5 Best Low Profile Box Springs [Queen & King]

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 20 minLast updated on August 9, 2022

A thick, plush mattress is your perfect ally in getting good sleep.

But if you want your bed to be even more comfortable, you absolutely need to pair a mattress with a compatible foundation.

And a low-profile box spring is one of the ways to do that. This foundation will enhance the main properties of your mattress without making your bed awkwardly high.

So, meet my reviews of 5 best low-profile box springs and choose the model that looks the most appealing to you!

A Quick Preview

GhostBed All-in-One Foundation
Best Overall - Editor’s Choice

GhostBed All-in-One Foundation
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Best Queen Low Profile Box Spring

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Platform Foundation by Winkbeds
Best King Low Profile Box Spring

Platform Foundation by Winkbeds
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Natural foundation by Natural Form
Best For A Guest Room

Natural foundation by Natural Form
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ASCENSION Bi-Fold Foundation by Brooklyn Bedding
Best Low Profile Double Base Box Springs

ASCENSION™ Bi-Fold Foundation by Brooklyn Bedding
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Our Reviews of 5 Best Low-Profile Box Springs

Best Overall - Editor’s Choice — GhostBed All-in-One Foundation

GhostBed All-in-One Foundation

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  • all-metal construction for increased durability, would work with heavier mattresses and sleepers;
  • adjustable legs for increased versatility in use;
  • removable cover for easy maintenance.

If you aren’t a fan of wooden bed frames, the GhostBed has a chance of winning you over. Being among the best low-profile box springs, this model can deliver extra-sturdy support thanks to its quality components and all-metal construction. However, the best part (in my humble opinion) is its versatility. Not only is it compatible with a headboard but also comes with adjustable legs.

Therefore, thanks to the GhostBed all-in-one foundation, you can easily adjust the height of your bed according to your current requirements. You might also appreciate the slip-on cover (which turned out to be super soft to the touch). It gives this bed frame a contemporary look and makes it easier to keep your bedroom fresh (as you can simply remove and wash it). 

And if you are also thinking about getting a new mattress, check out the Comfort Bundle the company offers. It includes the All-in-One foundation, a GhostBed mattress (you are free to pick among 4 models), and a set of bedsheets (2 colors available). The Comfort Bundle offers great value, especially given the fact that it’s currently on sale with a 30% discount. It could be a perfect solution for budget shoppers who want more value for the price.

Best Queen Low Profile Box Spring— Nectar

Nectar Bed Frame

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  • clip-and-lock design for fast and effortless assembly;
  • in-home trial to guarantee customer satisfaction;
  • fabric encasement for a cleaner look and to prevent the mattress from slipping.

The next model on our list of the best low-profile foundations is the Nectar. This model offers an exceptional value for money and can also boast of attractive looks and quality.

This model doesn’t cost that much but has a great deal to offer. First of all, it comes with a 50-day in-home trial, which is something many of the competitors lack these days. Secondly, the Nectar is very well-made, which means this investment of yours will not go in vain. This model uses solid pine and spruce to guarantee reliable support and long-lasting comfort.

The Nectar comes with optional legs but you can use it without them if you want your bed to be lower. And if you need under-bed storage, attaching those legs shouldn’t be a problem (as the assembly does not require any tools).

Best King Low Profile Box Spring — Platform Foundation by Winkbeds

winkbed frame

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  • center beam for extra support;
  • extended warranty for customer protection;
  • hardwood slats to deliver reliable support for the mattress.

Opening our list of the best low-profile box springs, the Winkbeds shines bright thanks to its sturdy build and stylish looks. This is a wooden frame that has a central support beam and extra legs in the middle, which means it would be suited for heavier mattresses and larger sleepers. You might also appreciate the resilient support this model’s slats (made of birch wood) can offer.

The Winkbeds has beautiful fabric upholstery and rounded edges, which gives it a clean (but super cozy) look, in my opinion. Plus, it’s super easy to assemble. It didn’t take me much time and I was able to start using my new foundation almost as soon as it arrived.

Best For A Guest Room — Natural foundation by Natural Form

Natural foundation
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  • Natural and simple design with great ergonomics and aesthetics.
  • Works with any kind of mattress.
  • The high grade wood design ensures maximum support and durability.

Let’s open our list with the best low profile box spring currently available in the market. This mattress foundation stands at two heights of options of 5” and 9” . That’s the perfect height for lovers of low profile beds. And yes, you can get this foundation in any mattress size you want, ranging from twin to queen, king, california king, and even bigger sizes.

The Natural foundation box spring is designed to provide the support and durability needed by all kinds of mattresses. It is made with high grade wood frame and slats, upholstered with high quality fabrics which eliminates the need for a box spring.

Best Low Profile Double Base Box Springs — ASCENSION™ Bi-Fold Foundation by Brooklyn Bedding

ASCENSION Bi-Fold Foundation by Brooklyn Bedding

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  • tubular steel construction;
  • suitable for all mattress types;
  • removable zippered cover.

ASCENSION is a model that combines the traditional look of a box spring with an improved design and excellent support.

Using a sturdy steel construction, the ASCENSION uses both horizontal and vertical slats (also steel) to provide sturdy support for your mattress. It feels solid and reliable, which so many users would appreciate. And thanks to the zipped cover, you can enjoy the sleek, minimalistic look of this box spring.

It gets better:

The ASCENSION has a foldable design, as you have probably guessed from its name. This means you can store it compactly when needed or even move it without a problem. As for the setup process, don’t worry: no tools are needed. You just need to unfold the box spring upon arrival, attach 4 bolts, and you can start using it right away.

