Best Queen Bed Frames Reviewed + Buyer’s Guide

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 20 minLast updated November 22, 2020

Just like your mattress, a bed frame can be a real deal-breaker.

I mean, it can either support your mattress or make it feel like a sloppy piece of sponge.

Don’t worry, though, I’ve got you covered. Today, we will review the best Queen bed frames and see which one will come out as your personal favorite!

A Quick Preview

Justina by Zinus
Best Overall

Justina by Zinus
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Casey by Zinus
Best Bed Frame with Storage

Casey by Zinus
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Olee Sleep Wood Platform Bed Frame
Best Queen Wood Bed Frame

Olee Sleep Wood Platform Bed Frame
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AmazonBasics Platform Bed Frame
Best Under $100

AmazonBasics Platform Bed Frame
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Zinus Cynthia
Best Metal and Wood Combo

Zinus Cynthia
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5 Best Queen Bed Frames Reviewed

Best Overall — Editor’s Pick - Justina by Zinus

Zinus Justina

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  • removable polyester cover, easy to clean;
  • rounded edges to protect young kids from potential injuries;
  • stylish wooden legs for an elegant look;
  • sturdy metal frame, durable and supportive;
  • Quick Snap system for fuss-free assembly.

I want to start my review of the best Queen bed frames with the Justina by Zinus. This sleek model has all the chances to surprise you and give your mattress the needed support.

Now, the first thing you may notice about this bed frame is the looks, of course. The Justina proudly shows its wooden legs combined with a sturdy metal frame. The slats are metal as well and offer firm support. This model has a rather low profile, but there’s still enough space underneath for storage. 

There’s a polyester jacquard cover, which gives this bed frame an upholstered look. However, the maintenance is much easier than with upholstered bed frames.

So, whatever you’re looking for in a bed frame, I bet this one has it. The Justine provides solid support, looks great, and even offers color options to choose from.

Best Queen Bed Frame with Storage - Casey by Zinus

Casey by Zinus

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  • high-profile design, allows for a lot of storage space under the bed;
  • fully metal construction for reliable support;
  • extra legs and support beams for increased weight capacity;
  • foldable design, great for guest rooms and easy storage;
  • can be paired up with almost any headboard using the SmartBase brackets.

Another model by Zinus has made its way into my review of the best Queen bed frames, and there’s a reason for that. 

The Casey is an all-metal bed frame that is ideal for smaller living spaces that lack storage. It is 18 inches tall, which means there’s enough clearance underneath for storing your things. It’s black and has simple, clean lines. So, the Casey will blend with your interior like a chameleon.

This model is foldable, which makes it quite portable. This feature is also great for storage when you are between homes. The assembly doesn’t require much time or special tools, so the process should be completely stress-free.

To sum up, the Casey is a space-efficient option that can provide strong support for your mattress and plenty of clearance for storage.

Best Queen Wood Bed Frame - Olee Sleep Wood Platform Bed Frame

Olee Sleep Wood Platform Bed Frame

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  • flat slats for firmer support;
  • produces zero noise, great for disturbance-free sleep;
  • solid wooden frame for increased durability and reliable use;
  • raised edges to encase the mattress and to keep it in place all through the night;
  • neutral color, would fit into any interior and decor.

The next model in my review of the best Queen bed frames is made by Olee Sleep. This model may look simple, but it can certainly add a bit of chic to your bedroom.

The first advantage of this bed frame is that it’s easy to assemble. However, make sure you follow the instructions carefully since there are many small parts that need to go in the right places.

This bed frame is 14 inches tall, which still allows for some storage space under the bed. At the same time, a lower design makes it look stylish and minimalistic, which means it will be easy to combine it with your room interior.

Overall, if you are looking for both style and reliability, this model by Olee Sleep will satisfy your needs. This bed frame has a sturdy construction and looks more expensive than it really is, which is a nice bonus.

