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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 20 minLast updated on July 8, 2021

Sex is an important part of every relationship, no one’s going to argue with that.

But all these guides on how to make your sexual life better are really missing something essential.

I’m talking about the mattress.

Along with discussing your partner’s needs and desires, a sex-friendly mattress can really take your intimacy to a whole new level.

That’s why I’ve made this review of the best mattresses for sex that can satisfy even the pickiest user. So, sit down and take a look at my findings!

A Quick Preview

Amerisleep AS3
Editor’s Choice

Amerisleep AS3
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Botanical Bliss by Plushbeds
Best Overall

Botanical Bliss by Plushbeds
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Best for Firmness Variety

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Best Cheap Option

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Best for Bouncy Support

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Our Reviews of 5 Best Sex-Friendly Mattresses

Editor’s Choice — Amerisleep AS3

Amerisleep AS3


  • hypoallergenic plant-based foams, safe even for sensitive users;
  • zoned HIVE technology for targeted support;
  • open-cell design for cooler sleep;
  • more responsive than traditional foam, won’t make you feel trapped in the mattress materials;
  • breathable cover for enhanced air circulation.

The first option in my review of the best mattresses for sex is the AS3 by Amerisleep, which is one of the greatest models I’ve recently tested. It has a medium feel that can please almost any user and features a good balance between responsiveness and a good hug.

The upper layer of the mattress is made of Bio-Pur plant-based foam that doesn’t make you feel stuck and offers some bounce, which can spice up your love activities. Also, this foam feels cooler than traditional foam due to the open-cell structure, so you will sleep cool.

Also, the mattress has a transitional layer made with the HIVE technology. It gives you precise support for both sex and sleep and redistributes weight evenly across the mattress surface. The HIVE hexagons also help you maintain proper spine alignment in any position.

Finally, the AS3 is wrapped in a soft and breathable cover. It has diamond-shaped perforations and promotes better airflow between the layers, so you can expect breeze-like sleep.

Overall, I really like the Amerisleep mattress. It has decent construction and may please any fan of foam beds.

Best Overall - Botanical Bliss by Plushbeds

Botanical Bliss by Plushbeds


  • adjustable firmness, great for those who aren’t sure what comfort level they need;
  • eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, suited for sensitive users;
  • all-latex construction, sleeps naturally cool;
  • bouncy support, won’t restrict you in bed;
  • natural cotton cover for increased breathability.

And the last candidate in my review of the best mattresses for sex is the Botanical Bliss by Plushbeds. This mattress is made of natural latex and organic materials from top to bottom, which means that it has a good bounce, sleeps cool, and doesn’t pack any harsh chemicals inside.

What’s even more exciting about this bed is that you get 2 firmness levels in one mattress. Just unzip the cover and put the upper layer with a soft feel under the medium layer that has a medium feel. And that’s it! 

Now, latex is perfect in many ways: 

It’s made of renewable resources, immune to mold and dust mites, and sleeps cool due to the open-cell structure. The latter is enhanced in this model even further by the organic cotton cover that promotes airflow and wicks away moisture. 

Also, the Botanical Bliss responds to pressure fast and doesn’t limit your movements. I mean, if this isn’t an ideal sex-friendly bed, then what is?

So, if you need a durable mattress that has decent supportive properties and is made with the minimum environmental impact, choose the Botanical Bliss.

Best for Firmness Variety — WinkBed


Read our detailed review


  • coil-on-coil construction to deliver pinpoint support;
  • thick Euro-top for adaptive pressure alleviation;
  • enhanced edge support to provide more space for both sleep and sex.

The best mattress for sex has to be responsive, supportive, and reliable. And the Winkbed mattress is one of them. This model has a coil-on-coil construction that allows it to complement the moves and even boost some of them, potentially making sex more enjoyable for active couples.

However, a great mattress should also be suited for healthy sleep. And since the Winkbed comes in 4 firmness options, it can tick this box too. It offers enough firmness variations to cover the needs of different sleeper types and positions. Such a variety is quite rare (none of the items on this list can compete with that). Therefore, the Winkbed can satisfy a wider range of users.

Best Cheap Option - Nectar



  • quality materials and reasonable pricing, offers great value for money;
  • adapts to your body shape without feeling like quicksand;
  • medium firmness to accommodate a wide range of sleepers;
  • responsive transition layer, won’t limit your movements;
  • quilted cover for extra comfort and padding.

A top-rated mattress for sex doesn’t have to cost all the money in the world, and I’ve put the Nectar on my list to prove you that. This mattress effectively absorbs movements and cradles your body but doesn’t make you feel stuck. And it costs less than $1,000 for a Queen!

The upper comfort layer of the Nectar is made of gel-infused foam, which will help you stay cool even during the night. Also, the foam perfectly adjusts to your body and relieves the pressure points for better sleep after your romantic activities.

The cover is made of breathable Tencel fabric and is quilted with memory foam to enhance the cooling and cradling effects even further. Also, you can spot clean it in the case of accidents, which makes mattress maintenance simple.

I really enjoyed testing the Nectar. It’s affordable, comfortable and may suit even very active users for their activities without sacrificing its supportive properties.

Best for Bouncy Support - Dreamcloud

Dreamcloud Mattress


  • offers a good bounce and can complement your movements;
  • breathable design for cooler sleep;
  • sturdy and heavy, won’t slide off no matter how active you are;
  • 1-year sleep trial for hesitant shoppers;
  • enhanced edge support for more space for you and your partner.

When reviewing the best mattresses for sex, I couldn’t help but include the Dreamcloud. This hybrid bed has thoughtful construction perfectly suitable for both sex and sleep. Plus, it is very well-built, so it’s able to support your activities for years.

