Best mattresses with a lifetime warranty in 2023

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 21 minLast updated on February 23, 2023

Mattress-buying can be a hectic chore, especially when you want to avoid choosing a mattress that’s going to have its bottom sag out six months down the line, especially with a manufacturer that doesn’t offer a decent warranty.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top four mattresses with a lifetime warranty, so you can choose a mattress that’s actually going to last for years to come, and feel comfortable night after night.

Let’s take a look.


Puffy mattress
Editor’s Choice

Puffy Mattress
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Nectar Mattress
Best Budget Option

Nectar Mattress
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Saatva Mattress
Best for Side Sleepers

Saatva Classic Mattress
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Best Hybrid Mattress

WinkBed Mattress
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Our Reviews of 4 Best Mattresses with a Lifetime Warranty

Editor’s Choice — Puffy mattress 

Puffy Mattress


  • Provides enough cushion to cradle pressure points, even for side sleepers.
  • Offers a high amount of motion isolation to help muffle the movements of even the most restless sleeper.
  • Has a strong enough foam core to comfortably support lightweight and average-weight sleepers.

The Puffy is my Editor's Choice for the best mattress with a lifetime warranty due to its cradling layers, great motion isolation, and strong core. I’ve tested Puffy and found its Cooling Cloud Foam layer to be adequately conforming while on my side, allowing me to sink into the layers comfortably without losing any spinal support. Shoulders and hips tend to be sorest the quickest on mattresses that don’t have good cradling, so my high level of comfort on the Puffy marks this as a good choice for side sleepers. I also tested Puffy for its motion isolation, and found that motion only travels moderately across the bed, meaning your partner should experience menial disturbances while co-sleeping. This contrasts with the Saatva Classic, a hybrid with more noticeable motion transfer.

Another feature I tested with Puffy is its foam core, which I found held me up fairly easily, making Puffy a good choice for lightweight and average-weight sleepers who want a comfortable bed that will support them night after night.

The Puffy also offers a comprehensive lifetime warranty, covering most basic defects and replacing your mattress free of charge in case of these defects. For example, the company will replace a mattress with impressions greater than 1.5 inches that aren’t from using an incompatible bed frame or misusing the mattress.

Read our full Puffy mattress review for more information.

puffy mattress firmness
Puffy Mattress On Bed Frame

Best Budget Option — Nectar Mattress 

Cocoon Chill Hybrid

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  • Cost-effective pricing makes Nectar a good option if you are on a tight budget and want a luxury-feel mattress.
  • Breathable cover and gel memory foam work together to make sleeping a cooler experience.
  • Gel memory foam layer offers body-hugging conformity to help relieve sore muscles.

The Nectar Mattress is my budget option for the best mattress warranty due to its competitive pricing, cooling features, and ability to alleviate pressure. Nectar is priced $600 cheaper than Puffy, $997 cheaper than Saatva Classic, and $800 cheaper than WinkBed, but it also includes all the features a high-end luxury mattress should have, such as a thick gel memory foam layer to cradle the body. I like that Nectar includes a breathable, heat-wicking cover that, together with the gel memory foam layer, helps keep you cool for a better price than the competition. 

In addition, Nectar’s gel memory foam layer has the right amount of slow-adaptive, heat-reactive properties, softening as it absorbs body heat, meaning you will continue to sink into the layers for better pressure relief over time. This can help if you prefer a classic memory foam feel that conforms and re-distributes weight to help remove tension from the muscles.

The Nectar boasts a Forever Warranty™, meaning defects such as impressions over 1.5 inches, assembly defects, or material cracks are covered. In the first 10 years of Nectar’s Forever Warranty™, the mattress will be wholly replaced, while in the years after, Nectar will offer to recover, repair or replace your mattress at their discretion.

Best for Back Sleepers — Saatva Classic Mattress 

Saatva Classic Mattress

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  • Lumbar Zone® Technology ensures your back is supported and in proper alignment for back sleepers. 
  • The Euro pillow top looks as luxurious as it feels, cradling sore joints.
  • High-density foam perimeter ensures you avoid sagging edges, making your mattress more durable.

