Best Medium-Firm Mattresses – Top 5 Picks for Your Restful Slumber

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 22 minLast updated August 27, 2020

Do you know that feeling when your body hits just the right spot on the mattress? When you find that position in which your bed feels perfectly comfortable, you know?

The thing is, you’re unlikely to experience that if your bed is not suitable for you.

But trust me on this: if you pick a medium-firm mattress, you may enjoy that feeling every single night, as this firmness level is considered universally comfortable.

So, check out my review of the best medium-firm mattresses and choose your favorite. Your slumber will never be the same.

A Quick Preview

Best Overall

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Best for Combination Sleepers

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Amerisleep AS3
Best Budget Pick

Amerisleep AS3
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Cool Bliss by Plushbeds
Best for Pressure Relief

Cool Bliss by Plushbeds
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Best for Cool Sleep

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Our Reviews of 5 Best Medium-Firm Mattresses

Best Overall - DreamCloud

Dreamcloud Mattress

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  • hybrid construction;
  • double-row coil rim for improved edge support;
  • good motion isolation, suitable for couples.

There’s a reason why I decided to start my review of the best medium-firm mattresses with this model. The DreamCloud offers an impressive combination of a luxurious feel and not-so-luxurious price. Trust me, it’s not easy to find a mattress made of quality materials in this price range.

What makes this model one of the top-rated medium-firm mattresses is its design. The DreamCloud uses an effective combo of coils and memory foam. 

Why effective, you may ask? Because while the coil system provides proper support for your spine, the comfy foam layers offer good cushioning. This gives the DreamCloud a very balanced feel. And makes this mattress suitable for various sleeping positions.

It’s hard to find faults in this mattress. The DreamCloud is very nicely made and can satisfy different users with various preferences. It gave me a good first impression and didn’t disappoint me even after continuous use.

Best for Combination Sleepers - Winkbed


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  • breathable hybrid design;
  • sturdy edges;
  • excellent pressure relief;
  • bouncy feel but low motion transfer.

Now, the Winkbed costs a bit more than our previous model. But let me tell you one thing: 

This model is worth every penny

That’s why I’ve included it in my best medium-firm mattress review

Now, this model is a high-end hybrid. It offers a combination of microcoils, pocketed coils, and various foam types. All of that gives the Winkbed a unique feel. On the firmness scale, it’s around 6.5, which makes it suitable for different body types. But thanks to its dense gel-infused foams, this highly rated medium-firm mattress provides rather bouncy support and precise conforming.

What does it mean? Well, it means that the Winkbed is suitable for all sleeping positions. It is firm enough to support your spine properly when you’re lying on your back or stomach. Plus, it provides enough cushioning for side sleepers. 

It gets better: 

The combination of foams in this mattress is great for pressure relief. It feels like the mattress hugs your pressure points, providing instant relaxation and tension reduction.

It’s hard not to love the Winkbed. Yes, it’s a bit pricey. But what do you get for that price? High-quality materials, durable design, great support, and excellent pressure relief! Even if you are a combination sleeper, there’s no need to worry — average-weight individuals will feel comfortable in any position.

Best Budget Pick - Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep AS3

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  • foam and hybrid options available;
  • targeted pressure relief and superb contouring;
  • open-cell foam structure for breathability;
  • good motion isolation.

Another model I want to mention in my best medium-firm mattress review is the AS3 by Amerisleep. There are many reasons to love it. For instance, you can choose between an all-foam and a hybrid mattress, both being medium-firm. 

It gets even better: 

This mattress is currently on sale! This means it can be the best option for people who want it all: good price, quality materials, and superb comfort.  

The classic AS3 offers a combination of foams. This model is supportive and cushioning at the same time. It doesn’t make you feel stuck, though — just gently cradles the pressure points and adapts to your body shape.

As for the hybrid version, it uses both foam and coils. The coils are individually wrapped and offer more breathability. Additionally, there’s an extra-strong edge system, which gives you more sleeping space.

