4 Best Mattress Toppers for Hip Pain Sufferers

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 28 minLast updated on March 26, 2023

It’s hard to find a person who has never experienced hip pain.

According to Dr. Debra Sullivan, the most common cause of hip pain is tendonitis, which is short-term and is often caused by overexertion when exercising. Long-term causes of hip pain are also fairly common. In most cases, long-term hip pain is caused by arthritis.

Whatever the case is, hip pain can easily disrupt one’s sleep. But there is a solution - adding a mattress topper, which can drastically increase one’s comfort.

Here are tips on choosing the best mattress topper for hip pain, plus 4 suitable options.

A Quick Preview

Saatva Mattress Topper
Best Overall - Editor’s Choice

Saatva Mattress Topper
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TEMPUR-Adapt® Topper
Runner Up

TEMPUR-Adapt® Topper
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Puffy Mattress Topper
Best for Side and Back Sleepers

Puffy Mattress Topper
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Memory Foam Topper by GhostBed
Best for Allergy-Prone Sleepers

Memory Foam Topper by GhostBed
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4 Best Mattress Toppers for Hip Pain Relief

Best Overall - Editor’s Choice — Saatva Mattress Topper 

Saatva Mattress Topper

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Check Current PriceOur detailed Saatva Mattress Topper review


  • reliable elastic bands to ensure a secure fit all through the night;
  • 1.5 inches of memory foam re-distributes weight and helps alleviate pressure points, which may help with hip pain;
  • organic cotton cover is breathable and moisture-wicking, which may help keep you cool during the night. 

The first model that has earned its right to be among the best mattress toppers for hip pain is the Saatva.  And what makes it special is what this topper hides inside.

With 1.5 inches of high-density memory foam, Saatva is able to cradle the hips and evenly spread out body weight, which may help reduce hip pain. Not only that, but the topper’s high-density foam means its slow-adapting, which can better absorb motion and keep your body free from jostling due to a restless partner.

Now, this model could also be an excellent solution for active sleepers. After all, hip pain often causes people to shift in bed. And this usually makes mattress toppers slide off. However, with the Saatva, you won’t have such a problem. It uses sturdy elastic bands that can keep it in place all night long.

Saatva Mattress Topper on a mattress
Saatva Mattress Topper Straps

Runner Up - TEMPUR-Adapt® Topper

TEMPUR-Adapt® Topper

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  • It’s 3 inches thick to provide improved body support and spine alignment.
  • This topper uses memory foam, providing better pressure relief in the joint regions.
  • The mattress cover is breathable for better aeration and more relaxed sleep.

Coming in as the second-best mattress topper for hip pain relief is the TEMPUR-Adapt Topper. This mattress topper model from Tempurpedic is 3 inches thick and made from memory foam. Although, the manufacturer has adjusted the memory foam in this topper for adaptive pressure relief. Basically, this topper cradles the protruding body parts more than other areas, and this is majorly the hip area. Once you sleep on this topper, the foam will slowly hug your waist region and cradle the hip joints for pain relief throughout your sleep.

The TEMPUR-Adapt Topper has a soft feel and quite accommodating, especially for stomach and side sleepers. Also, to make the topper more comfortable, it uses a breathable cover that allows better airflow to make you feel refreshed in bed. So, with the TEMPUR-Adapt topper, you get a balance of cushioning support for pain relief and a plush sleep experience.

Best for Side and Back Sleepers — Puffy Mattress Topper

Puffy Mattress Topper

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Check Current Price Our detailed Puffy Mattress Topper review


  • thick memory foam helps keep you properly cushioned, helping cradle the body for side sleepers and keep you tension-free;
  • fitted-sheet design to guarantee a secure fit even for restless sleepers;
  • memory foam is able to firm up your mattress, helping provide an even plane that can keep your hips and spine straight for back sleepers.

The Puffy is my best topper for back and side sleepers with hip pain due to its 2 inches of slow-adapting memory foam, which is cradling and supportive, and Puffy’s anti-slip grip. I tested Puffy’s Firm option, and found the memory foam was more than cradling enough for sleeping on my side. Side sleepers tend to need more cradling than usual, so their shoulders and hips are properly cushioned, but Puffy’s 2 inches of foam does an excellent job of reducing tension. Puffy’s foam is also moderately firming, which helped me feel supported while lying down. This can help back sleepers ensure their back and hips are level, which may help reduce hip pain as there’s no tension built up.

This model will also work for active or restless sleepers. The Puffy is equipped with a handy elastic skirt that goes on the mattress like a fitted sheet. There’s also a layer of non-slip material inside to ensure a more secure fit. Thus, the Puffy mattress topper didn’t move at all when I was testing it. And trust me, I was trying very hard to make it shift. But rolling around and even jumping on the bed didn’t make the Puffy slide off.

I tested Puffy for a moderate amount of motion isolation, measuring its response time by 0.85 seconds for a fully recovered shape after compressions. This means the topper can absorb a decent amount of motion so you’re better cradled and less disturbed from another sleeper, which may help from aggravating hip pain. This is similar to the Ghostbed Topper, with Ghostbed being 4.49% slower.

