Best Mattress for Peripheral Neuropathy

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Written by: Alex Savy
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People with peripheral neuropathy have weak, numb, or painful spinal cord and muscle nerves due to injuries or diabetes [1].

Night time and sleep time are usually moments of pain as neuropathy worsens at night. This condition might feel worse when lying down or sleeping, especially when the sleeper isn't using the right mattress or in the right sleep position

But some mattresses are beneficial for providing support and evenly distributing the weight of people with peripheral neuropathy. 

So, in this article, we will list and review the best mattresses for peripheral neuropathy. In addition, we will also provide information on choosing the best mattress for peripheral neuropathy. 

A Quick Preview

Puffy Mattress
Editor's Choice

Puffy Mattress
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Saatva Classic Mattress
Premium Pick

Saatva Classic Mattress
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Nectar Memory Foam Mattress
Best Budget option

Nectar Mattress
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Amerisleep AS3
Best Memory Foam Mattress for Peripheral Neuropathy

Amerisleep AS3
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Winkbeds mattress
Best Hybrid Mattress for Peripheral Neuropathy

The Winkbeds
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5 Best-rated Mattresses for Peripheral Neuropathy

Best Overall – Editor’s Choice — Puffy Mattress

Puffy Mattress

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  • Consists of 3 layers of foams for a restful, comfortable, and pressure-relieving sleep;
  • Breathable thanks to the gel-infused foams, which can expand or contract depending on the temperature;
  • The ClimateComfort allows sleepers to have a comfortable mattress with Temperature neutralization.

Our Editor's Choice for people with peripheral neuropathy is the Puffy mattress, the first internet mattress from the brand. This product is a 10-inch thick bed-in-a box that offers a simple yet comfortable memory foam style. 

It stands out for its technology-driven foams, which provide superior cooling and pressure-relieving benefits for sensitive sleepers and people with neuropathies. With this mattress, all types of sleepers can also get support and comfort. 

The Puffy mattress is a medium-firm universal mattress that will fit most people. This three-layer mattress is slightly flexible and adapts to the sleeper's body.

The three layers of this mattress are the 2-inch cooling foam top layer which ensures breathability; the 2-inch ClimateComfort layer, which relieves pressure by cradling the body; and the 6-inch Firm Core support base layer. 

It was the result of four years of research and testing. It's adaptive and breathable, with a better feel than traditional memory foam. The design is completed with a removable and washable cover which is also stain resistant.

This mattress is not like traditional memory foams that make sleepers feel like they're in a sauna. Instead, the ClimateControl technology allows users to sleep in a cool environment. 

The memory foam is also infused with cooling gel near the surface for more cooling. It's all foam, but it doesn't behave like other memory foam.

Read our full Puffy mattress review for more information.

puffy mattress firmness
Puffy Mattress On Bed Frame

Premium Pick — Saatva Classic Mattress 

Saatva Classic Mattress>

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  • Available in plush soft, firm, and luxury firm so that sleepers with all kinds of weight can find their comfortable model;
  • Has an organic cotton cover that is naturally breathable and helps disperse heat; 
  • Internal springs made from carbon steel for more durability.

The Saatva Classic mattress, a flagship model of the Saatva brand, is our Premium Pick. Thanks to its top quality, it consistently ranks at the top of the best mattress lists.  

The classic model combines the power of memory foam and springs for sleeping comfort, optimal airflow, and cooling comfort. Its stable and supportive reel-on-reel base is well deserved. The bottom unit comprises 13 gauge backing coils and 884 hardened steel. These are fired and triple tempered to ensure long-term durability.

The double wire lumbar zone technology is between the spring and the back support system. This provides targeted support for the midsection of the sleeper's body. The memory foam layer provides pressure relief for the lower back. The Coil Technology Upper Unit is located at the top and contains 416 individually wrapped 4.15 gauge comfort coils. They are designed to conform to the sleeper's contours and improve airflow.

To increase durability, there is also a dual perimeter edge support system. This bed is clean and luxurious, reminiscent of traditional box spring designs.

