5 Best Queen Mattresses

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Written by: Alex Savy

We all need good sleep, it’s a proven fact.

But if you thought that you need to spend thousands of dollars on a high-end bed to get your portion of healthy slumber, I can easily prove you wrong.

There are tons of decent beds on the market today that won’t tear a hole in your pocket and will offer you great support for years.

That’s why I invite you to check my reviews of 5 best Queen mattresses and choose the bed to your liking.

A Quick Preview

Zinus Green Tea
Best for Sleepers with a Sensitive Nose

Zinus Green Tea
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Best for Cool Sleep

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Olee Sleep Galaxy
Best for Edge Support

Olee Sleep Galaxy
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Best for Durability

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Signature Sleep
Best for Pain and Pressure Relief

Signature Sleep
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Our Reviews of 5 Best Queen Mattresses

Best for Sleepers with a Sensitive Nose - Zinus Green Tea

Zinus Green Tea

Click on the button below to check price Check current price Shop Now on Zinus.com

Click on the button below to check price Check current price Shop Now on Zinus.com

Click on the button below to check price Check current price Shop Now on Zinus.com


  • infused with green tea for better durability;
  • low motion transfer;
  • decent value for money.

I will start my review of the best Queen beds with this model by Zinus. The manufacturer succeeded in creating a supportive all-foam mattress, Moreover, it has eliminated one of the most common issues of this type of mattress — a strong odor — by replacing it with a refreshing green tea scent that won’t interfere with your sleep.

Green tea infusion also makes the foam more resistant to mold development, which adds to the overall durability of the bed.

Speaking of temperature regulation of the Zinus mattress, it’s pretty neutral. I mean, some sleepers might get a bit hot during summer nights, but generally, this bed performs well at dissipating your body heat, mostly thanks to the convoluted layers.

Motion absorption is also great in this model. The mattress effectively muffles movements during the night, but it doesn’t feel like quicksand either, so the active sleeper beside you won’t bother you anymore.

To sum it up, the Zinus mattress is a very decent choice. If you love that typical memory foam feel but are sensitive to foam smell, it’s a perfect option for you.

Best for Cool Sleep - LUCID


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  • temperature-neutral design;
  • charcoal-infused for bacteria-resistance;
  • decent edge support.

The second candidate in my review of the best Queen mattresses works really hard to offer you cool sleep. It combines a breathable hybrid construction and layers of innovative foam that has a more pronounced cooling effect than the traditional foam.

Right under the soft polyester cover, there’s a layer of charcoal-infused memory foam with a plush feel. Its thickness is enough to cradle a side or back sleeper and relieve their pressure points. Along with that, charcoal particles have great antimicrobial properties, making the foam more immune to mold and funky odors over time.

The layer of more resilient foam infused with aloe-vera contributes to better load distribution and enhances the cooling effect and freshness of the mattress.

Finally, there’s a durable pocketed spring block for pinpoint contouring and balanced motion response. The LUCID mattress isn’t overly bouncy and doesn’t make shifting positions difficult.

Thus, if you’re struggling with hot sleeping and need a bed that will help you deal with this issue but still remain pretty cradling, you should give this model a try.

Best for Edge Support - Olee Sleep Galaxy

Olee Sleep Galaxy

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  • awesome edge support;
  • temperature-neutral design;
  • doesn’t interrupt your sleep.

The next option on my list of top-rated Queen beds is made by Olee Sleep. This mattress will make a good investment for couples and those who tend to roll over to the edge, thanks to strong edge support that allows utilizing the whole mattress surface.

This model by Olee Sleep packs five layers under a soft quilted pillowtop, which altogether result in a medium feel. It will perfectly suit side and back sleepers and couples.

Hybrid construction promotes airflow inside the mattress, so you can expect neutral sleep and good heat removal even on summer nights. Also, thanks to all the foam comfort layers on top of the pocketed coils, the mattress has a moderate bounce and won’t ruin your sleep if your partner is a restless sleeper.

The foam comfort layers adapt to your body shape with ease and conform to all your curves whatever your sleep position is, relieving your pressure points.

Overall, the Galaxy mattress would be a great pick particularly for those who are looking for enhanced edge support, such as couples or active sleepers. It offers great value for money and can give you a truly relaxing sleep.

Best for Durability - LinenspaLinenspa

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  • surprisingly low motion transfer;
  • great edge support;
  • durable materials.

Another top-rated Queen bed that I’ve reviewed will be a great purchase for those who want to get a budget-friendly bed but not at the expense of durability. The combination of heavy-duty foams and tempered steel coils really adds to the lifespan of this bed, making it no worse than high-end mattresses.

According to the manufacturer, the mattress has a medium feel, but to me, it was more like medium-firm. This makes it a good choice for heavy individuals and back and stomach sleepers, as they all tend to feel more comfortable on a firmer surface.

