Best Non-Squeaky Bed Frames: Top 5 Quietest Bed Frames

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 24 minLast updated on March 10, 2023

Nobody likes squeaks in the middle of the night. Whether you’re coming to bed late and waking up your partner, or shifting on the mattress and waking yourself up, squeaky bed frames are a headache.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top 5 best non-squeaky bed frames, including world-class brands like Puffy and Saatva, to help you decide which silent bed frame is best for your home. I’ve also included some tips and tricks on what makes a bed frame quiet.

Let’s dive in.

A Quick Preview

Puffy Bed Frame
Editor’s Choice

Puffy Bed Frame
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Saatva Amalfi
Quietest Option with Headboard

Saatva Amalfi
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Best Affordable Luxury

Nectar Bed Frame
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Ghostbed All-in-One Foundation
Quietest Foundation Bed Frame

Ghostbed All-in-One Foundation
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Quiet Balance by Plushbeds
Best Bed Frame for a Box Spring

Plushbeds Quiet Balance Bed Frame
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Editor’s Choice — Puffy Bed Frame

Puffy bed frame

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  • Soft fabric is easy to clean for sleepers who don’t want to worry about staining the upholstery.
  • Frame is heavy-duty to withstand the wear and tear of life.
  • Easily fits into any color scheme so sleepers can enjoy a touch of luxury in a bedroom or guest room.

The Puffy Bed Frame is our Editor’s Choice for a quiet bed frame with a headboard due to its seamless appeal that makes this bed an accent piece. The neutral gray upholstery can complement almost any type of interior design. On top of that, I have also noticed that Puffy’s noise-less design really makes this bedframe stand out — there are fewer joints, and along with solid wood construction, Puffy’s durability means it's less likely to warp. Warping is something sleepers should steer away from as it can cause squeaks over time.

From the last time we reviewed this bed frame, the padded upholstery on the headboard was something worth mentioning again. Comfort is an important box to tick off, and this frame’s ease for cushioned reclining definitely fits the bill. If you are watching TV in bed or working on their laptop, they can easily recline back and have cushioned support for their spine and neck.

When testing the Puffy bed frame, I recorded how long it took to put together the frame. It took about 2 hours to assemble the bed, including the headboard, with two people. Overall, this is fairly standard for a bed frame of this nature, and I found it easy to set up. After a few movement tests, I recorded about 20 decibels from the frame, which is about as quiet as a whisper, making this frame near-silent.

Read our full Puffy bed frame review for more information.

Assembled Puffy Bed frame
Puffy Bed frame

Quietest Bed Frame with Headboard — Saatva Amalfi

saatva Amalfi frame

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  • High, diamond-tufted headboard for a luxury look.
  • Kiln-dried hardwood to make the frame extra durable.
  • Headboard is removable for the option of a free-standing bed.

The Saatva Amalfi is our best quiet bed frame with a headboard due to its luxury appeal, namely with the upholstered, 69” diamond-tufted back that makes any room look like a palace. Despite being priced $746 more expensive than Puffy, I think Saatva more than makes up for that in its ability to dress up or down any living space, making sleeping an immaculate experience.

On top of this, I think Saatva’s kiln-dried wood makes this bed frame a more durable option than most others, as this helps prevent the wood from taking in moisture from the air and warping over time — a huge problem in humid areas or places with lots of rain. If the bed doesn’t warp, it will remain noise-less for many peaceful nights.

Best Affordable Luxury — Nectar Bed Frame

Nectar Bed Frame

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  • Button-tufted headboard is sleek, easily adding style to any room.
  • Come with all the tools necessary for easy assembly.
  • Built to be solid, durable, and last a long time.

The Nectar Bed Frame is our best affordable luxury for sleepers who need a non-squeaky bed frame due to its price, which is $599 cheaper than Puffy, and $1145 more cost-effective than Saatva, while still offering a cushioned, upholstered back that looks good. It fits in as a beautiful decor piece for any room, and is cushioned to provide support if sleepers want to read a book in bed before going to sleep.

I also think the Nectar is one of our best quiet bed frames with a headboard due to its minimal setup and limited parts, meaning that there is less of a chance for this bed frame to squeak or cause noise.

Quietest Foundation Bed Frame — Ghostbed All-in-One Foundation

GhostBed frame

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  • Assembles in only five pieces, making a comfortable sleep easy.
  • Comes with an optional headboard bracket if sleepers want to spice up the foundation.
  • The feet are adjustable, letting sleepers choose the height they want.

The Ghostbed All-in-One is our best quietest foundation bed frame for sleepers looking for a silent bed frame as it comes in only five parts, meaning not only is this bed frame easy to assemble, but there is less of a chance for parts to loosen and squeak. On top of this, I think the lack of a headboard makes this foundation a very flexible design element for the home, meaning a bed can be placed in the center or side of a room, with no problem. However, Ghostbed does come with headboard brackets if sleepers want the addition of a back.

On top of this, the adjustable legs features are something I think really sets apart this silent bed frame. Sleepers have the option to use the full leg, bringing the bed up to 15” in height, or half a leg to make the height 12”.