This mattress truly has a lot to offer. You can pick among two design options and still enjoy that balanced medium-firm feel. And all of that for a very reasonable price!

Best for Pressure Relief - Cool Bliss by Plushbeds


Cool Bliss by Plushbeds

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  • uses a combo of natural latex and foam;
  • sleeps cool;
  • excellent pressure relief.

The Cool Bliss by Plushbeds has the right to compete for being called the best medium-firm mattress in this review. This model has a very luxurious feel and look, and there’s a reason for that. The Cool Bliss is made of top-quality materials and offers a combination of bouncy latex and gel memory foam.

Such a design allows for superb pressure relief. The mattress adjusts to your body shape and provides a gentle, squishy hug. And the best thing is, while being hugged by your mattress, you won’t feel stuck. The natural latex layer placed under the gel foam layer makes this mattress feel a bit bouncy. Hence, no quicksand feeling!

Another thing I want to mention is that the Cool Bliss doesn’t sleep hot. Again, thanks to the latex layer, this mattress is more breathable than all-foam mattresses.

The Cool Bliss is comfortable, supportive, and perfect for pressure relief. To me, it’s more than enough of a reason to buy it.

Best for Cool Sleep - PuffyPuffy Mattress

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  • durable construction;
  • good thermoregulation;
  • perfect for side and back sleepers.

Let me tell you right away: 

The Puffy is a rare find. 

This high-quality mattress offers a unique combination of squishy foamy feel and breathability. What does it mean, you may ask? It means that you will enjoy that pleasant foam hug without feeling hot. There are 2 temperature regulating layers, so there’s no need to worry about waking up all sweaty.

It gets better: 

The Puffy works great for various sleeping positions. It gives enough support when lying on your back and sufficient cradling for side sleepers. However, you might want to reconsider if you are a stomach sleeper. On the firmness scale, the Puffy rates around 6-6.5. This might allow some unwanted sinkage when lying on your stomach. 

Another thing I want to mention in my review is the Puffy’s stain-resistant and washable cover. It will make cleaning so much easier. Plus, it will protect your mattress from liquids and stains, thus prolonging its life.

It’s obvious that the Puffy can change your sleep for good. It hits all the right spots with its supportive design, cradling foams, and effective temperature regulation. And even though it’s not perfect for everyone, the Puffy really has a chance to improve your sleep.

So, What Makes the Best Medium-Firm Mattress?

Now, you may be thinking:

Buying a mattress isn’t like studying quantum physics, right? Can’t I just purchase any bed that will catch my eye?

Well, a good mattress means good sleep. And good sleep means stronger health. Did you actually know that sleep disorders are closely associated with morbidity? 

So, it is clear that when choosing a new comfortable mattress, we need to take this matter seriously. So, here are the key factors to consider to make the right choice:


The right level of support is why we love medium-firm mattresses. 

When your bed is too soft, it isn’t supportive and harms your back. And yes, you can try to make your old mattress feel firmer and hence, more supportive, but it’s only a temporary measure. A good mattress should be firm enough to keep your body aligned during sleep and allow some sinkage to avoid pressure points.

Medium-firm mattresses with proper cushioning are great for active people. A good mattress can even help your muscles recover faster after working out. Extra firm mattresses are also good for muscle recovery. 

Temperature Regulation

Who loves to sleep hot? 

I think no one. 

That’s why thermoregulation of the mattress is important. 

Now, high-quality mattresses use coil systems and foams infused with cooling gel to ensure proper air circulation and heat removal during the night. Such mattresses won’t make you sweat. Another option is latex, as it’s considered the most breathable mattress material. Even the presence of one layer of latex inside the mattress can make your sleep much cooler.

Pressure Relief

That’s another important factor, especially if you are a side sleeper. A good medium-firm mattress should be able to cradle you to eliminate pressure points. It may not provide generous sinkage but should adjust to your body curves. As you may know, foam performs best in this regard, but best hybrid mattresses for side sleepers, which typically use innovative materials, could be able to offer that as well.

