What Is the Best Mattress Size for Couples?

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 11 minLast updated on May 5, 2022

The choice of a mattress can take a lot of thought.

But when it comes to partnered sleep, the size issue is often added to the equation. After all, the mattress market has a lot to offer, and it can be hard to pick something both users would be happy about.

So, today’s guide will help readers figure out the best mattress size for couples, including users with different preferences and requirements.

Couples Who Will Enjoy a Full Mattress

Full mattresses measure 53 by 75 inches. Not many sleepers consider this size as the best one for couples. Nonetheless, a Full mattress can accommodate two average sleepers

This mattress size would work especially well for partners who enjoy sleeping close to each other and cuddling. Full can also be the best mattress size for couples who don’t have much space. It works great for smaller apartments, guest rooms, and bedrooms that have plenty of other furniture.

However, users need to keep in mind that sleeping on a Full mattress with a significant other would mean lying nose to nose with them. For some couples, that’s actually preferable. For others, this might be an issue, so they should opt for a larger mattress.

Partnered Sleepers Who Should Get a Queen Mattress

Queen mattresses are the most popular among partnered sleepers. This size measures 60 by 80 inches. A Queen bed can easily accommodate two adults, giving them some extra space in between. Queen mattresses are also widely available, so this could be the best mattress size for couples who want plenty of options to choose from.

That being said, users should remember that a Queen bed would require a larger room (at least 10 by 10 feet). Additionally, such mattresses are a bit bulkier and can be hard to move. For couples who live in an apartment building somewhere on the top floors, it’s better to get a Queen mattress in a box in this case.

Who Should Consider a King Mattress?

King can be a great bed size for couples who prefer a little extra space. King mattresses measure 76 by 80 inches. They work well for larger sleepers and users who share their bed with a pet. The King size is also ideal for those who tend to sleep hot, as lying further from each other can help sleepers remain cooler.

A King mattress can also work for parents who practice co-sleeping. This mattress size would also be ideal for someone who tends to kick in their sleep or has restless leg syndrome. A King mattress would offer enough space to keep the other sleeper out of range in this scenario.

Now, couples should consider the price aspect. King mattresses can be quite expensive, as they use more materials during the manufacturing process. Additionally, users need to have a large bedroom to accommodate a King bed. The minimal recommended size is 10 by 12 square feet, assuming that the room doesn’t have too much furniture. A larger bedroom is preferable (at least 13 by 13 feet), as it would allow users to move more freely around the bed.

When to Pick California King

Cal King mattresses measure 72 by 84 inches. This size is an ideal option for taller partnered sleepers, as California King offers extra 4 inches in length (compared to regular King). This size could also be an excellent solution for couples who sleep with their pets. Their furry friends can lie in the leg area without taking much space or causing inconvenience for sleepers.

However, despite some impressive benefits, California King size also has its flaws. First of all, these mattresses can be very expensive. They are also bulky and hard to move (which is why shoppers might want to consider a bed in a box). Additionally, Cal King mattresses require a room that measures at least 13 by 12 feet.

So, to make a final decision, you can learn more about California King mattresses and their characteristics here.

Who Should Buy a Split King Mattress?

As the name suggests, a Split King is a mattress size that combines two smaller mattresses. Split King simply means putting two Twin XL beds side by side. It measures 76 by 80 inches (like the regular King) and makes a perfect bed size for couples with different comfort preferences.

The thing is, many manufacturers sell their Split King mattresses with the dual firmness option. This means two sleepers can choose different comfort levels for each of their mattress sides. Split King also works great for users who have a split adjustable bed frame. In this case, each of them can rest in a certain position without disturbing their partner.

And here’s the good news:  many of the best Split King mattresses cost the same as standard King models. Therefore, couples don’t necessarily have to pay a fortune to enjoy customized comfort.

When Do Couples Need to Consider an Olympic Queen Bed?

The main difference between regular and Olympic Queen is in the width of these mattresses. Olympic Queen size measures 66 by 80 inches, making it 6 inches wider than the regular Queen.

An Olympic Queen mattress would work perfectly for couples who need a little extra space but don’t want to splurge for a King bed. Another cool thing about this size is that it doesn’t necessarily require an extra-large bedroom (unlike King). Therefore, an Olympic Queen bed can be an excellent solution for partners who want a more spacious bed but don’t have enough room for a King.

Olympic Queen might also work for smaller users who practice co-sleeping or couples who like sleeping in a starfish position. Those 6 extra inches in width can be a real game-changer for some.

