5 Best Low Profile Box Springs [Queen & King]

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Written by: Alex Savy

A thick, plush mattress is your perfect ally in getting good sleep.

But if you want your bed to be even more comfortable, you absolutely need to pair a mattress with a compatible foundation.

And a low-profile box spring is one of the ways to do that. This foundation will enhance the main properties of your mattress without making your bed awkwardly high.

So, meet my reviews of 5 best low-profile box springs and choose the model that looks the most appealing to you!

A Quick Preview

Zinus Jayanna
Best Foldable Construction

Zinus Jayanna
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Lifetime Sleep Products
Best for a Memory Foam Mattress

Lifetime Sleep Products
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Zinus Daniel
Best Affordable Pick

Zinus Daniel
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Amazon Basics
Best Weight Capacity

Amazon Basics
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Best Price Mattress
Best for Quiet Design

Best Price Mattress
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Our Reviews of 5 Best Low-Profile Box Springs

Best Foldable Construction - Zinus Jayanna

Zinus Jayanna

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  • foldable construction;
  • encased in tenacious fabric;
  • made of steel, very durable.

Zinus Jayanna is on my list of the best low-profile box springs mostly because it has really compact construction, so you can just fold it and store it when not in use. Plus, it’s made of high-quality steel and can offer you support for years to come!

The model doesn’t need assembly: just open the packaging, unfold the box spring, and encase it in the cover. The 4-inch thick construction works well with higher mattresses and won’t make your bed too high.

As for the materials, this box spring is made from quality and durable steel. Thus, you can expect great durability, decent supportive properties, and most importantly, quiet design because all the parts of the frame are securely interlocked.

This box spring by Zinus can make a great addition to your mattress. Its construction can improve the mattress’s edge support and the overall longevity of your bed.

Best for a Memory Foam Mattress - Lifetime Sleep Products

Lifetime Sleep Products

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  • made of quality wood;
  • quick and easy assembly;
  • can improve the supportiveness of your mattress.

The next option in my review of the best low-profile box springs is made of wood. The Lifetime Sleep Products box spring measures 4 inches thick and can pair with mattresses up to 20-22 inches high to create a great sleeping combo.

The model has 11 wide slats spaced at about 4 inches apart. This makes it a good purchase for owners of memory foam mattresses. The box spring will prevent sagging and help the mattress achieve better edge support even if it’s initially lacking it.

The wood itself looks pretty sturdy, and I believe that this box spring can easily hold a heavy mattress with a heavy sleeper or an average couple on it. Also, if you screw all the bolts tightly and securely, you’ll get a box spring that will stay completely quiet and won’t disturb your sleep.

The assembly of the box spring won’t take you too long: the manufacturer supplies you with all the needed hardware and clear instructions. I’ve managed to do the assembly alone in 15 minutes.

Overall, I enjoyed testing the Lifetime Sleep Products box spring. It’s sturdy, comfortable, durable, and works with different memory foam mattresses without altering their feel or contributing to sagging.

Best Affordable Pick - Zinus Daniel

Zinus Daniel

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  • great value for money;
  • works with any mattress type;
  • noise-free construction.

Another candidate to be claimed the best low-profile box spring in this review is designed by Zinus, again. For a reasonable price, it offers a combo of wide wooden slats and a steel frame. Besides, it’s compatible with any type of mattress out there.

So, the model measures 4-inches thick and can pair with a mattress with a high-profile construction without making your bed uncomfortably high. Also, wooden slats are more pliable compared to steel, so you can use this box spring with softer mattresses without a negative impact on their construction.

The manufacturer has placed a foam padding between the slats and the steel perimeter to prevent any unwanted noises during your sleep. And the tenacious polyester cover will give a good grip to your mattress so that it won’t move or slide off while you sleep.

Overall, this box spring feels sturdy and durable. I’m sure it’s no worse than some of the more expensive models on the market.

