Best mattresses in New Zealand in 2022

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 20 minLast updated on December 2, 2021

It is truly a great pleasure to order a mattress, receive it in a box, and have it ready to use in no time. Instead of visiting the closest retailer and spending lots of time, in 2022, we have the option to order a mattress online. While being super convenient, making a choice between mattresses can be difficult. In this article, the best mattresses in a box in New Zealand are handpicked and reviewed for buyers to choose.

A Quick Preview

Peacelily Mattress
Editor’s Choice

Peacelily Mattress
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Emma Original Mattress
Best for Back Pain

Emma Original Mattress
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Ecosa Mattress
Best Memory Foam Option

Ecosa Mattress
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The Winkl Mattress
Best Material

The Winkl Mattress
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Napp Mattress
Best Cheap Option

Napp Mattress
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Our Review of 5 Best Mattresses in a Box in New Zealand

Editor’s Choice — Peacelily Mattress

Peacelily Mattress

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  • Made out of pure organic Latex.
  • GOTS Certified.
  • Two-sided and flippable.

Peacelily is a great flippable mattress, allowing the user to choose between two sides of the mattress. One side is firm, and the other one is considered normal; not too soft and not too hard. The material it is made out of is pure and natural organic latex. Latex is also a very unique material for filling the bed, and while it is dense, it is also bouncy, and it can shape itself back after the pressure is relieved from it.

Some mattresses are hybrid, but Peaceliy would rather be 100% organic and choose all of its three layers to be made out of rubber latex, compared to similar competitors. The mattress has a GOTS certified being unhazardous and non-toxic. The mattress also has a high airflow ability, which will keep it cool. 

Best for Back Pain — Emma Original Mattress

Emma Original Mattress

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  • Made solely out of foam.
  • 7 zone memory foam with more contour.
  • Absorbs body moisture to prevent overheating.

Emma Original Mattress is an award-winning mattress by Australia's top choice of a consumer advocacy organization. It is an all-made foam mattress, and it is also eco-friendly. It is highly pressure relieving. The materials in this mattress make it one of the best mattresses for back pain. Even though some people say that foam mattresses tend to absorb heat, the Emma Original Mattress has a lot of cooling features, such as absorbing moisture and a high quality breathable cover layer.

The top layer of this mattress is made out of polyfoam, which makes it both soft and provides great support for the body. The memory foam core also helps to take any pressure from the heavy areas of the body, such as the hips and shoulders, providing a comfortable sleep.

Best Memory Foam Option — Ecosa Mattress

Ecosa Mattress

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  • Completely waterproof.
  • Adjustable firmness.
  • Eco-friendly material.

One of the most important advantages of the Ecosa mattress is the fact that the different layers of memory foam are completely adjustable to changes of taste and preference over time. Meaning that the layers can be adjusted from the most firm to the softest by changing the layer order. This makes it one of the best memory foam mattresses in New Zealand.

This mattress starts its layer with a cover made out of soft Tencel, which is washable, removable, and also waterproof. This makes it a great vantage point as the mattress does not get wet. The other layers are all made of different types of memory foam, delivering great support and comfortable sleep. All the materials used in the Ecosa mattress are hygienic and organic.

Best Material — The Winkl Mattress

The Winkl Mattress

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  • Made out of great gel memory foam.
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant material.
  • Removable and washable cover.

The Winkl mattress is a great mattress that has a core layer made out of supportive memory foam and one another layer made out of high-density gel memory foam, which makes the mattress breathable. These layers will all help in making the mattress supportive and bouncy. The cover is also removable, and it is fairly easy to wash, so it will keep the mattress fresh at all times. 

All of the materials used in this mattress are safe and non-toxic, and hold the international certificate of safe materials. The Winkl mattress offers the longest trial time that a mattress can have in entire New Zealand. The users can return the mattress after 120 nights of using it. This mattress also comes with 10 years of warranty.

Best Cheap Option — Napp Mattress

Napp Mattress

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  • Three different layers of memory foam. 
  • Overheating prevention due to memory foam gel.
  • Dense core for ultimate contour.

The Napp mattress is one of the oldest and best mattresses in a box made in New Zealand, and the materials are all sourced from Australia, unlike many many others that order their materials from China. Because of that, it is one of the most long-lasting mattresses in a box that someone can find in New Zealand.

Although the Napp mattress is the cheapest option, it does not mean that it cannot compete with the other best mattresses in a box in New Zealand. This mattress is made up of three different layers, which all combined, will allow for strong support of the sleeper's body. It is not too firm and not too soft, and due to the identity of the used foam, it is highly breathable, and stays cool during sleep.

