Best Pop-Up Trundle Beds on The Market

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 16 minLast updated May 5, 2020

If you live in a studio apartment or have a tiny bedroom, arranging a comfy zone for sleep can turn into a nightmare.

The good thing is, modern furniture often features a space-saving design.

For example, you can choose a trundle bed with a pop-up mechanism that easily converts from a cozy lounger to a full-fledged sleeping spot for two adults.

And to prevent you from having a headache when shopping, I invite you to take a look at my reviews of the best pop-up trundle beds available on the market today.

A Quick Preview

Dream Solutions
Best Overall

Dream Solutions
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Kings Brand Furniture
Best for Occasional Guests

Kings Brand Furniture
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2K Designs
Best for Multifunctional Rooms

2K Designs
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Coaster Home Furnishings
Best Trundle Only Option

Coaster Home Furnishings
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Our Reviews of Best Pop-Up Trundle Beds

Best Overall — Editor’s Choice - Dream Solutions


Dream Solutions

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  • includes two mattresses;
  • compatible with footboard and headboard;
  • durable steel-wire construction.

I’ll start my review of the best pop-up trundle beds with this model by Dream Solutions. This daybed basically covers all your needs for a multifunctional sleeping area because it’s comfortable, made of durable steel, and includes two Twin-size innerspring mattresses! 

The trundle opens and closes very easily, so even your kid can handle it. It can be elevated to the level of the bed or left at the bottom position, which makes it very versatile.

The bed frame itself is made of heavy-duty steel and has mesh construction. The mesh can ensure uniform support for your mattress and promote proper airflow, which will prevent mold development and prolong the lifespan of your bed.

The mattresses are advertised as firm, but according to my experience, they’re rather medium, which is good because the medium feel can suit nearly anyone. And mesh wires will add some bounce and sturdiness if needed.

So, the Dream Solutions pop-up trundle bed literally stands for its name and will become a good solution if you don’t want to install a regular bed! it’s versatile, durable and comfortable for both sleep and leisure.

Best for Occasional Guests - Kings Brand Furniture

Kings Brand Furniture

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  • great for both sitting and sleeping;
  • easy to assemble and use;
  • includes 2 Twin innerspring mattresses.

Another contestant in my review of the best pop-up trundle beds is the model by Kings Brand Furniture. This is a compact set with a minimal design that you can use as a sitting spot during friend gatherings and turn into a comfy sleeping area for two average adults in no time.

The bed frame is made of quality steel and has metal slats rather than wire construction, so it might be more durable. The trundle lifts up and folds back down under the bed very easily. You can elevate it to the height of the daybed or leave it in the down position, depending on your preferences.

The mattresses are about 8 inches high and have a solid coil unit and a polyfoam layer inside. They offer good support for occasional sleeping if you’re an average-weight adult or kid. Heavy sleepers, however, might sink through the foam and hit the coils, which won’t contribute to comfortable sleep.

I can say that the Kings Brand bed frame is a pretty decent pick for occasional guests and multifunctional spaces. It can withstand active use and is comfy to sleep on.

Best Pop-Up Trundle Bed for Multifunctional Rooms - 2K Designs

2K Designs

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  • two-position trundle;
  • durable construction;
  • easy to assemble.

Another great pop-up trundle bed is offered by 2K Designs. It’s a Twin daybed with a Twin trundle that easily turns into a comfy sleeping spot or can be used as a lounger and save you some extra space if you live in a studio.

The bed frame is really easy to assemble; all the hardware and tools are included and the process won’t take you more than 30-40 minutes. Once assembled, you’ll get a sturdy and noiseless bed frame. Also, you can install a headboard and footboard for maximum comfort, but you have to purchase them separately.

The 2K Designs daybed is compatible with any type of mattress up to 10 inches high. The thicker mattress might not fit into the trundle niche, so keep that in mind.

I think that the 2K Designs bed frame is a perfect pick for those who don’t have a separate bedroom. It has a pretty basic design but can offer you the needed comfort during sleep.

Best Trundle Only Option - Coaster Home FurnishingsCoaster Home Furnishings

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  • 200 lbs weight capacity;
  • very compact when folded;
  • durable mesh-wire design.