Best Budget Option - Nectar Mattress  

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

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  • Sold for less than $1,000 for buyers on a budget; 
  • Contains five different layers of premium materials for excellent comfort and support;
  • High-quality materials ensure it's comfortable, supportive, cooling, and great for every sleeper.

The Nectar mattress is a budget-friendly but high-quality memory foam mattress. This will help people with peripheral neuropathy distribute their weight well to reduce pressure points and minimize body pain and body very well. 

The Nectar mattress is made of memory foam with multiple layers for excellent comfort and support. The base layer is its base of comfort as it is made of high-density foam. This means it is strong, durable, and stable. It is also very breathable, as the foam channels are specially designed to suck in air.

The next layer is Adaptive Hi Core Memory Foam which supports the body and gives the mattress an element of elasticity. This is why this foam is of the highest quality and adapts to the pressure points. The gel memory foam is the next layer. This foam absorbs and distributes heat, ensuring you're not too hot at night.

Finally, the Nectar top layer is a gel quilted memory foam with a refreshing coverage. This layer performs several functions: it is comfortable and soft, keeps the body temperature regulated, and helps circulate fresh air.

Best Memory Foam Mattress for Peripheral Neuropathy — Amerisleep AS3  

Amerisleep AS3

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  • Most comfortable mattress for peripheral neuropathy thanks to the soft memory foam;
  • Ideal for all bed bases, including adjustable base; gravity position is ideal for this condition;
  • Bio-Pur open-cell comfort layer for body contouring and temperature regulation.

Again, memory foam mattresses are the best mattresses for peripheral neuropathy sleepers because of how soft and cushioning they are. They make the sleeper feel like sleeping in the air. And when talking about memory foam mattresses, no mattress like the multi-award-winning AS3 from Amerisleep

It has been awarded the Best Mattress in a Box, Best Memory Foam Mattress, Best Mattress, and Best Mattress by USA Today, Sleep Foundation, Healthline, and Mattress Clarity, respectively. 

Fire retardants are necessary for most mattresses, but not all are created equal. Using rayon fiber produced from natural cellulose, the fire sock material in this mattress is designed to melt in the event of a flame, smothering fires. 

Being Greenguard certified, the fire sock has passed Indoor Air Quality certification for low chemical emissions, which means it's an excellent product for people with allergies. The Bio-Pur Comfort layer is plant-based and has an open-cell construction which means it's ideal for body contouring and temperature regulation.

Read our full Amerisleep AS3 mattress review for more information.
Side Sleeping on Amerisleep Mattress
Amerisleep AS3

Best Hybrid Mattress for Peripheral Neuropathy — The Winkbeds  

Winkbeds mattress

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  • Micro air springs sit just below the foam for maximum breathability and airflow;
  • The Euro-pillow top infused with gel compensates for the hot memory foam for cool sleeping;
  • Individually wrapped pocketed coils provide extra-edge support.

Our first impression of this mattress was that it was really soft and had around five on the stability scale. This means it is a medium firm, or, as Winkbeds call it, a "Luxury firm." This makes it ideal for all types of sleepers. It has received multiple awards in the industry for being the best innerspring mattress, best stomach sleeping, and back sleeping mattress. We've also voted this hybrid mattress as one of the best mattresses for side sleepers

As users step into the soft model, they instantly feel a cloud-like softness as the cushion top wraps around them. However, they will immediately become aware of the gentle responsiveness of the coils pushing against them, giving exceptional support.

Read our full Winkbed mattress review for more information.

WinkBeds Mattress Side Sleeping
Winkbed Mattress On a Bed Frame

How to Choose the Best Mattress for Peripheral Neuropathy

A health condition that impacts sleep is a nightmare since we can't live without sleep. Thankfully, there are beddings for every health issue, from mattresses for spinal stenosis to sciatica and hip bursitis. As for sleepers with peripheral neuropathy, we've reviewed the best mattresses for this condition. Fortunately, all five mattresses also work for sleepers with herniated disc problems

However, to choose the best mattress for peripheral neuropathy out of all the reviewed, it helps to consider the following criteria: support and comfort, firmness, breathability, and mattress durability.