Things to Consider while Buying a Mattress in a Box in New Zealand

Making a purchase online might be difficult while choosing the best product. Even though we have recommended the 5 best mattresses in a box on our list, there are things to keep in mind and check while choosing a product online, especially in the case of mattresses in a box. 

Firmness Level

Firmness level can be graded from one to ten. On this scale, one marks the softest mattress and ten marks the firmest mattress. It is important to pay attention to the firmness level of choice when buying a mattress in a box. Usually, most mattresses in a box would be graded 3 to 8 on this scale. Pay attention that the more the weight, the firmer the mattress should be. This level is to make sure the mattress provides enough support for each user. Also, for a lighter person in weight, getting a softer mattress would provide enough support without being too rough or firm to bother while sleeping. [1]

Preferred Sleeping Position

Different sleeping positions require a different type of mattress. For example, back sleepers need lots of support without their shoulders and hips sinking in the bed, and side sleepers need mattresses that reduce pressure on the pressure points. 

Mattress Type

There are different types of mattresses regarding the different layers that make them up. These different mattresses each offer a different amount of support and air conditioning. These will all be discussed later in this article. However, as an example, innerspring mattresses are supportive and responsive, latex mattresses and foam mattresses relieve lots of pressure off the body but cannot provide as much support, and hybrid mattresses offer great support while having great air conditioning and heat avoidance. 

Temperature Conditioning

One of the things that lots of people suffer from is their body becoming too hot on specific spots. This is because the mattress lacks the necessary materials and quality to provide airflow and reduce heat. Our body often sinks in our mattresses on pressure points, such as hips, shoulders, and the back. Latex mattresses and foam mattresses are great at cooling down the mattress, especially if they have gels or air holes. This is why the best memory foam mattresses in a box in New Zealand are worth checking out from our list. Hybrid and innerspring also have air flowing inside them due to their coil system.

Ability to Relieve Pressure

Same as the air conditioning note, it is important for the mattress to have layers that protect the body from being pressured into the mattress. It is all about the firmness level, the body weight, and the sleep position.


Support in the case of mattresses refers to their ability to prevent the body from sinking into the bed and becoming too hot or painful. Layers that are firm while letting the body rest comforted inside them are best at this. Hybrid mattresses and Latex mattresses provide great support due to being responsive and supporting the body weight both in the sleeper’s position and on the edge of the mattress. These supportive mattresses, like Peacelily, are the best mattresses for back pain in New Zealand. 

Peer Reviews 

After checking all these conditions related to the mattress itself, it is best to make sure other users have found the experience of ordering a mattress online and sleeping on it great or not. Make sure to pay attention to the number of reviews and whether there are any pictures on the reviews that can help you see the condition of the delivered product in real life. 

Delivery Options and Conditions

Usually the companies that sell these mattresses will offer different deals and delivery options, and sometimes the delivery also includes an installation aid or white-glove delivery. On some other occasions, the mattress might be put on a truck and carried to the door of the customer without being compressed. In some other cases, you might be able to specify whether you’d want the mattress to be delivered to your apartment on higher floors. It is best to make sure about these conditions.

Advantages of buying a Mattress in a Box 

If there are some people who are still not convinced about the great savings in time and energy that buying a mattress in a box online offers, here are some advantages this method has compared to old-fashioned storefront shopping.

Free Delivery

A ground delivery of a mattress in a box is often free, and sometimes the company even provides white-glove delivery to help you set the mattress up with the help of somebody and carry it into the room of your choice.


Usually, mattresses have at least 90 nights of sleep trial, during which you can test the mattress and see if it suits your needs or whether it was the type of mattress you were hoping would fit your sleeping positions. When this trial ends, if you are not satisfied for some reason, you can exchange or refund it. Different companies have different terms and policies worth checking out before buying.

Prices and Deals

This is a great advantage that is not available in the old-fashioned way most of the time. Most mattress companies offer deals and promotions and discount codes on their products. Also, keep in mind that it is sometimes possible to split payments and find the mattresses at even cheaper prices online.

Convenient Shopping

Nobody can claim that shopping online isn’t convenient, while all you really have to do is lie back, talk to sales, read reviews, pay, and simply for the company to bring the mattress to your door, or your room, whatever way you’d like.

Sales Support 

You’re not quite alone when making a decision about buying a mattress in a box. You can always call and contact the support team of a mattress company and ask them for more details or terms and conditions or ask questions about your order.

What Types of Mattresses Can be Bought in a Box in New Zealand


Foam mattresses provide great air conditioning and support overally. There are several different types of foams used in mattresses. Whether it is the core of the foam or its cover.