So, the core layer is made of individually wrapped coils, and you may thank it for the bounce this bed has. The Dreamcloud can easily adjust to your rhythm and make things really hot. Also, the coils ensure proper edge support, so you’ll have the whole mattress area at your service.

Along with that, the Dreamcloud packs three comfort layers with a plush feel above the coils, which results in a cozy hug that can cradle you and relax your muscles. But don’t worry, you won’t sleep hot. The Dreamcloud features open-cell and gel-infused foams that effectively dissipate body heat and hence, can keep you cool and dry.

So, If you’re a fan of hybrid beds or need a responsive mattress, I definitely recommend you go for the Dreamcloud.

The Connection Between Mattress and Sex

You may think your sex life and your bed are not connected in any way. 

But here’s what science says:

According to a 2015 study on young men, not getting enough sleep may lead to a decrease in testosterone (1). This, in turn, results in a reduced libido and low energy levels overall, which doesn’t sound like the best setting for a romantic night. 

That’s why sleeping well is important. And you obviously need a good mattress to help you there. Aside from that, if you plan to use your bed for both sleep and sex, it should be suitable for both these activities too.

Which Mattress Type Is the Most Sex-Friendly?

Which Mattress Type Is the Most Sex-Friendly

Today, there are four main mattress types on the market: innerspring, hybrid, foam, and latex. While each of them certainly has it’s good points, not any mattress can be called sex-friendly.

And I will explain to you why right below.

  • Innerspring. Innerspring mattresses are very bouncy, which may add some spice to your romantic activities. They also have sturdy edges, which is essential if you share a bed with someone. However, innerspring beds mostly feature solid steel units as the core layer, and these units are prone to squeaking, so you need to keep that in mind.
  • Hybrid. In my opinion, if you need a really sex-friendly bed, there’s no better option than a hybrid mattress. The coil system or solid steel block can give you the right motion response, whereas the comfort layers above can ensure proper cradling and pressure relief. Hybrids are comfortable for both sex and sleep (2). However, the prices may vary significantly depending on the materials used. Also, like innersprings, hybrid beds might start to squeak over time, which can be pretty revealing.
  • Foam. I include both memory foam and polyfoam in this category because they have very similar qualities when it comes to performance during sex. Foam mattresses typically have low motion transfer, which means little to no bounce. This can make shifting through different positions challenging. Still, there are models that respond to pressure pretty fast, so they don’t restrict your movements during sex and can still nicely hug you during sleep.
  • Latex. A latex mattress can make a great sex-friendly bed. Being durable and bouncy, it can offer a good level of contouring without interfering with your position shifting. Also, latex can cool you down after a steamy night. The only drawback of latex beds is their price: you can hardly find a 100% latex mattress under $1,000.

What about futon mattresses, you may ask?

Well, they make an affordable mattress alternative for sleeping, but results may vary if you plan to use them as your lovemaking spot. Futons are pretty thin in most cases and do not have the firm core inside, which means that they won’t bounce back to your movements. However, if you manage to find a good futon frame, it may compensate for the lack of motion response and make your mattress more compatible with intimate activities.

Other Factors That Make a Good Mattress for Sex

Other Factors That Make a Good Mattress for Sex

So, you probably know that regular sex can improve your sleep.

And I believe that along with listening and communicating with your partner, getting a good mattress CAN help your love nights happen more frequently.

Below, you will find a small checklist that will help you get a perfect mattress by all means.


Everyone deserves getting comfy during and after sex, and the mattress size is a crucial factor for that. Typically, a Queen-sized mattress can accommodate two average sleepers without feeling crowded. But if you’re a large sleeper, you might need something bigger, such as a King-sized bed, to get that extra space.

Motion Response

Bounce is an essential characteristic of a sex-friendly bed. It needs to be noticeable so that the mattress can serve as a kind of amplifier to your rhythm. At the same time, if it’s too noticeable, it may disrupt your sleep for the rest of the night.

I recommend you choose hybrid and latex mattresses over the others. They have just the right amount of responsiveness and don’t feel too springy when you’re sleeping on them.

Alternatively, you may choose polyfoam mattresses made of dense open-cell foams, such as some models reviewed above. They typically are more spongy and don’t make you feel stuck in the layers.


When things get really hot, a decent sex-friendly mattress should be able to adjust to temperature fluctuations and maintain the optimal climate in your love nest.

The best candidates for that are natural and semi-natural materials, such as latex, plant-derived foams, cotton or Tencel cover fabrics, etc. Or, you may choose a mattress with a coil system that allows for better airflow between the layers.

Edge Support

Sturdy edges can give you and your partner more options (and might help you make your sex life more diverse and exciting). In most cases, innerspring and hybrid mattresses can offer the highest levels of edge support. Firmer foam and latex models might also be decent, but this comfort level may not work for all types of sleepers (for instance, lightweight users).

Wrapping Up

Okay, this might seem like a lot of info to digest.  However, choosing a good mattress for sex is much easier than it may seem. Just follow my recommendations or simply point out the model that appeals to you the most among the five I’ve reviewed above — they’ve all passed my tests and offer great value for money.

As for my personal favorite, I would like to recommend the AS3 mattress by Amerisleep. This model combines all the best traits: bounce for sex, close conforming for sleep, and breathable open-cell structure for both. Additionally, it is sturdy and should serve you and your partner for years, offering reliable support and a safe sleeping environment (courtesy of the plant-based foam). All in all, this model is a real gem, and I’m sure you are going to love the AS3 just as much as I did.

What about you? What factors are essential for you when making a choice, and which model out of those above meets your definition of a sex-friendly mattress? Share your thoughts below!


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