Support and comfort

The support and comfort possible on a mattress are determined by the type of mattress. 

The best mattress types that offer the needed support and comfort for people with peripheral neuropathy include memory foam, latex, hybrid, and innerspring mattresses. 

  • Memory foam. Memory foam mattresses are considered the best mattresses for peripheral neuropathy because they help manage body pressure and, thus, the pain. As memory foam conforms to body shapes, it reduces strain on the spine and joints and other painful pressure points on the body, especially for people with peripheral neuropathy [2].
    Memory foam reacts to the body's heat and tension to provide total relaxation and evenly distribute body weight. Since it will help distribute your weight evenly, memory foam can prevent pressure points from forming.
  • Latex. Latex beds are great for men and women who want the pain-relieving benefits of memory foam but in a harder version. In addition, latex is much more responsive than memory foam, keeping sleepers on the mattress longer.
    However, those considering a latex mattress should choose an organic latex bed rather than synthetic models. Synthetic latex is not that durable and is created from many substances, so it usually has quite an unpleasant smell.
  • Hybrid. Those who prefer the bounce of a spring mattress or are an especially hot sleeper should consider a hybrid mattress. Hybrid models come with a blend of layers of foam using an innerspring system. This helps to give the benefits of all-foam and spring beds while eliminating their drawbacks.
    The foam layers of a hybrid mattress provide the cushioning comfort and pain-relieving benefits of an all-foam mattress.
    But because they have a spring system inside, these beds are incredibly breathable, and users won't ever need to think about the hot air trapped inside. Just like all-foam mattresses, many hybrids also work with adjustable bed bases.
  • Innerspring. Innerspring mattresses are as old as the mattress industry. Still, they've stood the test of time because they're both comfortable and welcoming.
    Spring mattresses have an internal spring system inside, but they lack a lot of foam layers. All of the pillows provided by these beds come in their fluffy pillow top. A coil is probably for those who value an extremely resilient mattress and aren't concerned about pressure relief or motion isolation.

    But a hybrid or an all-foam mattress is best for those looking for a mattress to promote healthy sleeping positions or protect against pain


There's a conflict of opinion on the market about which firmness works for sleepers with peripheral neuropathy. Some believe soft memory foam to medium-firm mattresses are great for distributing the sleeper's weight, so there's no pressure on one point. But some believe firm mattresses are also ideal for these sleepers because it reduces the body's surface area, which makes contact with the mattress.


A breathable mattress is a mattress with open-cell foam construction, an innerspring mattress, and one with natural, breathable, and cool covers like cotton. 

Memory foam mattresses infused with gel are also known for their cooling properties. They work by regulating body temperature. 

Mattress Durability

The durability of a mattress depends on the material used, brand experience, and the level of maintenance given. For example, while latex and innerspring mattresses last for 10 to 20 years, memory foam mattresses only last for five to eight years. Meanwhile, hybrids only last for around six years

Thankfully, many mattress manufacturers allow buyers to try it at home. This involves sleeping on the mattress without risk for a few months to decide if it is right for them. Most mattress companies only offer a 100-day sleep trial, but some models like the Nectar mattress offer up to a 365-day warranty


How do you sleep with peripheral neuropathy?

People with neuropathy are best advised to sleep on their back, preferably on a memory foam mattress. This will help distribute the weight more and provide additional comfort, and the spine with the pain points will not be under pressure.

Is a firm mattress suitable for neuropathy?

Firm mattresses are suitable for neuropathy because they help reduce the contact of the body on the mattress. But the firmness may not be ideal for comfort as the sleeper's weight may be too much on the point with contact with the bed.

Wrapping Up

Sleepers with peripheral neuropathy live daily with pain or numbness in the muscles and spine. It gets worse at night, and sleeping can be a nightmare. But with suitable mattresses, half the pain or problem is alleviated. 

These demographics of users can find solace in memory foam mattresses or firm models like latex or spring mattresses

Before you go, do you also have neuropathy or know someone who deals with this? How are they able to sleep, and what's their preferred mattress?



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