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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 22 minLast updated January 19, 2021

Buying a new mattress is a big deal.

After all, a new mattress will settle in your bedroom at least for a decade, so you need to choose thoroughly.

But guess what?

With the rapid growth of online-focused mattress brands, you can find your dream bed in no time!

So, let me share my reviews of 5 best mail order mattresses you can buy online right now and have them delivered to your door in just a couple of days.

A Quick Preview

Nolah Original
Best Cheap Mail Order Mattress

Nolah Original
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Cool Bliss by Plushbeds
Best for Hot Sleepers

Cool Bliss by Plushbeds
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Best Mail Order Memory Foam Mattress

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Best Mail Order Hybrid Mattress

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Best Innerspring Mattress

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Our Reviews of 5 Best Mail Order Mattresses

Best Cheap Mail Order Mattress - Nolah Original

Nolah 10 Limited Edition

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  • sleeps neutral;
  • doesn’t mess with your movements during the night;
  • great motion absorption.

Now, here’s the option for those who are on a budget. The Nolah mattress is in my top-rated mail order beds selection because of great value for money it offers. Being reasonably priced, it’s constructed with high-grade materials in every layer from base to top.

See for yourself:

The high-density foam base ensures uniform support for your body. Whether you are sleeping on your side, back, or stomach, seven inches of cloudy comfort are at your service. The high-resilience foam right atop of the base layer is used to balance the hugging feel with a bit of bounce. Thus, you won’t get stuck in this bed when switching sides and moving around, as it happens with many memory foam mattresses.

Now, about the cooling. The layer of patented cooling Nolah AirFoam provides you with the best sleeping experience possible: it withdraws your body heat and prevents the mattress from turning into a fire pit.

So, I feel that this cheap mail order mattress will be good for everyone who appreciates the quality of their sleep but doesn’t want to spend too much money. All the layers combined together will work to offer you heaven-like shut-eye with no interruptions and discomfort.


Best for Hot Sleepers - Cool Bliss by Plushbeds

Cool Bliss by Plushbeds

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  • great cooling properties;
  • medium firmness for balanced cradling and support;
  • decent motion absorption.

The next contestant on my list is the Cool Bliss by Plushbeds. It combines certified materials, thoughtful design, and optimal comfort for every sleeper.

And this is not where its features end.

This is the only bed on my list, which is available in a split design. This means that neither you nor your partner has to sacrifice their sleeping needs. Just order separate halves of the bed, and you’re all set.

Now, let’s talk about construction. The core layer of this mail order bed in a box is made of high-density polyfoam that supports the entire mattress construction and ensures low motion transfer. The comfort layers above result in a balanced medium firmness and offer proper cradling for your pressure points.

Another advantage of the Cool Bliss is, as the name implies, excellent heat withdrawal. The layer of egg-crate foam promotes good air circulation between the mattress layers, while the gel-infused top layer keeps you cool throughout the night. Adding some latex in the middle is another plus for breathability and a safer sleep environment.

I would recommend this bed for all couples who need a room for customization, as well as for sleepers who are in the market for durability and excellent cooling properties.

Best Mail Order Memory Foam Mattress - Puffy

Puffy Mattress

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  • exceptional spine support;
  • good motion absorption;
  • adapts to body temperature fluctuations.

The Puffy mattress is included in this list of top-rated mail order mattresses for one big reason. This bed offers you excellent support in any sleeping position, as it adapts to your curves and perfectly compensates for the main pressure points.

But there’s more!

The manufacturer took care of your sleeping comfort in several ways. First, there’s a layer of cooling gel memory foam, which draws away excess heat and maintains your body temperature at an optimal level. The layer beneath it features the ClimateComfort technology, which helps you sleep well in any season by using climate-adaptive regulation that prevents sudden temperature swings.

Spine support in this memory foam mail order mattress is top-notch. The firm core layer is responsible for this, and it does its job pretty well: while I was sleeping on this bed, I felt maximum relaxation and no stiffness at all. And the best part was, of course, the hugging feel that only a memory foam mattress can give.

I can totally recommend the Puffy mattress for memory foam fans that are concerned about sleeping hot. This bed can make your shut-eye time soothing and refreshing!

Best Mail Order Hybrid Mattress - DreamcloudDreamcloud Mattress

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  • plush feel and generous cradling;
  • temperature-neutral construction;
  • suits almost any sleeper type.

My review of top-rated mail order mattresses wouldn’t be complete without a hybrid model. This mattress by Dreamcloud literally stands for its name by offering you whole eight levels of comfort and cradling you’ve been dreaming about.

