Best Mattresses in a Box in Canada

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 21 minLast updated on July 8, 2021

Years ago, who could’ve thought that it was possible to squeeze a mattress into a box and deliver it straight to your door?

Yes, these days we have the means for the unlimited shopping experience.

And when it comes to mattresses, the options are endless.

So, if you are feeling a bit lost, check out my review of the best mattresses in a box in Canada. Hopefully, it will help you make up your mind.

A Quick Preview

Best Overall

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Best for Adjustable Firmness

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Best for Couples

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Best for Fast Pressure Relief

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Logan and Cove
Best High-Profile Option

Logan and Cove
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Best for Thermoregulation

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Best Low-Profile Option

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Top Mattresses Made in Canada

Best OverallEditor’s Choice - Douglas



  • all-foam design;
  • medium-firm feel;
  • enhanced edge support;
  • doesn’t sleep hot.

The first item in my review of the best online mattresses in Canada is the Douglas. This model excels at providing superb comfort and proudly takes the first place on my list.

Now, the Douglas is an all-foam mattress. It has a medium-firm feel and offers a balanced combo of support and cradling. The top layer is gel memory foam, which doesn’t trap heat and provides a bouncy response. The bottom layer enhances support and makes this mattress suitable for different body types, even for heavier sleepers. The Douglas also has strong edges, which means there’s even more sleeping space.

It’s hard not to love this top-rated mattress in a box made in Canada. The combination of its features makes it almost a universally comfortable model that can satisfy different users and preferences. And it gets even better: the Douglas comes at a very reasonable price! If you know that medium-firm mattresses is the most suitable option for you, check out our best medium-firm mattresses.

Best for Adjustable Firmness - Novosbed

Novosbed Mattress in Canada

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  • washable cover;
  • multiple firmness options with after-purchase adjustments;
  • open-cell foam technology for better air circulation.

Another model I want to share with you in this review of the mattresses in a box in Canada is the Novosbed. This Canadian memory foam mattress offers that classic hugging feel, which so many of us like.

The Novosbed comes in 3 firmness levels. But it gets better: if you don’t like the feel of your mattress after receiving it, the company will send an adjustment kit to you. All you’ll have to do is unzip the cover of the mattress and add a layer (or two). This service is free and comes as a part of your trial. 

Now, as this is a memory foam mattress, it offers great pressure relief. The top layer features an open-cell design and serves to keep you cool during the night. The cover is made of natural Tencel fabric and contributes to thermoregulation as well.

Alex Savy Sleeping on Novosbed Mattress

Needless to say, this highly rated Canadian mattress in a box is a rare find. This mattress can be suitable for anyone. Even if you don’t feel 100% comfortable, you always have an opportunity to adjust the feel of your new bed.

Best for Couples - PolysleepPolysleep


  • liquid-repellent washable cover;
  • improved edge support;
  • medium feel.

The next model in my review of the best online mattresses in Canada is the Polysleep. This mattress was an interesting discovery for me. It uses the combination of proprietary foams and serves to deliver premium comfort for a good price.

Now, here’s the deal: 

It seems like this top-rated mattress in a box in Canada was created with couples in mind. 

Don’t get me wrong. If you are a solo sleeper, you would still enjoy using this mattress. But there are some perks for couples. First of all, it’s minimal motion transfer. Your partner can roll around all night, and you will feel nothing. Secondly, it’s enhanced edge support, which is unusual for all-foam mattresses. This feature will give you and your loved one more space for sleep. 

Another thing that makes this mattress stand out is the combination of layers. The top layer features breathable proprietary hybrid foam that ensures air circulation while gently cradling you. There’s also a transition layer, which contributes to pressure relief and motion isolation. Finally, the polyfoam base works to support your spine properly during the night.

The Polysleep is a perfect example of a high-quality foam mattress. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to enjoy it alone or with a partner. Chances are, you will love this mattress as much as I do!

Best for Fast Pressure Relief - Puffy



  • cooling foam to deliver temperature-neutral pressure relief; 
  • removable cover for increased convenience and effortless cleaning;
  • lifetime warranty to offer unparalleled customer protection.

Among the best mattresses in a box in Canada, the Puffy is one of those beds that can make you feel relaxed and tension-free the second you lie down. This mattress uses hugging, enveloping foam and has a medium feel, which allows it to adjust fast to the sleeper’s body.

When I was testing the Puffy, I could feel the foam filling in the curves of my body, which helped distribute my weight evenly. I felt like lying on a cloud. However, my back didn’t bend awkwardly, which means I was properly supported at the same time. Plus, because this model has a medium feel, it’s rather universal in terms of comfort. To illustrate, my wife and I both enjoyed sleeping on the Puffy. And that’s despite the fact that we belong to different weight categories and have different comfort preferences.

Best High-Profile Option - Logan and Cove

Logan and Cove


  • 2 firmness options;
  • high-profile hybrid construction;
  • hand-finished design for superb quality.