Motion isolation is a surprisingly strong point of this Linenspa bed. Despite the fact that the mattress features a solid spring block, which is typically more responsive to movements, memory foam comfort layers do a good job at absorbing movements, thus keeping your sleep uninterrupted.

I really enjoyed sleeping on this mattress. It looks and feels durable and can properly support your body for years.

Best for Pain and Pressure Relief - Signature SleepSignature Sleep

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  • zoned layer for better cradling;
  • doesn’t sleep hot;
  • has a good hug.

And to close my list of the best Queen mattresses, meet the Signature Sleep all-foam bed. t offers close conforming and supports correct body alignment throughout the night, so you can forget about morning stiffness.

The upper comfort layer is made of gel-infused memory foam and is thick enough to cradle your pressure points even if you’re a heavy sleeper. Gel particles promote heat removal, offering you cooler sleep.

The foundation layer of the mattress is zoned for better load distribution and more precise support. The edges are sturdier, compared to similar all-foam beds, so you can share the bed with your partner without discomfort for any of you.

Despite the all-foam construction, the Signature Sleep doesn’t make you sleep hot. In fact, it’s even cooler than some hybrid beds, which are believed to be initially more breathable. 

Overall, if you need a mattress with excellent cradling properties that could relieve your painful back and offer you the support you need, then this model by Signature Sleep is a smart pick.

What to Expect from a Queen Mattress?

What to Expect from a Queen Mattress

When choosing a mattress in a certain price segment, you surely want to have an idea of what you may get for the price.

Lower Durability

Since affordable beds are manufactured via a less resourceful process and often use cheaper materials, you can expect a drop in durability compared to a mattress under $1,000. However, it won’t be that dramatic. A low-cost mattress will still be able to offer you support, but it is likely to last 2-3 years less, so you will need a new one in about 5 years, which is pretty good durability.

Note that cheaper materials, particularly foams, might need more time to decompress. That’s why it’s recommended to leave your mattress just lying on the floor for at least 24 hours before you can sleep on it.

Potential Odor

The chemical smell is a common issue for most all-foam beds, but inexpensive mattresses are way more prone to it. The thing is, cheaper materials used for manufacturing cheaper mattresses typically have more pronounced odors themselves, and these odors can transfer to the final product.

Also, to cut the costs, the manufacturing process might skip several stages, including filtration and deodorizing, resulting in a more pronounced foam odor that will last longer.

Fortunately, some affordable mattress brands try to cope with this issue by infusing the foam with different substances, such as lavender oil or green tea extract, which may reduce the chemical smell. Alternatively, you can invest in a mattress protector that will lock the odor inside (at least to some extent) — and prolong the lifespan of your mattress as well.

Mediocre Thermoregulation

Hot sleeping is a common issue, and no type of mattress today is completely immune to it. 

However, even inexpensive mattresses can offer you pretty neutral sleep by using foams that trap less body heat. Also, there are hybrid models among cheaper beds, and hybrid construction is initially more breathable, as it allows for better air circulation between the layers. So, if you’re a hot sleeper, you can opt for this type of bed.

Little to No Additional Features

By additional features, I mean some elements of the construction that make a mattress even more comfortable. 

These may include a lumbar pad, zoned firmness layers, and hand-tufted cover. And all of them typically bolster up the price. Besides, even one more comfort layer can result in a higher price. 

Thus, when choosing a budget-friendly bed, be prepared for a limited choice of additional features available

Furthermore, if your health condition requires specific features, you may want to consider a more advanced (and hence more expensive) model.

What Types of Queen Mattresses Are There on the Market?

What Types of Queen Mattresses Are There on the Market

Now, let’s break down the main types of Queen mattresses and outline their main features with regard to this price segment:

  • Memory foam. Memory foam mattresses are the most widely presented type on the market today and you can find one in nearly any price range. However, when choosing a cheap memory foam bed, chances are that you will get first-generation memory foam, which despite offering that nice hugging feel, may sleep really hot.
  • Polyfoam. Polyfoam is a cheaper alternative to memory foam. It has an open-cell structure, which means it traps less heat but is also less resilient. Typically, polyfoam wears out faster, meaning your mattress may become saggy and unsupportive much sooner, such as after just one year of use.
  • Hybrids. For a price under $500, you may get either a really good hybrid or a bed that will be the biggest failure in your life. The thing is, even high-end hybrids often are unpredictable when it comes to long-term performance. So, if you want a budget Queen mattress with a hybrid construction, go with the one that offers a sleep trial so that you could return it if it’s not suitable for you.
  • Innerspring. Innerspring mattresses are among the cheapest on the market, and you can easily find a good innerspring mattress costing less than $500 for a Queen. A spring block can offer you uniform support (even around the perimeter) and moderate sinkage, which is great for those who prefer a firmer surface. 

While some cheap mattresses may use a layer of latex, it’s unlikely that you find an all-latex mattress for less than $1,000. If you come across a cheaper product advertised as latex mattress, be careful, as product descriptions could be delusional. Be sure to check with the customer support whether it’s the whole mattress made of latex or just one layer, and whether the natural latex was used rather than its synthetic alternative.