Motion Transfer

Now, if you sleep solo, no need to worry about this factor. 

But if you share your bed with a loved one, you should keep in mind that good-quality mattresses are supposed to allow for minimal motion transfer. The most motion-absorbing models are the ones that use foam, while latex and innerspring options are commonly known as quite bouncy.


And by safety, I mean the quality of the materials. Reliable companies have their products tested by third-party organizations to make sure they don’t contain any harmful components. So, when shopping for a mattress, always check the manufacturer’s certifications.

Durability and Warranty Coverage

You don’t want to buy a new mattress every two years, right? 

That’s why it’s important to consider the warranty. A longer warranty means that the manufacturer is absolutely sure of their product’s quality and durability. 

Will a Medium-Firm Mattress Be Right or Wrong for You?

Even though a medium-firm level is considered optimal for many users, it definitely won’t work for everyone. 

So, who do medium-firm beds suit most?

  • Average-weight sleepers. If you weigh at least 130 lbs, a medium-firm mattress might be the right pick for you (1). The most prominent feature of these mattresses is the balance between cushioning and proper support, which allows for even weight distribution and pressure relief.
  • Mixed sleepers. The same balanced feel makes medium-firm mattresses compatible with any sleeping position you adopt, be it side, stomach, or back sleeping. These mattresses can easily adapt to your body shape and support proper spine alignment, so you won’t have morning back pain upon awakening.
  • Chronic hot sleepers. A medium-firm mattress doesn’t provide much sinkage, so it doesn’t trap much body heat and allows you to cool down more quickly (2), which can help you deal with hot sleeping even during summer months.
  • Back pain sufferers. Even though in the past doctors recommended firmer mattresses for bad backs, studies report that the medium-firm level might be the best for lumbar pain relief (3). It may also help with musculoskeletal back pain in general (4). 

Having read this, you might think that a medium-firm mattress is the best pick for everyone. 

The reality, though, it a bit different, and this firmness level might not work for you if you’re:

  • An overweight sleeper. Those who weigh over 250 lbs may get too much cradling on a medium-firm bed, to the point that it will restrict their movements and mess with the blood circulation (5). To avoid these problems, it’s better to scale the firmness up a bit and go for a firm or even extra firm bed.
  • A petite side sleeper. Individuals who weigh 130 lbs and less may feel that a medium-firm mattress is too stiff for them, especially if they sleep on the side. In this case, it’s recommended to scale the firmness down and go for a medium or even soft mattress (1).
  • Shoulder pain sufferers. Generally, it’s advisable to go for a mattress with more pronounced pressure-relieving properties if you suffer from any joint pain. Medium beds offer more cradling than medium-firm ones and may help you relieve pain and recover more quickly.


What is a medium-firm mattress?

A medium-firm mattress has 6-6.5 points out of 10 on the universal firmness scale, where 1 and 10 points correspond to the softest and the hardest surface you can sleep on, respectively. It’s more supportive than softer beds and is believed to be the optimal firmness level for many users.

What is a good medium-firm mattress?

A good medium-firm mattress is the one that feels medium-firm for you. Firmness perception is tied to a sleeper’s weight and sleep position, so whether this or that medium-firm mattress will be comfortable for you depends on your body and preferences.


The mattress market is very rich in options these days. And it’s easy to get lost among them.  But there’s good news as well!  There are at least five great medium-firm mattresses to choose from. I’ve thoroughly tested each of them and I can say that they’re all absolutely worth the money.

And if I had to recommend my favorite, it would certainly be the Dreamcloud. This mattress can boast of many things. It is suitable for different types of sleepers. Plus, it offers a very balanced feel and the right amounts of support and cradling. But the best thing is, all of that is available at a rather reasonable price.

Now, what about you? Which of the medium-firm mattresses I’ve reviewed turned out to be your personal favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


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