I simply couldn’t forget to mention this luxurious model in my review of the best mattresses in Canada. The Logan and Cove is a thick pillow-top mattress that looks and feels expensive but comes at a surprisingly reasonable price.

Being a hybrid model, it uses a combination of individually pocketed coils and foam. The spring system features zoned support. This means, your body weight will be distributed evenly and the spine will remain in a neutral position during sleep.

The pillow-top uses 4 foam layers and silk filling. That silk will make this bed feel like a cloud. Combined with denser foams, it excels at providing both comfort and support. Additionally, this mattress comes in 2 firmness levels: Medium Plush and Luxury Firm. Therefore, there’s a suitable option for any type of sleeper.

The Logan and Cove offers affordable luxury, which I was quite impressed with. This mattress is very nicely made, with fine details and quality materials. And that pillow-top layer gives it extra cushion, resulting in high comfort levels.

Best for Thermoregulation — Recore



  • washable cover with antimicrobial properties;
  • foam and latex design;
  • breathable.

This model truly deserves to be in my review of the best mattresses in a box in Canada. The Recore is a unique mattress that was designed to keep you cool, fresh, and comfortable. 

You may be wondering: what’s so special about this mattress? 

Well, one of the secrets is its cover. Being sewn using a special SilverCharged thread, the fabric is antimicrobial. This means your mattress will feel like new even after regular use. Additionally, you will know that your body is safe from bacteria.

To top that, the Recore uses graphite-infused synthetic latex and gel-infused polyfoam. These materials are great for temperature regulation. They draw the heat away from the body and disperse it effectively.

Now, the Recore has a medium-firm feel (around 6.5 on the firmness scale, depending on how much you weigh). It shows good results in motion transfer tests and makes zero noise. This makes it suitable for couples.

Offering excellent thermoregulation and great comfort levels, this mattress can win any sleeper over. It also belongs to the below-average price range, which is always a pleasant bonus.

Best Low-Profile Option - Junobed



  • low-profile two-layer foam construction;
  • gel-infused top;
  • offers close contouring.

The Junobed is worth to be featured in my review of the best mattresses in Canada for a number of reasons. This is probably one of the cheapest mattresses on the market, but don’t be alarmed: the quality is not an issue. Trust me, I slept on it.

Here’s the deal: 

This model has 2 foam layers. This is quite a simplistic construction, especially when compared to fancier models. However, in this case, this simplicity results in high support levels, gentle cushioning, and comfort.

Also, the manufacturer uses gel-infused open-cell foam for the comfort layer. This means you won’t feel hot while being hugged by your mattress. And yes, the Junobed offers a bouncy feel while cradling your pressure points and reducing tension.

For such a price, the Junobed is an impressive mattress! It might seem too simplistic for someone, but trust me: it can still provide excellent support and comfort. Especially if you love responsive mattresses.

How to Shop for a Bed in a Box Like a Pro

How to Shop for a Bed in a Box Like a Pro

Online shopping is extremely convenient.

But it also has its pitfalls.

So, to make the best choice possible, you need to consider the following factors before you even start shopping:

  • Mattress material. This factor completely depends on your preferences. For instance, if you want more bounce and pressure distribution, then you should choose a latex mattress. Or, if you love to sink into your bed, choose a memory foam mattress. Innerspring beds offer responsive support and usually have strong edges. If you want something “in the middle”, you can try a hybrid mattress. This type uses coils as a support core and foam or latex in the comfort layers. Hybrid mattresses can be that golden middle between sufficient cradling and responsive support. Of course, the key characteristics of each mattress type don’t end there, so it’s always a good idea to do your research before shopping.
  • Budget. This one is obvious: determine how much you are willing to spend. Some mail-order mattresses cost as low as $200, but there are also more luxurious options for more than $1,500. By the way, latex mattresses tend to be more expensive. 
  • Sleep trial. While mattress companies usually offer similar warranty conditions, sleep trials can vary. Make sure that the mattress you are planning to buy has good trial options. In this case, you will be able to sleep on it and return it if you don’t feel comfortable enough. Keep in mind that in many cases, a mattress sleep trial would include a mandatory break-in period. During this time, you are not allowed to return the mattress. It usually takes at least 14 days. The thing is, in most cases, users require time to break in the material of their new mattress (in order words, allow it to get used to your body). That’s why some mattress models might seem uncomfortable at first. With time, they adapt to the sleeper’s body and may change their feel for the better. Also, read the return policies carefully, as some companies include a return fee in their sleep trial.
  • Customer reviews. It’s always a good idea to read about other people’s experience with the model you are planning to buy. The mattress reviews can show how the mattress really holds up and works for different body types. Even if you’re buying directly on the manufacturer’s website, it still makes sense to check customer reviews on Amazon (assuming this model is available there) or user comments to video reviews of this model on Youtube (if there are any).
  • Safety certifications. Many manufacturers use third-party testing to make sure their product is safe. The most common certifications are CertiPUR-US, Greenguard, and OEKO-TEX. So, look for these labels on the manufacturer’s website and on the product itself.