Best Place to Buy a Queen Mattress

Now, where exactly can you buy a Queen mattress today?

Well, things are pretty constant here: 

You can visit a traditional mattress store or get a mail-order mattress from one of those brands selling online.

If you act smart, you can grab a decent mattress for a good price either way.

See for yourself.

Offline stores have clearance sales prior to collection upgrades, which typically occur in summer (and hence late-spring sales). You can also visit the store near the time of any major national holiday, such as the fourth of July or Christmas. This might be the chance to get a more advanced model at a ridiculous price.

Online stores, along with offering initially cheaper prices — because they don’t need to maintain stores and pay salaries to hundreds of salesmen — also have holiday and seasonal sales. Plus, you may get a promotional code that will brush some bucks off the first order.

Online stores may have wider size and firmness variety. For example, you can find California King mattresses or other non-standard dimensions, which have lower market demand and may not be presented in brick-and-mortar stores. Plus, when shopping online, it’s easier to find a bed of a less known brand.

Bottom line?

Choose the type of shopping that suits you best. If you love testing mattresses before buying them, then offline shopping might be your option. If you’re anything like me and would prefer staying in bed over going outside, then various online brands are at your service.

How to Choose a Queen Mattress?

The choice of affordable models is pretty wide today.

But here’s the deal:

Not all of them are good.

If you want to find a quality Queen mattress that won’t empty your pocket, you need to shop wisely and follow the tips below. 

To make sure Queen size is your perfect fit, don’t forget to measure your room first. In order to accommodate a Queen mattress comfortably, your bedroom should be at least 10 x 10 feet.

Rely on Your Preferences

The manufacturer may claim their product uses materials that can bring back your youth and heal all your chronic pains, while the salesperson in the store will do anything to make you believe that this is true.

But only you can know what’s best for you.

And if you need a mattress to cradle your hips and shoulders when you’re sleeping on your side, then buying an innerspring mattress is not a good idea, as it will most likely be too firm for you.

Also, I wouldn’t advise you to rely on generalized firmness standards, because the perception of your firmness is strongly tied to your weight. For example, a heavier sleeper might find an extra-firm mattress to feel like medium, and a petite sleeper might wake up feeling stiff from sleeping on an average medium bed.

However, if you still need general recommendations, here’s my cheat sheet for you:

  • Soft mattresses (up to 5/10). It’s the best choice for petite sleepers and average-weight individuals who sleep on their side.
  • Medium mattresses (5-7/10). These will make a good purchase for most sleepers. However, average-weight back sleepers and heavy back and side sleepers will benefit from it the most. Check out medium firm mattresses on this page.
  • Firm mattresses (7/10 and up). This option will best suit heavier sleepers who love to snooze on their back and stomach. Also, a firm mattress is a good option for back pain sufferers.

Address Your Health Conditions

Just like your weight and preferred sleeping position, your health condition also define the type of mattress you need and its firmness.

Here are some recommendations for choosing a mattress for different health issues:

  • Lower back pain. A good mattress for lower back pain should be able to cradle your lower back area and keep the deep muscles relaxed to prevent stiffness. You can choose either cradling memory foam or a hybrid with a zoned coil block for better load distribution. 
  • Hip pain. Individuals with hip pain need more cushioning in their pelvic area, so they need to opt for mattresses with a softer feel and thicker comfort layers.
  • Shoulder pain. If that’s your case, you need more cradling in your shoulder area. But you also need a thicker pillow that will compensate for a thicker gap and keep the neck aligned with the rest of the spine.
  • Scoliosis. Individuals with scoliosis may feel great on a medium to medium-firm bed that will help them maintain the spine alignment in any sleeping position without aggravating existing symptoms.
  • Snoring. If you snore, you may alleviate this by switching to side sleeping, as this position helps keep the airways open. Thus, the best mattress for snoring shares the same features as a mattress for side sleepers: medium firmness, decent sinkage, and temperature-neutral design.

Check Out User Reviews

When you finally find the mattress that you think will be the right pick for you, browse through the Web and check out reviews written by real users. It’s better to pay particular attention to comments of people who have similar preferences and needs, to get the full picture. 

Also, you can find a detailed expert review on nearly every model, so it makes sense to check those too.


The modern market of mattresses has one great advantage:  You don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a decent mattress that will satisfy your needs. The models I’ve reviewed above can prove that. My favorite one of them is the Linenspa. I was impressed with how uniform and sturdy this mattress is. It combines good price, quality materials, and simple but effective construction. But if you want a softer mattress, you should go with the Zinus. It’s incredibly cradling, and it smells good too. Plus, its construction traps less heat, so you won’t be drowning in your sweat at night. Have you found your favorite yet? What things do you consider first when looking for an affordable mattress? Share your opinion below!

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