Do you have a trundle bed and want to upgrade it a bit? Or, maybe your current trundle has broken down? This model by Coastal Home Furnishings can be easily used with any model of trundle beds (assuming it fit the dimensions of the frame). That’s why I’ve put it in my review of the best pop-up trundle beds!

The trundle is made of heavy-duty steel with a polished finish. If you’re worried that your mattress will slip and slide, this model has got you covered: the frame has slightly elevated edges that will keep your mattress in place.

The mesh-wire construction is compatible with any mattress type that you can find and will ensure uniform support and proper air circulation. Just make sure that the height of your mattress is no more than 9 inches; otherwise, it won’t fit under the daybed.

I was skeptical about this model at first but turns out, it can really make a decent sleeping. It’s noiseless, supportive, and seems pretty durable.

What Is a Pop-Up Trundle Bed?

What Is a Pop-Up Trundle Bed

Before we dive into specifics, I’d like to clarify one thing. 

Many people confuse a pop-up trundle bed with a pull-out one, also known as roll-out. 

A roll-out trundle bed is much more common, which is probably why there’s so much confusion around it. But basically, it’s a regular daybed with a separate section that slides out from underneath

Now, the main difference between a roll-out trundle bed and a pop-up one is that the latter can be raised to the height of the main daybed, thus creating a larger sleeping area. The mechanism can be made of either thick springs or steel levers that are attached to the sides. 

The pop-up function makes a trundle bed a more versatile piece of furniture because you can use it not only for kids but also to accommodate a couple of adults. Or, you can just leave the trundle in the down position and use it in your kid’s room when they invite their friend for a pajama party.

“Sometimes, a trundle can be a bit lower than the main daybed in the pop-up position. You may try to solve the problem by putting a bunkie board or a piece of plywood on it.”

How to Choose a Quality Pop-Up Trundle Bed?

How to Choose a Quality Pop-Up Trundle Bed

Now, let’s see what makes a great pop-up trundle bed so that you wouldn’t be disappointed in the purchase.


Most trundle daybeds with the pop-up feature are available in Twin size (39” x 75”) and feature a trundle of the same size. Thus, when you unfold the bed, you get the area that is equal to the King mattress in width but is 5 inches smaller in length. This might be a good amount of space for two sleepers of average height or three kids. 

“If you want to use the trundle for regular sleeping, the split construction will allow you and your partner to choose different mattresses depending on your preferences.”


Most trundle beds are made entirely of heavy-duty steel. There are models that combine wooden slats and metal frames, but they’re rather rare.


Because steel supports dynamic loads better and won’t wear out as quickly as wood. 

However, polished steel has another drawback — a lack of grip that may cause your mattress to slide off. Some manufacturers solve this issue by adding slightly raised edges that will hold your bed in place, but you can purchase an anti-slip tape or a rubber mat and place it on your trundle.

Mattress Height

Some models of pop-up trundle beds include two Twin-size mattresses and can serve as a ready-made solution to your sleep needs.

However, if you purchased a bed frame without a mattress, here’s a thing you should know:

You can choose any mattress type you prefer. The daybed and trundle feature a mesh-like support surface in most cases, so they can be paired with any mattress and can ensure proper support for them.

However, the mattress height for the trundle part is limited to 9-10 inches. If you choose a thicker model, it may not fit into the space under the daybed, making it impossible to close the trundle.

Ease of Use

Ideally, a pop-up trundle should be easy enough for a kid to open and close. Most modern models meet this requirement, so you shouldn’t worry about it.

What you should think about is safety. Opt for models made of the quality and heavy-duty materials or those that have locks to prevent the trundle from accidentally collapsing.


A pop-up trundle bed is a very versatile piece of furniture. It will save some space even in the tiniest room and make a good pick for kids’ bedrooms, occasional guests, or regular sleeping. I enjoyed testing all the models that are presented here, but my most favorite is the one by Dream Solutions. I like everything about it: well-made construction, quality and quiet pop-up mechanism, and the mesh design that works with any mattress. Oh, and the included mattresses are also great and may offer a peaceful sleep to almost anyone. How are you planning to use your pop-up trundle bed? Which model out of these four might suit you the most, in your opinion? Share in the comments!

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