Best Bed Frame for a Box Spring — Plushbeds Quiet Balance Bed Frame

plushbeds frame

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  • Unique resin material helps to absorb sound for a silent night.
  • Construction is geared towards less motion transfer, meaning both sound and movement if muffled for better sleep.
  • Assembly does not require tools, making this an easy setup for sleepers.

The Plushbeds Quiet Balance Bed Frame is our best silent bed frame for a box spring due to its non-toxic, unique material made up of fiberglass and resin, putting a sound-absorbing buffer between the mattress and bed frame. This helps sleepers get the proper, undisturbed sleep they need. I also think this bed frame offers the right amount of stability, with strong metal rails and steel core to properly support most weights.

Along with this, I quite enjoy the easy setup with Plushbeds that sleepers on a time budget will like as much as I do — no tools are needed, and the frame can be put together in a matter of minutes. Then, all that’s needed is a box spring and a mattress, and sleepers will be in for a pleasant night’s sleep.

Our Methodology - Why I Picked These Bed Frames

The best non-squeaky bed frames are easy to set up, have minimal joints (to limit parts scraping against each other), and are sturdy enough to remain solid and silent while in use. 

When choosing the best non-squeaky bed frames, I chose frames with minimal parts for an easy setup, such as platforms like the Ghostbed All-in-one Foundation. This would ensure that the frame could be set up with minimal effort and lower the risk of the joints developing squeaks over time. I also chose frames made of either solid wood (like the Puffy or Saatva frame) or metal (like the Plushbeds frame), as these materials, when tempered and durable, can make a frame stay silent longer and be less likely to develop squeaks over time. When reviewing my bed frames, I also checked other criteria, like how the feet protected the floor when moving the frame, or how stable the frame was when getting in and out of bed. I share more methodology tips on choosing the right non-squeaky bed frame for your home later in the article.

How to Choose the Best Non-Squeaky Bed Frame

To choose the best non-squeaky bed frame, you will want to lean more towards platform beds, as the solid base means there’s less likelihood of it squeaking. Sleepers will also want to look for solid builds with fewer individual parts.

Most platform beds don’t require sleepers to purchase a separate box spring — it’s ready to go for a mattress. This is great because box springs are one of the most likely things to begin squeaking, which sleepers will want to avoid if they’re aiming for the quietest bed frame set.

Platform beds made up of solid metal, wood, or a mix of both, with minimal setup, are ideal. If there are fewer parts, there is less of a chance for joints to loosen and squeak over time. Also, in keeping with a noise-free bed frame, using solid materials means there's less likelihood of wood or metal bowing after time. This warping causes the frame to squeak at vulnerable places, which can lead to disturbed sleep.

If you’re in the market for a bed frame to match your memory foam mattress, there are other factors to keep in mind, which we talk about in our review of the best bed frames for memory foam mattresses.

Weight is also a factor to consider when choosing a bed frame, as the make of certain bed frames may not last long under heavy, consistent weight night after night. To make sure you’re getting the right one, we’ve put together some great options for bed frames for a heavy person.

What Makes a Bed Frame Non-Squeaky?

A few things that make a bed frame non-squeaky are a solid design, meaning there’s less to set up.

The best noise-free bed frame should be simple to set up with minimal bolts and screws. That means sleepers will face fewer chances for parts of the frame to rust, or for parts to loosen and rub up against each other. The more simple the design, the better.

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What is a bed frame that doesn't squeak?

Typically, solid wood or solid metal platform beds are the best type of bed frame that doesn't squeak. This is because they have less of a setup, are durable and not prone to warping, and let sleepers skip over having a box spring — which can cause noise down the road.

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What are the Best Materials for a Quiet Bed Frame?

The best materials for a quiet bed frame are wood and metal. Ideally, sleepers will want to look for features that enhance the durability of said material, namely kiln-dried wood as opposed to standard wood, or reinforced steel instead of regular steel.

What are Some Benefits of a Quiet Bed Frame?

Some benefits of a quiet bed frame are that sleepers will get disturbed less in the night from their own tossing and turning, which in turn promotes better sleep health.(1) Sleepers also won’t wake up the whole household when they go to bed late. Couples who sleep together won't wake each other if one gets up for a midnight snack. And overall, sleepers should experience a better quality of sleep.

How much money should one spend on a good bed frame for sex?

Sturdy bed frames typically cost around $200-600. Of course, there are cheaper models available as well, but they may have a shorter lifespan.


The best way to choose a non-squeaky bed is to look for platform beds of a solid make, with as minimal setup as possible. That means not only will the set up be easier, but it will be less likely for bolts and individual pieces to rust and squeak over time. 

Our recommendation for the best non-squeaky bed is, hands down, the Puffy Bed Frame. Not only is it a beautiful addition to any home, but the upholstery is easy to clean. The headboard is also padded so sleepers can enjoy every comfort of life, right from home.

Do you have a favorite quiet bed frame? Let us know in the comments below!


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