That being said, Olympic Queen is not a standard mattress size. Therefore, finding a suitable option might be more challenging, as the variety could be limited

When to Pick Wyoming King

Wyoming King measures 84 by 84 inches. This is truly a king bed, as it offers plenty of space both length- and width-wise. 

Wyoming King is often considered a family bed, as it can easily accommodate a couple and, for example, two small kids or a child and a pet. That’s what makes Wyoming King mattresses ideal for co-sleeping.

However, this mattress size would also work for two active sleepers who tend to toss a lot or might even kick in their sleep. Those 84 inches of space should be enough to keep them far from each other and thus, limit the nighttime disturbances.

Here’s the deal, though: Wyoming King is a non-standard mattress size. Therefore, it’s not that easy to come by. Additionally, because these mattresses are quite large, they also cost more. For some couples, the extra space is worth it. But in other cases, it might be a better idea to settle for a regular King.

Who Should Choose a Texas King Mattress?

Texas King mattresses are 98 inches wide and 80 inches long. It’s a non-standard bed size that would work for a specific range of sleepers.

In most cases, couples buy Texas King mattresses when they want plenty of extra space. This mattress size is common for big families that enjoy co-sleeping and want everyone to feel comfy. Texas King might also work for taller partners (if they decide to rotate the bed and use those 98 inches for the extra legroom).

Now, while a Texas King mattress can offer lots of additional space, such beds aren’t that common. Therefore, the number of options (type-wise) is likely to be limited. Shoppers also need to remember that such non-standard mattresses tend to be quite pricey. 

Should Couples Buy Alaskan King Mattresses?

Another option for those who need all the extra space they can get is the Alaskan King size. These mattresses measure 108 by 108 inches. Needless to say, this is the largest mattress size available on the market.

Alaskan King mattresses offer the extra length to accommodate very tall sleepers. At the same time, this mattress size is enough for a large family that likes co-sleeping (even with more than two children). It’s also ideal for family movie nights when everyone can sprawl out comfortably.

Just like other oversized mattresses, Alaskan King is expensive and not that easy to come by. Additionally, this mattress size calls for custom sheets, which would mean extra expenses. And, of course, for an Alaskan King mattress, users will need a huge master bedroom.

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Other Considerations When Looking for the Best Mattress for Partnered Sleep

Size is not the only aspect that makes a good mattress for couples. 

To enjoy the best sleep quality together, partnered sleepers might want to consider these additional factors when choosing a new mattress:

  • Motion transfer. Partnered sleep is often accompanied by nighttime disturbances, especially if one of the sleepers tends to be restless. In this case, couples might want to consider a motion-isolating mattress, especially if they are going for a smaller size and would lie closer to each other. Memory foam and latex mattresses usually do an excellent job of absorbing shock from motion. A hybrid model might also suffice if it has extra-thick comfort layers. 
  • Edge support. Stronger mattress edges can give partnered sleepers more space. It could also mean fewer expenses, as users can buy a smaller mattress but enjoy more sleeping space thanks to the edge support. Innerspring and hybrid models usually have the strongest edges.
  • Sleep trial. Partnered sleepers often have different comfort preferences and can’t reach a compromise when shopping for a new mattress. In this scenario, a sleep trial is a must. It would allow shoppers to safely test their mattress and return it if needed. A sleep trial can give couples more chances to find something that would work for both of them.
  • Sex. A suitable mattress for sex usually works to boost the movement. That’s why hybrid and innerspring models are typically recommended for sexually active couples. Latex might also work as it’s not that restricting. As for memory foam, many couples consider this mattress type less than ideal for sex. Foam moves slowly and has an enveloping feel. As a result, it often seems restricting and makes moving during sex a bit more challenging.


What is a good mattress size for two people?

The most popular mattress size for couples is Queen. It is spacious enough to offer plenty of legroom for two but doesn’t require an extra-large bedroom and doesn’t cost too much.

Should a couple get a Queen or a King bed?

Both Queen and King work great for couples. The former would be ideal for average sleepers who want a good value for money and don’t have a larger master bedroom. A King mattress would work great for partners who require more space between each other and have a larger bedroom. 

Do couples sleep better in bigger beds?

In many cases, partners sleep better on larger mattresses. The thing is, a bigger bed is less likely to promote motion transfer, which can minimize nighttime disturbances.

Wrapping Up

Great news for couples: there are more than enough mattress sizes suited for comfortable partnered sleep. Shoppers simply need to decide how much space and legroom they require. Of course, they should also remember about their bedroom capacity and how much they are willing to spend. But all in all, the number of options is amazing!

Which mattress size do you think would be ideal for you and your partner? Let us know in the comments!



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