I was testing this bed during three consecutive nights and here’s what I can say about it:

Support is the strongest point of this mail order hybrid mattress. It is provided to you by the BestRest coil system and several comfort layers of memory foam of different density. Thus, expect a balanced feel and proper amount of contouring right where you need it.

The gel-infused memory foam layer prevents you from drowning in your sweat. It’s paired with the layer of natural latex for better airflow and breathability inside the mattress.

If you value good sleep and are ready to spend a bit more for achieving it, this is the mattress you need!

Best Mail Order Innerspring Mattress - Saatva


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  • awesome edge support;
  • coil-on-coil construction for precise contouring;
  • great pain-relieving properties.

Another worthy one in this list of the best mail order mattresses is the Saatva. This eco-friendly innerspring bed — besides being sturdy and breathable — packs a lot of features I am excited to tell you about.

The first thing to mention is a distinctive ‘coil-on-coil’ structure. The mattress support system consists of two coil units. The bottom one is a solid steel coil block with excellent edge support and great bouncy feel. It’s topped with individually wrapped coils for more precise contouring and better motion control. That means, say no to disrupted sleep!

For better cradling, the mattress has a soft and breathable pillow top. The manufacturer assures that it’s softer and thicker than regular covers, and to be honest, it shows. Also, the cotton cover has antimicrobial properties, so it will offer you sound sleep for a longer time.

Now, if you’re a heavy sleeper or suffer from chronic back pain, then this innerspring mail order mattress is your bed of choice. Thanks to lumbar support pad, it gently cushions your most aching areas and gives relief.

Overall, this mattress does its job pretty well. So, if you need a durable bed that will support and relax your body, go with this one.

Buying a Mattress Online: Pros and Cons

Buying a Mattress Online: Pros and Cons

As you can see from the reviews above, the online mattress market is flooded with high-quality beds for any sleeper.

And these beds are in high-demand.

So, what’s so exciting about buying a mattress online and what potential drawbacks this kind of shopping may have?

Let me start with the good.

  • Mail order mattresses are cheaper. Online retailers don’t have to spend money on store maintenance and salesmen’s salaries. They just need to maintain a website and a warehouse for storing their assortment and shipping it directly to customers’ doors. This allows them to set lower prices than regular stores (1).
  • Discounts and sales. By buying a mattress online, you can additionally save some cash because web stores often have flexible discount systems. Typically, you can expect a price drop for your first order or Birthday, as well as seasonal sales, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Christmas holiday deals.
  • Vast choice. Offline retailers mostly offer best-sellers and the items of the newest collection to their customers. Thus, if you want to explore options, chances are you won’t be able to do it at a brick-and-mortar store. Online shopping, on the other hand, allows you to choose from a more comprehensive variety of models and if you’re lucky enough, you can even find a discontinued model for a ridiculous price.
  • Online shopping is less resourceful. You don’t need to go anywhere or even get out of your bed. You can “visit” several stores within a short time, compare prices and choose the most appealing deal while sipping your homemade latte. Easy-breezy!
  • No pushy salesmen. These people have to close the deal and get their revenue. Of course, they will hurry you. But with online shopping, you won’t encounter them anymore. Instead, you are on your own and free to make a decision at your own pace. In case you have questions, you can address them to the support staff in a live chat or by phone.

Now, for me, there’s only one drawback of online shopping for a mattress:

You can’t try the bed before you fill in your credit card details and purchase it.

However, most online mattress brands have come up with a solution to this inconvenience by offering prolonged trial periods. You have at least 90 nights — compared to the standard 30-day period offered by a brick-and-mortar store — to try out the mattress and see whether it’s right for you. Some brands extend the trial up to 365 days!

If the bed doesn’t meet your demands during this time, then you can count on a full and hassle-free refund!

Some brands donate slightly used mattresses to charities around the country. Thus, for obtaining your refund, you need to provide a copy of the donation receipt. You can find out if this option is available and learn more about it on the brand’s website.

Along with that, most mail order mattress brands offer you a clear and readable warranty. You can find it on the site and quickly learn what you’re paying for.

What About the Old Mattress?

So, after finding the bed that will be your guide to the land of Nod, here’s another thing to consider:

How will you dispose of your old mattress?

The good thing is, some online brands can take care of your used bed. This is mostly a paid service, though.

But I think that a hundred or two dollars are nothing compared to the feeling of not having to worry about your old bed anymore.

Tips for Finding a Reliable Online Retailer

Tips for Finding a Reliable Online Retailer

Another thing customers tend to worry about is the brand’s reputation.

And I can understand this.

Despite being convenient and easy, online shopping is often perceived as a gray area. You don’t see another person behind the screen; thus, you can’t trust them.