Best Weight Capacity - Amazon BasicsAmazon Basics

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  • 500 lbs weight capacity;
  • comes with a zipped cover;
  • made of durable steel.

While reviewing low-profile box springs I’ve noticed that they rarely have a good weight limit. So, I did my thorough research and found the AmazonBasics, which — according to user reviews and to my own experience — can easily handle up to 500 lbs of combined weight.

The model is made of steel and measures 5 inches high. 11 steel slats are placed at around 6-6.5 inches between each other. Overall, I think that this box spring can work as a great supportive foundation for latex, hybrid, or memory foam mattresses with a dense foam base.

The assembly of the frame is pretty simple, even though there are a lot of details. The manufacturer supplies you with all you need, so just follow the instructions, and you’ll get the assembled box spring in 20-25 minutes.

If assembled properly and all the screws fit tightly, then it will be completely quiet, too. If you notice some squeaking, maybe you need to loosen up the bolts a bit or adjust them more tightly to solve the problem.

I like how well-made this box spring is, and the weight capacity it has. It can offer decent support for your mattress without affecting its feel.

Best for Quiet Design - Best Price MattressBest Price Mattress

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  • doesn’t require assembly;
  • quiet construction;
  • works well with any mattress type.

And the final option in my selection of the best low-profile box springs is offered by Best Price Mattress. I’ve placed it here for one simple reason: it’s totally noiseless. This model won’t produce any sounds or squeaks even when you use your bed for activities other than sleeping. 

The box spring is made of durable steel and measures 4 inches high, so you can use it with mattresses up to 20 inches high to create a comfortable bed.

Another great feature of this box spring is that it has a foldable construction. And if you do not plan to use it regularly, e.g. for a guest room, just fold it in half for easy storage. Also, the foldable construction eliminates the need for assembly: just put the box spring out of the package, unfold it and put the cover on.

The Best Price Mattress foundation works well with any type of bed, be it hybrid, foam, or latex. It offers a great amount of support and can easily compensate for the sagging and weak edges of your bed.

I liked testing this box spring. It will support your mattress properly and will give you the quiet sleep you deserve.

What Is a Low-Profile Box-Spring?

What Is a Low-Profile Box-Spring

A box spring was the most common foundation type in the era of innerspring beds. Basically, it was a wooden or metal box filled with springs, and its main goal was enhancing the properties of innerspring beds, such as resistance to sagging and edge support.

A low-profile box spring is — you guessed it — the same box spring with a smaller height. While a standard box spring measures 9-12 inches high on average, a low-profile one only has 4-5 inches of height.

This difference in height allows you to use low-profile box springs with thick mattresses while maintaining a comfortable height of the bed. This might be an advantage for petite sleepers or individuals with certain mobility concerns. Plus, it will help you keep your bed looking proportional inside the bedroom.

Note that when memory foam mattresses took over the market, the construction of box springs changed. Original box springs wouldn’t work for foam because the coils might stick out and poke the foam. Plus, most owners of foam mattresses love the foam’s specific hugging feel, which could be ruined by adding bouncy coils underneath.

So, today, the term ‘box spring’ mostly refers to metal or wooden boxes with slats rather than coils. This configuration is much more supportive for memory foam mattresses, although it’s still called box spring. In fact, it can work not only for foam mattresses but also for latex ones and even hybrids.

Low-Profile vs High-Profile Box Spring: Which One to Choose?

We are all unique and need something different for our sleep needs. Some of us may benefit more from a thin box spring, especially in the following scenarios:

  • Small bedroom. Smaller rooms require proportional furniture so that it wouldn’t look unnaturally big. And a low-profile box spring could be an excellent choice here.
  • Mobility concerns. If you have mobility issues, you may pair a low-profile foundation even with a thin mattress. It’s a good idea in case you need a supportive sleeping area that doesn’t require mountain-climbing skills to get in.
  • Guest bed. A good low-profile box spring is a reasonable choice for those who plan to use it occasionally. Many models today are foldable, so you can easily store them when they’re not in use.