The Saatva Classic is my best mattress for back sleepers who want to enjoy the best mattress warranty. It comes with patented lumbar technology, a luxurious design that feels as good as it looks, and a reinforced edge. Saatva is unique compared to Nectar or WinkBed, as Saatva has dedicated zones within the center third of the mattress that helps support the spine. A firm foam layer, along with stronger coils, means you can lie on your back without worrying about poor posture — the lumbar zone ensures your back muscles are tension free. Along with that, Saatva’s pillow top provides the necessary contouring that a luxurious mattress should provide, plus it looks impressive, which I think can elevate the look of any room.

Saatva also has good durability on its edges. Mattresses are sometimes known to sag along the perimeter from the full weight of getting in and out. Saatva counters this with a dedicated high-density foam perimeter, which increases the mattress's durability by at least a few years. If the mattress’s overall shape has better durability, your investment lasts longer.

Saatva offers a ‘Friends for Life’ warranty, which means they’ll cover defects based on how many years old the mattress is. For mattresses experiencing defects under 2 years of age, the company will replace it at no additional cost. For mattresses 3 years and older, Saatva will repair and re-cover them with only a $149 processing fee.

Read our full Saatva mattress review for more information.

Best for Hot Sleepers — WinkBed Mattress 


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  • Tencel© cover is derived from Eucalyptus, giving it a cool-touch feel.
  • Euro pillow top layer with Hypersoft foam cradles sore points and evenly distributes weight, helping you sleep comfortably.
  • Pocketed coils ensure your spine is supported while allowing air to pass, drawing more heat away from your body.

The WinkBed is my best mattress with a lifetime warranty for hot sleepers due to its Tencel© cover, unique, gel-infused Hypersoft Foam, and coil system. I’ve tested WinkBed’s Luxury Firm and found its Tencel© cover to feel super smooth with a slight cooling sensation. Although the cooling sensation is not as strong as Eight Sleep’s advanced cooling technology, Eight Sleep only comes with a 10-year warranty, which definitely falls short of a lifetime. The euro pillow top not only looks luxurious, but I found it provided enough contouring to be comfortable while sleeping on my side, back, and stomach. A quick note about the stomach position, however: if you’re 300 pounds and up, you may not feel as comfortable as you may find your hips sinking too deep in the layers, putting strain on your back. 

Another feature I tested was WinkBed’s pocketed coils which, along with the cover and gel-infused euro pillow top, are breathable enough to help disperse even more heat. I noticed I slept cooler on this mattress than on the Puffy. The coils also help counter the soft pillow top, and I noticed I was well supported while still able to enjoy sinking into the layers of the pillow top. However, there wasn’t as much body-hugging sinkage as I experienced with Puffy.

Winkbed’s lifetime warranty covers defects similar to the Puffy (like sagging over 1.5 inches). In this case, Winkbed will replace your defective mattress with a brand new one in the same size and at no additional cost.

Read our full Winkbed mattress review for more information.

Winkbed Mattress On a Bed Frame

Our methodology - Why I Picked These Mattresses

The best mattresses with a lifetime warranty are typically made of high-quality materials meant to last, such as thick layers of memory foam, a sturdy core or innerspring system, along with a durable cover meant to feel comfortable as well as be wear-resistant. There are also not many companies that offer a lifetime warranty, so careful selection had to be made from only a handful of choices.

While testing these mattresses, I kept these points in mind, especially when stripping away the cover and checking out each mattress layer individually. Firmness tests were done by hand and by lying down in different sleeping positions, gauging how well the layers could provide comfort and support. Motion isolation was gauged with further compression tests on one side, and a glass of water on the other, judging how much the water moved based on each compression. I also tested sinkage and pressure relief by measuring compressions on upper and lower body parts. I will share below more methodology tips on choosing the right one for you.

How to Choose the Best Mattresses with a Lifetime Warranty?