Let me sum up the signs that are common for most reliable mail order mattress companies, as they can serve you as a cheat sheet when you’ll be making your choice:

  • Good customer service and support. If you’re buying a mattress for the first time, you will probably have a ton of questions. A reliable brand can offer you either FAQ section where you can find the answers or a chat window with a customer support manager for addressing these questions. Shortly speaking, they won’t give you the feeling that you’re all alone with your problem.
  • Certified materials. Reliable brands care about their customers, so they offer high-quality materials that aren’t harmful to your health or the environment. The most common certification is CertiPUR-US (2), but you can also look for GreenGuard, GOLS, GOTS, and other labels of independent testing organizations on products.
  • Convenient website. Speaking of online brands, the site serves as the main channel of sales and advertising. This means that it has to be convenient for the user and easy to navigate. Are you buying a mattress? Here’s the page for you! Are you looking for the bedding items? They’re right there.
  • Reviews. Yes, all brands place a block with the user opinions of their website. But to actually understand the company’s value and the quality of their products, you need to search for mail order mattress reviews on the Web. This is the best way to obtain the latest information and live photos.

Keep in mind that some brands may buy reviews or create them on their own via numerous fake accounts. To avoid being deluded, search for balanced opinions that point out both the weak and the strong sides of a product.

What Types of Mattresses Are Available Online?

What Types of Mattresses Are Available Online

Mattresses that are known as “bed-in-a-box” started to appear on the market about a decade ago and had been the only option you could buy via the Internet for a long time.

However, with the rapid growth of the market industry, today almost any mattress you saw at a brick-and-mortar store can be found online, even if it’s not shipped compressed in a box.  

So, if you’re in the market for a new bed, here are the main options for you:

  • Innerspring. Constructed with coils, these beds are the most traditional option. They are best when it comes to edge support and bounce. Plus, they are breathable and affordable. The main drawback, however, is that they are heavy, noisy, and prone to rusting. Because of the latter, they may have a shorter lifespan than latex or memory foam beds (3).
  • Foam or memory foam. A bed in a box at its best. These materials are so popular among online mattresses due to their affordability. Besides that, excellent cradling properties make foam mattresses the go-to option for those who suffer from back pain and other issues. However, they tend to sleep hot and are prone to dust mites and mildew build-up over time, so you should consider the need to invest in a mattress protector with cooling properties.
  • Latex. An eco-friendly option with fireproof and allergy-proof properties, latex mattresses are more bouncy and resilient but can still offer you great contouring. However, they are usually quite expensive and won’t work for those who don’t like that bouncy feel they have. Also, keep in mind that around 6% of people in America are allergic to latex itself (4), and if you’re one of them, a latex mattress might not be a good option for you.
  • Hybrid mattresses. These beds have the best of all worlds, as they may combine coils, foam, and latex in different layers. As a result, you get a very balanced feel and a vast variety of configurations to please your demands. The cons are obvious: the cost and the weight. Along with that, there are not much data about the health benefits of sleeping on a hybrid bed since this type is new to the market.

Another type of mattresses, airbeds occupy the vast segment of the online market. They’re affordable and in some cases aren’t inferior to the regular beds when it comes to comfort.

Can You Buy a Mail Order Mattress If You Have Health Issues?

Many Americans suffer from different health conditions that disrupt their sleep.

And we all know that an unsuitable mattress in some cases can make everything worse.

So, it’s natural for you to be questioning the reasonability of buying a new bed online if you’re experiencing some sleep-related problems or debilitating diseases.

But here’s the deal:

You can still buy a mail order mattress.

Just be sure to follow recommendations below for better experience.

  • Consult your healthcare specialist. They can provide you with the guidelines on choosing a suitable bed, especially if you have some chronic pains or musculoskeletal diseases. Besides, they are familiar with your needs and can recommend you particular mattress configuration, which will greatly narrow your search.
  • Read reviews. You can refer to mail order mattress reviews posted online by people with a similar health problem and see what has worked for them.
  • Try showrooms. Some brands have demonstration rooms around the country, where you can test their models and place an order.

And of course, take the most of your trial period. If you feel that the mattress is making your condition worse, do not hesitate to return it or replace with a more suitable model.

Wrapping Up

I hope you’re not afraid to buy a mattress online now that you have read this guide. It truly is the easiest way of upgrading your sleep.

But to make the best choice possible, don’t forget to do your own research. Keep the sleep trial in mind and check safety certifications before making a purchase. And if you have any specific health issues, you may want to consult your doctor concerning the mattress type you should pick.

Luckily, there are many worthy mail order mattresses. And today’s champion is the Nolah Original 10. This mattress has a reasonable price and a balanced feel that would work for different types of sleepers. It also combines pressure relief and cooling and doesn’t make you feel stuck.

And what do you think? Have you ever ordered a mattress online? Share your experience below.


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