“Online shopping cuts the middleman and rent expenses, which means you will pay for your mattress less.”

Tips for Different Types of Sleepers

Now, even the comfiest mattress in the world cannot be comfortable for everyone.

It’s all due to our body peculiarities and specific needs.

So, which mattress would be great for you? Let’s find out:

  • Side sleepers. When lying on your side, you need enough cushioning for your protruding hips and shoulders as well as efficient support for the spine. Therefore, it’s better to pick a soft-to-medium mattress. 
  • Back sleepers. If you always sleep on your back, you need a medium or medium-firm mattress. All materials may work as long as they allow enough sinkage for your pelvis. Some hybrid mattresses offer zoned support or special lumbar sections in the top layer to keep your spine properly aligned.
  • Stomach sleepers. For this sleeping position, the best option is a high-quality firm mattress. You see, when lying on your stomach, you need firm support to stop your pelvis from sinking in. Otherwise, your spine will be deformed during the night, which can cause pain and serious issues in the future. 
  • Combination or restless sleepers. If you tend to roll around and switch positions during the night, you may need a bouncy mattress that will allow for effortless moving. A good innerspring or latex bed should work perfectly. Look for medium firmness, as this is a comfortable level for most positions.
  • Lightweight individuals. If you weigh less than 150 pounds, it’s better to opt for a softer mattress. This way, you will be able to enjoy the contouring effect and won’t feel like sleeping on a brick.
  • Average build. If you are between 150 and 250 pounds, a medium or a medium-firm mattress will provide a balance of support and cradling.
  • Heavier sleepers. People who are more than 250 pounds require firmer mattresses to get enough spinal support. You can choose a firm mattress with a pillow-top for some cushioning.
  • People with chronic pain. If you suffer from chronic pain, you require a mattress that excels at pressure relief. In this case, a good memory foam mattress would be the best option. Memory foam effectively adapts to your body shape, thus reducing tension and helping with pain relief. At the same time, due to slower response, it might make it difficult for you to move around the mattress as well as get in and out of bed. As an alternative, you can opt for polyfoam, as it has a similar ability to conform to your body curves but quicker motion response.
  • Elderly. For elderly sleepers, the combination of pressure relief and free movement is priceless. Therefore, you need something that will allow you to get out of bed effortlessly. Latex mattresses are a great option for that. They are comfortable, cradling, and bouncy at the same time. Additionally, it’s better to avoid thicker mattresses. They can make getting out of bed a bit more challenging.
  • Hot sleepers. People who tend to sleep hot require good air circulation during the night. Therefore, it’s better to give your preference to mattresses with coils. If you want more pressure relief, latex would be a great option. As for memory foam, oftentimes it makes sleepers sweat during the night. If you are absolutely certain that you want a foam mattress, try to choose the one that has a gel-infused top layer or uses open-cell foam.
  • Couples. Partnered sleepers need more space, therefore strong edges are a must. Additionally, good motion absorption is a key factor. Typically, foam mattresses are good for motion isolation, but look for models with reinforced edges. If you want a responsive bed and more stability for sex, a good hybrid will do the trick. Usually featuring an innerspring base and foam comfort layers, such mattresses offer strong edges, bouncier response, and great motion isolation, all at once.

“When shopping at physical stores, you can try the mattress you are planning to buy. That’s probably the only downside of online shopping – not being able to touch the mattress. Thankfully, most companies offer home sleep trials these days.”


When it comes to sleep, we have plenty of accessories and tools that help us enjoy our rest. But a good mattress will always remain a number one priority in this equation. And luckily, there are many to choose from.

And how do you pick a good one, you may ask? Well, pay attention to the materials used and decide which one would work for you. For example, some users love the hug of memory foam, others find it restricting. Some prefer bouncier support that hybrid mattresses offer, others choose foam for its motion-isolating properties. It’s up to you to decide. Also, don’t forget to factor in your favorite sleep position and your partner’s preferences. And finally, try to set a specific budget from the very beginning. This way, your list of possible options will be less overwhelming.

If you are looking for suggestions, I would love to recommend the Douglas. This Canadian mattress has a medium-firm feel, which results in balanced support and gentle contouring. It excels at providing superb pressure relief as well. With this mattress, you are very likely to wake up fresh and rested every single morning.

However, if you don’t particularly like the enveloping feel of memory foam, you might want to consider the Logan & Cove mattress. This model combines the bouncy support of the coil system with a thick, cushioning pillow-top. It’s an excellent option for those who want resilient support and enough cradling in one mattress. Plus, the Logan & Cove comes in two firmness options. This means it can work for a wider range of users and sleep positions.

So, are you ready to start sleeping well? Which mattress on the list impressed you the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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