Best Under $100 - AmazonBasics Platform Bed Frame


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  • foldable design for easy storage and transportation;
  • steel construction, durable and reliable;
  • 2 height options available for different living spaces;
  • sleek black finish, great for fans of minimalism;
  • easy assembly, no tools required.

If you are looking for a cheap Queen bed frame under $100 but still want something nicely made, this metal option by AmazonBasics should work.

Having a rather simplistic construction, the bed frame is a great no-frills option, especially for people on a budget. It is foldable and will take little space in your storage area. Additionally, it comes in 2 height options, which gives you a chance to choose how much extra space you will have underneath your bed.

So, if you prefer simple furniture without the bells and whistles, you should definitely consider the AmazonBasics. This budget-friendly model can pleasantly surprise you with its sturdy design and versatility.

Best Metal and Wood Combo - Zinus Cynthia

Zinus Cynthia

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  • central support bars to withstand extra pressure;
  • foam padded tape for noise-free use;
  • extra legs across the perimeter to accommodate more weight;
  • sturdy steel construction for longer use;
  • flat wooden slats for firmer support.

If you are a fan of mixed materials, the Sleep Master would definitely make you happy. This bed frame uses the combination of steel and wood that results in great support levels and a sleek look.

Here’s the deal:

This is another no-frills option. The Sleep Master is quite basic in terms of design, but that’s not the most important factor. This bed frame is very sturdy and reliable, which makes it suitable for various kinds of users.

Additionally, it’s easy to assemble. All the needed tools come with the frame so you don’t have to worry about putting it together. Plus, the Sleep Master allows for some extra storage underneath your bed (although, not that much since it’s 14 inches tall).

So, don’t let this bed frame’s basic design scare you away. While being minimalistic, it offers a great deal of solid support and can satisfy different users, making it a rather versatile model.

Types of Queen Bed Frames

Types of Queen Bed Frames

We are lucky to live when we don’t have to settle for ugly but sturdy bed frames.

These days, manufacturers combine support and reliability with good looks and plenty of aesthetic choices.

So, when looking for the best Queen bed frame, we have the freedom to choose among the following types:

  • Metal. Metal bed frames are considered to be among the most durable ones. They don’t fade with time and require minimal maintenance. Additionally, such bed frames are suitable for couples and heavier sleepers, as they provide stable support. Style-wise, metal bed frames are very versatile. They are cost-effective and easy to pair with various interiors, which makes them a universal solution for almost any bedroom. 
  • Wood. Wooden bed frames are another popular option. They are sturdy, reliable, and come in a variety of styles. Wooden frames are also rather low-maintenance. These bed frames oftentimes have a sleek, minimalistic look that many users appreciate. Additionally, because wood is so easy to restore, they are a great choice for users looking for a long-term investment.
  • Upholstered. Being able to bring a cozier, warmer feel to a bedroom, upholstered bed frames also offer extra comfort for those who enjoy sitting up in their bed (with a good book, for example). These frames come in various styles and designs, including bright fabrics, minimalistic shades, and leather (both real and faux). Keep in mind that they may require more maintenance and typically lose their fresh look faster than metal or wooden models.
  • Wood + metal combo. This combination results in a stable construction with a touch of sophistication. Such bed frames can become a statement piece in your bedroom. They are easy to care for and can blend with pretty much any style. 

“Wooden bed frames oftentimes have unique textures and color variations. The most common wood types used for bed frames are oak, pine, maple, and mahogany.”

What to Consider When Looking for a Suitable Queen Bed Frame

What to Consider When Looking for a Suitable Queen Bed Frame

While we have a ton of options to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of furniture that the modern market has to offer.

After all, when searching for the top-quality bed frame for a Queen mattress, you can be overwhelmed with the variety of styles, shapes, colors, and technical features.