Puffy Mattress Topper Thickness
Puffy Mattress Topper Unboxing

Best for Allergy-Prone Sleepers — Memory Foam Topper by GhostBed

GhostBed Mattress Topper

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Check Current Price Our detailed Ghostbed Mattress Topper review


  • cooling gel foam for sweat-free sleep without sacrificing tension alleviation;
  • removable waterproof cover for easy cleaning and to keep allergies at bay;
  • zoned technology to ensure proper weight distribution and healthy sleep posture.

The best mattress topper for hip pain has to provide just the right combination of support and cradling. And that’s exactly what the GhostBed topper was designed to do. It uses a zoned support system that can help sleepers maintain a neutral alignment, reducing tension from the hips and consequently, alleviating the pain. As someone who often struggles with proper sleep posture, I appreciate such a design a lot. The GhostBed helped me feel weightless and with zero pressure in my body.

However, this memory foam mattress topper has more things to boast of. It makes an excellent solution for allergy-prone sleepers thanks to its smart construction. The GhostBed topper comes with a cover that works like a fitted sheet. Therefore, you can easily take it off, wash it, and get rid of any potential allergens. Additionally, because the cover is waterproof, it can help prevent moisture accumulation in your topper and mattress. And less moisture means fewer chances of getting dust mites. This sets the GhostBed topper apart, as no other model on this list has a waterproof cover.

I tested the Ghostbed Topper for a good amount of sinkage, which can cradle pressure points and may help reduce hip pain. I measured Ghostbed’s sinkage at 2.05 inches, firming up the mattress by 0.02 inches. This means the topper helps enhance the pressure relief it can give, as it ensures you’re not sinking through the topper to the mattress underneath. Puffy firms its mattress a bit too much, and may not be as cradling that may help with hip pain, firming the mattress 8 times more than Ghostbed.

GhostBed Mattress Topper on a Mattress
GhostBed Mattress Topper Layers

Our Methodology - Why I Picked These Mattress Toppers

These mattresses have been chosen for hip pain due to their ability to conform to the body and even out the pressure and support my hips more easily. I test mattress toppers based on their ability to cushion, how well they stay on the mattress, and how they feel in addition to a mattress. Cushioning ability is super important for hip pain as the more cradling a topper is, the better you’ll feel the pressure-relieving effects that can help diminish hip pain. The last thing you want is for your topper to shift during the night, especially when moving is already challenging, so I’ve done a ‘crash’ test on toppers by tossing and turning in bed to see just how easy (or difficult) it is for the topper to shift. And for all my topper tests, I use a mattress firmness of 6.5 underneath, which is the most common mattress firmness.

Foam or Latex: Which Material Is Better for Hip Pain?

Most of the modern toppers rarely use coils and are usually made of either natural latex or traditional foams. So, chances are that you’ll likely be choosing among these materials.

To help you here, there is a brief description about how each of the materials performs in terms of hip pain relief:

  • Modern memory foams typically feature an open-cell structure, which means that they instantly cradle your body and may relieve the pressure points  
  • Polyfoam. Polyfoam has a spongier feel than memory foam and typically is more resilient. It can still nicely cradle your body and relieve the pressure points in any position, though. A polyfoam topper can also be a good pick for individuals with chronic pain caused by a trauma or a bone disease, as it allows them to move around the bed more freely.
  • Natural latex features great pressure-relieving properties, as it instantly adjusts to your body shape regardless of your sleeping style. Plus, natural latex is pretty durable, meaning that it can support you for a longer time.
  • Latex blends The qualities of a latex blend will mainly depend on the additives, but generally, these blends tend to be softer and more similar to traditional foam in terms of the feel. They can work as a more affordable alternative to a latex pad Bottom line.

As you can see, each material has unique features that make it suitable for different scenarios.

Things to Consider when shopping for a Suitable Mattress Topper for Hip Pain Relief

Now, you should consider a few more details to get a clearer understanding of which mattress pad will work best for you. To do this, check the list of parameters listed for you below.

Your Sleep Position

Hip pain has many possible causes. And your preferred sleeping style can be one of them.
Those who sleep on the side tend to be more prone to hip pain because they press their body weight against the mattress and create a pressure point in the hip joint. To avoid this, choose softer mattress pads. They allow you to sink deeper and prevent pressure.

You might want to check out this guide on mattress toppers for side sleepers. Perhaps, you will find a suitable model there.

Back and stomach sleepers may also experience aggravated hip pain. This usually happens due to misalignment of the spine and the hips. In this scenario, tension can accumulate in the hips and cause the pain levels to grow.

To avoid that, back sleepers should choose medium or medium-firm mattress toppers. And stomach sleepers are advised to pick firm models. This way, in each of these sleep positions, users can experience a balanced combination of support and pressure redistribution. Consequently, this may help relieve the tension from their sore hips.