Polyfoam: When spring mattresses used to be popular, the outer layer which was above the springs was polyfoam. Polyfoam is also a really common part in mattresses for different layers. Polyfoam feels more bouncy than other types of foam, such as memory foam. This provides a feeling of pressure relief on pressure points of the body, like shoulders, hips, and back. There are also two types of polyfoam available for mattresses.

  • Regular: Makes for soft mattresses, and it is more common than other types of polyfoam.
  • High-resiliency: A more supportive version of polyfoam, which is less common, and a lot more expensive.
  • High-density: Makes for more firm layers of polyfoam.

Memory foam: Memory foam is also another type of foam that is very popular in the mattress industry. Most of the mattresses mentioned in this article are considered the best memory foam mattresses in New Zealand. Some mattresses use both types of mattresses which are memory foam and polyfoam. The memory foam itself branches into many different types. 

  • Standard: The most common and standard type of memory foam. They are usually used as a core layer in memory foam mattresses.
  • Open-cell: Open-cell memory foams have more space in between them that allows for less density, and more airflow inside the mattress. This type is usually made in the cover or higher layers of mattresses.
  • Gel: Tiny Gels in layers of memory also increase the breathability of the mattress. Some mattresses use open-cell memory foam, and some others use Gel memory foam instead.


Most mattresses use both latex and memory foam, but some others, like Peacelily mattresses, use only latex as a material for their mattresses. They also quote that "Natural latex is not memory foam, it is much better." They might be correct because the properties of latex allow it to be much more supportive than memory foam. They are also more bouncy, which gives the mattress a feeling close to what someone would experience in a spring mattress, but better. Usually, latex is more expensive than memory foam because of the way it is produced. There are also two different types of latex used for mattresses.

  • Dunlop: Dunlop is more common, and it is the more regular type of latex used in mattresses, and they often make for more firm mattresses.
  • Talalay: Talalay is a more expensive type of rubber latex, and it is not so common, but when used in a mattress it makes the mattress a lot softer than the Dunlop latex.


A hybrid mattress uses both coils and foam. Sometimes they might also use latex and springs. They can make for good mattresses because they combine the best features of both types of materials for the mattresses. The type of springs used in hybrid mattresses is the pocket coil type, which will make the noises and movement isolation a lot less than other types of coils. Hybrid mattresses are also better than innerspring mattresses. The coil in these mattresses will provide support and air conditioning to keep the airflow going on. 


This type of mattress is created with layers of polyfoam plus a core made of steel coil. This mattress type is probably the cheapest type of mattresses out in the market, and it can easily be seen why it is so. The name is self-explanatory. This type of mattress has bouncy springs (coils) inside it, which makes it responsive and supportive, however, less than other types mentioned here. It is definitely a better choice for people with more weight. The coils used inside the innerspring mattresses might be separate from each other inside walls of fabric or might join others using wires. This type of mattress definitely provides great air conditioning, especially if topped with a foam layer.

What to Expect After Delivery

When the mattress arrives in a box, you would have to move it to a room of choice, unbox it, and let it expand to its normal size. Usually, in order to put a mattress in a box, it has to be compressed into a rolled shape and then put into a plastic bag and vacuumed. It might take the mattress around 24-48 hours to completely decompress and be ready for use. Keep in mind that rolling and compressing a mattress in a box will not damage it, because mattresses in a box have proven to be extremely resistant and durable against damage, due to the high quality of materials used in them. This quality will later on also come to help when taking care of the mattress.


Which one of the mattresses in a box made in New Zealand is better for back pain?

All of them are great mattresses and offer pressure relief with great support. They are equally great for people with back pain, and other features would be the decision-making factors.

How long do mattresses in a box last?

 Just like every other type of mattress, these mattresses will last 8-10 years if taken care of properly. Usually, due to high quality, these mattresses are easy to clean.

Do mattresses in a box require installation?

No, they do not require any difficult type of installation, and merely unboxing and letting the mattress decompress is enough most of the time. However, according to each manufacturer’s conditions, there might be white-glove delivery options.


There are things to pay attention to while buying a mattress in a box, such as the quality, firmness, contour for different sleep positions, temperature control, and type of mattress.  Among the criteria that will pick the best mattress in a box mentioned in the article, we recommend the Peacelily Mattress as the best mattress overall due to having been made of organic material that provides great support for the back and relieves lots of pressure. The other decision-making factors were discussed to help you choose a mattress in a box depending on your own preferences. 

Thank you for reading this article. Feel free to share your thoughts with us on the topic in the comment section below.


  1. Bert H Jacobson (June 26, 2010). Effect of prescribed sleep surfaces on back pain and sleep quality in patients diagnosed with low back and shoulder pain. Retrieved from 

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