To choose a mattress with the best warranty, you will want to make sure the manufacturer explicitly states their mattress comes with a lifetime warranty, and that the mattress in question is made of high-quality material, such as mattresses that don’t sag due to strong cores, to reflect its warranty.

A surefire way to ensure the mattress is high-quality and can make good on its lifetime warranty, is if it’s made locally. I find that mattresses made in the USA have stricter standards than those produced in other countries, such as China, meaning they’re guaranteed to be counted among mattresses without fiberglass or other harmful, low-grade components, such as low-density foam. Low-density foam can be fast-adapting, but loses its integrity quickly after a short time, and often never comes with a lifetime warranty.

Along with having a lifetime warranty, it’s essential to remember that firmness plays a crucial role in how comfortable your nights will be. According to studies, medium-firm mattresses tended to perform better for people in reducing pain and helping them achieve better sleep (1). This is crucial, as better sleep is linked to better health overall (2).

What Are Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Mattress with a Lifetime Warranty?

Other important factors to consider when choosing a mattress with the best warranty are its durability, its ability to isolate motion, and any support features for the spine. 

It goes without question that a mattress with a lifetime warranty can be counted among some of the most durable mattresses. This is because, most of the time, their cores are built to last for years, using either high-density foam, or innerspring coils.

Restless partners should keep an eye out for motion isolation mattresses, with enough cushioning layers to absorb motion so it doesn’t travel across the bed. This helps both partners get better, less disturbed sleep. Not only does it muffle movement, but the conforming layers also help the mattress feel more comfortable. Motion isolation technology is typically made of high-grade memory foam designed to last a long time, and is a hallmark of what a good mattress is made of.

Dedicated spinal support is also a good feature to look for, such as individually pocketed coils that react to weight more in heavier areas, such as the thighs, or lumbar technology that gives more strength to the center third of the mattress so your hips are always supported. Not only does spinal support technology help your back stay straight and tension-free, but it also means the mattress will last longer due to being able to hold more weight.

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Where is the Best Place to Find Great Mattresses with a Lifetime Warranty?

A great place to find the best mattress warranty online would be Reddit. In-person, some of the greatest places to find high-quality mattresses with a lifetime warranty would be 5-star hotel chains and guest rooms at AirBnB.

Reddit is known as one of the most reliable sources of person-to-person information, so it’s no wonder that searches for some of the best mattresses on Reddit can typically mean the mattress is well-made and has a long, if not entire lifetime, warranty. Users who either have the mattress in question or know a lot about it can give insight into which mattresses are better.

In-person, some of the best places to find inspiration for your next lifetime warranty mattress could happen while staying overnight at a hotel or AirBnB. Hotel chains have done extensive research into which mattresses will feel the most comfortable, last the longest, and come at the lowest price — AirBnb’s are no different. So asking a hotel what mattress they use in your suite, or a homeowner what mattress they use for your guest room can help you save a lot of time deciding what works best for you.


What Mattress has a 20-year Warranty?

The mattresses included in this list, such as the Puffy, Nectar, Saatva, and WinkBed, all come with a 20-year plus warranty (a lifetime warranty), meaning they will cover you for any manufacturer defects that incur over the course of using the mattress.

Is a Lifetime Warranty Really a Lifetime?

Yes, a lifetime warranty really is for the lifetime of owning the mattress. That means the manufacturer will replace your mattress if you encounter any manufacturer defects while using the mattress properly (such as on a compatible frame).


When choosing the right mattress with a lifetime warranty, always double-check that the manufacturer states the mattress has a lifetime warranty, and read the warranty thoroughly to ensure you know what’s covered. Mattresses with a lifetime warranty are typically sturdy and durable, with anti-sag cores and high-quality foam tops that will last a long time. 

In my opinion, the best mattress with a lifetime warranty would be the Puffy, as it has a durable core, cradling memory foam that is comfortable even for side sleepers, and adequate motion isolation to keep you, even if you have the most restless partner, undisturbed.


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