However, the main issue with low-profile models is that they may offer you little to no under-bed space for storage, which might be a crucial factor for some people.

High-profile box springs, on the other hand, may have bigger weight capacity — an essential factor for heavier sleepers or couples — and may offer you more space for storing your things under the bed.

Bottom line?

When choosing the height of your new box spring, take into consideration the size of your apartment, your weight, and the need for storage space.

Types of Low-profile Box Springs and Their Features

Types of Low-profile Box Springs and Their Features

The majority of modern box springs are typically made of wood and metal. Let’s see what you can expect from each type right below.

Metal Box Spring

This is the most common option. The material can be steel or metal alloys, which usually results in the following features:

  • Lightweight construction. Metal tubes have a hollow structure while remaining pretty sturdy, so the whole box spring won’t be heavy to move.
  • Durability. Steel is more durable than wood, so a metal box spring will serve you longer.
  • Better airflow promotion. The slats in metal box springs are thinner and have wider spacing, so your mattress will be able to ‘breathe’.

“Some metal box springs are foldable, which allows for easy storage and transportation.”

The drawbacks of metal options usually include:

  • Noises. Squeaking and rattling are pretty common, especially if you didn’t put enough effort into securing all the bolts tightly.
  • Assembly. With a lot of details, the process of assembly may turn into an annoying quest.

The models made of metal alloys may also have questionable durability because it’s hard to predict how different mixtures will affect the properties of the box spring.

“Always check user reviews before making the purchase.”

Wooden Box Spring

Wooden models pretty often appear among the highly rated low-profile box springs because wood is durable, flexible, and pairs well with any type of mattress.

Other features include quiet design and no assembly required because wooden models typically come as a one-piece item. However, the latter might be also a downside if you decide to transport your box spring or simply move it to another room.

Also, depending on the quality of wood and its type, the durability, weight, and cost of a box spring may significantly vary, so choose wisely. And do not go for cheap glued plywood: it will most likely turn into a huge disappointment.

Combo Box Spring

These models typically feature a metal bed frame and wooden slats. As for me, it’s the most balanced combination. The steel frame adds some sturdiness to the mattress edges and makes the surface more uniform, whereas wooden slats adjust to the load more precisely and prevent sagging.

The possible issue with combo box springs is that the friction in the areas where wood and steel meet may produce noise. However, this issue can be solved by adding a foam-padded tape around the perimeter and under the slats.

Do I Need a Low-profile Box Spring If I Already Have a Bed Frame?

The short answer is: 

It’s up to you

Most of the modern quality low-profile box springs can be easily used on the hard floor, providing you with a uniform surface for your mattress. 

However, if you think that 4-5 inches aren’t enough for your particular needs, you can place your box spring atop the existing bed frame or bed foundation and use it this way.

Also, a thin box spring can compensate for the issues with your bed foundation without adding too much height to your bed. For example, if your bed frame doesn’t satisfy you with the amount of support, you can use a box spring as a solution for that.

Final Word

A good low-profile box spring can easily rejuvenate your whole sleeping experience. This type of bed foundation enhances the supportive properties of your mattress and makes it more durable without eating too much bedroom space and turning your bed into a mountain. All the models I’ve reviewed here feature great value for money and work well with any mattress type, so you can easily find the perfect one for your needs. As for my own favorite, it’s the Zinus Daniel. First, I really like the use of wood and steel in one model because this promotes better weight distribution. Second, the frame is completely noiseless, so even the most sensitive users will sleep soundly. And finally, this box spring has more than an appealing price tag, so you will also save some money. But if you’re a fan of steel bed foundations, then the one by Best Price Mattress might be a good pick for you. This all-steel box spring is durable and can enhance the properties of your mattress without altering its actual feel. Now, what is your current bed configuration? Do you have any concerns about choosing a low-profile box spring? Please share below!

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