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Your mattress, in case it’s too soft or too firm, can be the cause of your sore hips. So, you may need a topper that can make your mattress more comfortable and suitable for you.

But how do you choose the right firmness when it’s so subjective? 

Here are the general guidelines for you:

  • Small size sleepers will feel better on soft to medium mattress pads. Their body creates little resistance to the mattress, so they need to sink in deeper
  • Average size sleepers can choose the medium level of firmness. They still need some sinkage but not as much as side sleepers do, as in the back-sleeping position, their body is initially aligned.
  • Large size sleepers are advised to get a firmer mattress pad. A firmer topper can provide the right level of support and cradling for their hips without putting the spine into an awkward position.

Note that traditional memory foam is temperature-sensitive, which means that it tends to get softer as it gets hotter, e.g. when you’re lying on it and transfer a bit of your body heat.


Being hot while sleeping is a major disruptive factor for getting enough sleep. However, if you’re looking for a mattress topper for hip pain, a bit of heat retention could be good for you because warmth may help alleviate the pain. So, a solid foam slab may help you here.

But if you don’t like the idea of getting hot at night, opt for latex. It’s the most breathable material ever. 

However, for those who can’t stand sleeping hot (or experience hot flashes), there are cooling foams available on the modern market. Many manufacturers offer gel-infused or open-cell foam toppers. Gel particles work to draw the excess heat away from the body (and lock it inside). And open-cell foam toppers are simply more breathable, which allows them to sleep cooler.

Another cooling option is latex. Latex mattress toppers are temperature-neutral by nature. Therefore, they aren’t likely to retain heat during the night.

Gel-infused and egg-crate mattress toppers may work as an affordable alternative to latex in terms of cooling effects

Motion Response

Motion responsiveness  is an essential factor for those who might have limited mobility due to hip problems or pain. A topper with a quick motion response, such as those made of latex or polyfoam, will help you move around more easily and won’t feel like quicksand when you get up.

Motion response is also a crucial factor for partners. Often, hip pain causes sleepers to toss and turn trying to find that one position that causes the least pain. If the mattress topper is responsive, it can transfer shock from motion to the other side of the bed, disturbing the other sleeper.

In this case (and for users who don’t have mobility issues), it might be better to choose a slow-moving mattress topper. Memory foam performs the best in this scenario. Some latex toppers might also do the trick if they are soft and plushy.


The thickness of the topper can determine how much it’s going to change the feel of one’s mattress. Generally, thicker toppers (3-4 inches) can have a more significant impact. They may also offer more of a hug, which might come in handy for tender, painful hips.

At the same time, a deeper hug could mean somewhat limited movement. So, shoppers need to make sure their hip pain isn’t making it hard for them to get out of bed. If it does, they may want to pick a slightly thinner topper (around 2 inches).


Last but not least, you need to think about how to secure your mattress topper in place. If you or your partner are active sleepers, the pad may move with you as you’re shifting positions, which can drastically reduce your comfort.

Some mattress toppers have elastic loops on the corners, while others feature a tenacious cover. If your mattress has a smooth and somewhat slippery cover, you may want to make sure the topper you are considering has one of these elements. Yet, if you happen to purchase a basic slab of foam, you can check out our recommendations on how to prevent it from sliding off your bed.

Quality of the Materials

It goes without saying that a low-quality mattress topper can affect one’s comfort. Additionally, such toppers usually wear out faster, which often means additional expenses for shoppers. Low-quality models also develop sags and body indentations sooner. When this happens, they can’t provide the needed support and pressure redistribution, which can lead to aggravated hip pain.

Now, a quality mattress topper for hip pain has to use denser foams or latex. And denser doesn’t always mean firmer. There are plenty of mattress toppers that use quality, dense materials but have a pleasant hugging feel.

For memory foam, anything from 3 PCF and higher should be pretty durable. For polyurethane foam, shoppers need to look for models that are rated 1.5 PCF and more. As for latex, 4 PCF and up should suffice.

Wrapping Up

A good mattress topper can turn your bed into a comfy nest that could potentially save your aching hips and help you sleep better.

However, don’t forget that not all mattress toppers were created equal. To choose a suitable one, you need to pick the firmness and the thickness according to your sleeping position. Also, pay attention to the materials used, as each of them has certain features that can be real deal-breakers for some. Some users love the hugging feel of memory foam, others find it restricting. Some appreciate the bounciness of latex, other sleepers prefer something less responsive. The choice is yours. 

And if you are still at the crossroads, allow me to share my personal favorite - the mattress topper by Saatva. I believe this model has everything to satisfy all your needs. It’s available in 3 material variations to suit different comfort preferences and can boast of excellent quality. Additionally, each model by Saatva excels at tension alleviation. This means the topper may even help sleepers relieve hip pain. Therefore, you get everything with the Saatva: comfort, long-lasting performance, and pain relief.

Now, for how long have you been dealing with hip pain? And which mattress topper caught your attention? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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