk Mattress - Signature Hybrid

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid


  • The premium quilted top allows air to move, keeping you cool while sleeping. The design also prevents body impressions from forming.
  • The 0.25-inch mattress flex base reinforces the hundreds of coils inside its body. The design keeps the coils in their place, providing perimeter support.
  • The combination of TitanFlex and VariFlex foams offer a quick response to your body’s sleeping position, relieving pressure from various points.

The second of the best RV bunk mattresses available is the Signature Hybrid. This model features a combination of foam and coils. The mattress has slightly fewer coils than the Aurora Luxe, as the Signature Hybrid has 961 coils versus the 1,032 on the Aurora Luxe. The Signature Hybrid uses Ascension perimeter coils that provide enhanced edge support on the sides, head, and foot, allowing you to stay in position while sleeping in your RV.

One convenient part of this mattress is that you can select the amount of TitanFlex and VariFlex materials you need in your mattress to fit your sleeping needs. You can order a mattress with 1.5 inches of TitanFlex and 1 inch of VariFlex for a soft/medium mattress that provides extra support for your joints. You can also stick with a firmer mattress with 1 inch of TitanFlex and 2 inches of VariFlex to create a responsive body that quickly reacts to your movements.

When testing this mattress, I was happy to discover its impressive edge support. The high-caliber coils around the perimeter offer more sleeping space, ensuring uniform support. When sitting, the compression near the edge was only 2.73 inches, which means this mattress won’t allow the sleeper to roll off when lying close to the edge.

Testing the edge support
Testing the edge support

Key Decision Factors

Regarding edge support, this mattress only sinks about 2.7 inches on the edges, which puts it in the category of mattresses with excellent edge support. This gives you lots of space to spread out comfortably without being limited in your movements while tossing and turning. Regarding motion isolation, it performs acceptably, since it has a layer of individually wrapped pocket coils, which do not transfer motion to the nearby coils. This helps the mattress keep motion in one region instead of transferring it to the other side.

Design and Construction

The Signature Hybrid mattress from Brooklyn Beddings has a great medium and medium-firm feel to it. It's worth mentioning that the mattress uses an 8-inch thick layer of pocket coils, which adds great bounce and responsiveness to this mattress, making it fun and less static to sleep on, especially during a trip in your RV.

Based on Our Tests

I found this mattress to have stable and reliable support during the time I used it in an RV. It has great responsiveness, which helps enhance my movements on the mattress, and prevents me from feeling stuck or hot.

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid Side Sleeping
Brooklyn Signature Hybrid-P1066633

Read our full Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid review for more information.

How Do You Choose the Best RV Bunk Mattress?

How Thick Is the RV Bunk Mattress?

The best way to look for the best RV bunk mattress for your vehicle is to consider your specific needs. You can start by reviewing how thick your mattress can be. An RV bunk might only fit a model up to twelve inches high. Check the height restrictions in your RV to see how much space can work for your camper bunk mattress. You don’t want to order a model that is too high to where it won’t fit in your RV.

height rv bunk mattress

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What’s Inside the RV Bunk Mattress?

What’s Inside the RV Bunk Mattress

You can find travel trailer bunk mattresses with various materials, including:

  • Quilted top surface
  • Memory foam on the inside
  • Cooling surfaces near the top
  • Coils may appear on the bottom part

Each mattress features a distinct body with varying features. The Dreamfoam mattress has no coils, but the Aurora and Signature do, for example.

You can use a foam-based RV mattress with a sturdy core that responds to your movements. There’s also the option to use a coil-based mattress that includes coils reinforced in certain areas to create a better sleeping response.

The Sleep Foundation writes that a foam mattress does well for relieving pressure in the joints. Meanwhile, a mattress with coils can provide better support for heavier people.(1)

Don’t forget to look for something that offers cooling support. Open-cell foam materials can provide cooling features by allowing air to flow well, while the quilted top may also feature a weave that allows body heat to escape into the mattress, keeping it from sticking around the sleeping surface too long.

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Can Your RV Bunk Mattress Fit Your Profile?

Your RV might have limited space for your bunk mattress. The best RV bunk mattresses will include a slim design that isn’t too high. A bunk mattress about 6 to 12 inches high will be suitable for most situations, as it keeps a person from banging one’s head on the RV ceiling when getting up or possibly sliding out of bed at night.(2)


How big is an RV bunk mattress?

An RV bunk mattress is about 42x80 inches in size.

How long can an RV bunk mattress last?

A travel trailer bunk mattress can last for about 10 to 15 years on average.

How can you keep your RV bunk mattress long-lasting?

Rotate the mattress every few months to keep the weight distributed across the bed. Be sure to also clean your mattress on occasion for the best results.

Do you need a foundation for your RV bunk mattress?

A foundation isn’t necessary, but make sure if you have a foundation in your RV that the slats aren’t three inches or more apart.

Wrapping Up

In my opinion, the Plank is my best overall RV bunk mattress due to its thin profile and Extra Firm side that helps you sleep straight without worrying about your hips sagging or having a core that bottoms out during your 6-month trip across the USA. In addition, it can handle more weight than most softer mattresses, making it a good pick if you’re heavier or just prefer more support while sleeping.

The best way to choose an RV bunk mattress is to look for high-quality materials and a thick enough profile. This helps ensure you have enough comfort while the mattress still fits the sometimes tiny spaces of an RV. Memory foam, or memory foam and coils, are always great options as they provide superior pressure relief that you need for life on the road, plus, coils can give you the springiness needed for the ease of moving in and out of bed. A taller profile tends to offer more give in its layers, which is useful if you’re a side sleeper, while a shorter profile tends to offer better support, which is useful if you’re on the heavier side. This will help you achieve restorative sleep so you can play hard every day of your time on the road.



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