Therefore, to make the shopping process easier, you need to take into account the most important factors. I’ve compiled a list of questions you need to ask yourself to better understand what you need:

  • What type of slats would you prefer? You will stumble across sprung and flat slats, and each type has different characteristics. Now, sprung slats use flexible, curved wood, which often makes them arch upward. They have a natural bounce, which will allow your bed to adjust to your weight in the spots of the most pressure applied. As for the flat slats (also known as solid), they are fixed and provide no give. This type offers a firmer support with very little to no bounce. Flat-slat bed frames are usually cheaper, so you may want to consider this type if you are on a budget. 
  • Do you plan to use a box spring? Some people sleep better on a box spring, others use it to postpone the mattress’s sagging. Whatever the case is, if you plan to use a box spring, you need to keep in mind that it will elevate your mattress when combined with a bed frame. If you don’t want a high bed — or have trouble getting in and out of it — you should look for a low-profile box spring and bed frame. 
  • Do you need a headboard and a footboard? Some manufacturers offer a headboard and a footboard separately to go with the frame. There are also bed frame styles that include a built-in headboard or footboard, or both. If you want the latter, you may want to check sleigh-style bed frames. Also, keep in mind that a headboard usually lasts longer than the support frame, which means you may use it even with your next bed when the time comes (1).
  • How do you want to use the under-bed area? Low-profile bed frames don’t leave much space for storage but look sleek and minimalistic. If you need some extra space, though, consider a taller bed frame. Some models come with built-in storage (shelves or drawers), which can be a good space-saving solution, especially for smaller homes. 
  • How much do you (and your partner if you have one) weigh? You see, every bed frame has a weight limit. Lightweight and petite sleepers typically prefer low-profile bed frames. As for heavier users, they choose high-profile models that have stronger legs and provide sturdier support. Also, note that the weight limit in product descriptions usually indicates the ability of the bed frame to hold everything you put on it, including a mattress and a box spring if you use one.
  • What is your bedroom style? The general aesthetic of the room can be a decisive factor. If you love minimalism, then a simple, low-profile metal or wooden frame will add clean lines to the overall picture. If you are going for a chic look, an upholstered or leather bed frame may contribute to that. There are numerous bed frame styles (2), so there’s certainly a perfect option for you.
  • What is your mattress warranty? Usually, for your mattress warranty to stay valid, you need to follow the manufacturer’s requirements. And that includes using a suitable bed frame. While warranties may vary, the general rules expect users to get a frame with at least 5-6 legs for a Queen mattress. Additionally, if your frame has a slatted system, the slats should be at least 2 inches wide, and the distance between them should not be more than 2-4 inches. 
  • Do you have any safety concerns? This may apply if you have young children who occasionally like to play on your bed. In this case, a bed frame with rounded edges would be a safer option. Additionally, if you sometimes share your bed with the baby (for breastfeeding or even sleep), you need to make sure that the sizes of your mattress and frame match perfectly to prevent the gaps that may be dangerous for your child (3).

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Best King-Size Bed Frames

“When buying a bed frame, consider its height and your personal preferences. Keep in mind that the frame will raise your mattress, and you might have to “climb” into bed every night. The most comfortable height is considered to be the one when you can put your feet on the floor while sitting on the bed. If your hips and knees are on the same level, this bed frame height should be perfect for you.”


A bed frame can make a huge impact on both your comfort and the look of your bedroom. That’s why picking one should be taken seriously. Luckily, you don’t have to ponder too much anymore. We have found 5 top-notch models for you to choose from! My personal favorite among them is the Justina by Zinus. This sleek bed frame combines all the essentials in one model for an affordable price. It is solid and offers firm support while blending nicely with the interior. To me, that seems more than enough to make a purchase! How about you? Which one is your champion? Let me know in the comments!


What is the best room size for a Queen bed frame?

The best room size for a Queen bed frame is at least 10” x 10”.

How wide is a Queen bed frame?

A standard Queen bed frame is 60 inches wide. However, it may vary (typically between 62 and 65 inches) depending on the style.

How long is a Queen bed frame?

A standard Queen bed frame is 80 inches long. But it can vary (usually, between 82 and 85 inches) depending on the style.


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