Overall, the ASCENSION is a great find. This box spring offers reliable support and convenient use, which is a rare combination. Plus, it looks great and can easily fit into almost any interior.

What Is a Low-Profile Box-Spring?

A box spring was the most common foundation type in the era of innerspring beds. Basically, it was a wooden or metal box filled with springs, and its main goal was enhancing the properties of innerspring beds, such as resistance to sagging and edge support.

A low-profile box spring is — you guessed it — the same box spring with a smaller height. While a standard box spring measures 9-12 inches high on average, a low-profile one only has 4-5 inches of height.

This difference in height allows you to use low-profile box springs with thick mattresses while maintaining a comfortable height of the bed. This might be an advantage for petite sleepers or individuals with certain mobility concerns. Plus, it will help you keep your bed looking proportional inside the bedroom.

Note that when memory foam mattresses took over the market, the construction of box springs changed. Original box springs wouldn’t work for foam because the coils might stick out and poke the foam. Plus, most owners of foam mattresses love the foam’s specific hugging feel, which could be ruined by adding bouncy coils underneath.

So, today, the term ‘box spring’ mostly refers to metal or wooden boxes with slats (1). This configuration is much more supportive for memory foam mattresses, although it’s still called box spring. In fact, it can work not only for foam mattresses but also for latex ones and even hybrids.

Low-Profile vs High-Profile Box Spring: Which One to Choose?

We are all unique and need something different for our sleep needs. Some of us may benefit more from a thin box spring, especially in the following scenarios:

  • Small bedroom. Smaller rooms require proportional furniture so that it wouldn’t look unnaturally big. And a low-profile box spring could be an excellent choice here.
  • Mobility concerns. If you have mobility issues, you may pair a low-profile foundation even with a thin mattress. It’s a good idea in case you need a supportive sleeping area that doesn’t require mountain-climbing skills to get in.
  • Guest bed. A good low-profile box spring is a reasonable choice for those who plan to use it occasionally. Many models today are foldable, so you can easily store them when they’re not in use.

However, the main issue with low-profile models is that they may offer you little to no under-bed space for storage, which might be a crucial factor for some people.

High-profile box springs, on the other hand, may have bigger weight capacity — an essential factor for heavier sleepers or couples — and may offer you more space for storing your things under the bed.

Bottom line?

When choosing the height of your new box spring, take into consideration the size of your apartment, your weight, and the need for storage space.

Standard vs split low profile box spring: Which one to choose?

The type of box that suits your desire is an essential decision you need to make aside from the height of the box. A standard spring foundation is great for stability as they are assembled as a single piece. The disadvantage of this is that they don’t bend and this will cause you difficulties when moving.

The split foundation provides both support for your mattress and flexibility when moving. It is assembled in two pieces split down the middle. Your choice should be based on your preferences.

Types of Low-profile Box Springs and Their Features

The majority of modern box springs are typically made of wood and metal. Let’s see what you can expect from each type right below.

Metal Box Spring

This is the most common option. The material can be steel or metal alloys, which usually results in the following features:

  • Lightweight construction. Metal tubes have a hollow structure while remaining pretty sturdy, so the whole box spring won’t be heavy to move.
  • Durability. Steel box springs can be pretty long-lasting when properly built. But to know for sure, you should always check user reviews before making the purchase.
  • Better airflow promotion. The slats in metal box springs are thinner and have wider spacing, so your mattress will be able to ‘breathe’.

Some metal box springs are foldable, which allows for easy storage and transportation.

The drawbacks of metal options usually include:

  • Noises. Squeaking and rattling are pretty common, especially if you didn’t put enough effort into securing all the bolts tightly.
  • Assembly. With a lot of details, the process of assembly may turn into an annoying quest.

The models made of metal alloys may also have questionable durability because it’s hard to predict how different mixtures will affect the properties of the box spring.

Generally, wood can be more durable than steel (2). But this depends on the type of wood used and the build quality of the product. The same goes for steel. Some steel box springs can be well-built and serve you for years without any issues, while others may start squeaking and even bending pretty soon.

Wooden Box Spring

Wooden models pretty often appear among the highly rated low-profile box springs because wood is durable, flexible, and pairs well with any type of mattress.

Other features include quiet design and no assembly required because wooden models typically come as a one-piece item. However, the latter might be also a downside if you decide to transport your box spring or simply move it to another room.

Also, depending on the quality of wood and its type, the durability, weight, and cost of a box spring may significantly vary, so choose wisely. And do not go for cheap glued plywood: it will most likely turn into a huge disappointment.

Combo Box Spring

These models typically feature a metal bed frame and wooden slats. As for me, it’s the most balanced combination. The steel frame adds some sturdiness to the mattress edges and makes the surface more uniform, whereas wooden slats adjust to the load more precisely and prevent sagging.

The possible issue with combo box springs is that the friction in the areas where wood and steel meet may produce noise. However, this issue can be solved by adding a foam-padded tape around the perimeter and under the slats.

Do I Need a Low-profile Box Spring If I Already Have a Bed Frame?

The short answer is: 

It’s up to you

Most of the modern quality low-profile box springs can be easily used on the hard floor, providing you with a uniform surface for your mattress. 

However, if you think that 4-5 inches aren’t enough for your particular needs, you can place your box spring atop the existing bed frame or bed foundation and use it this way.

Also, a thin box spring can compensate for the issues with your bed foundation without adding too much height to your bed. For example, if your bed frame doesn’t satisfy you with the amount of support, you can use a box spring as a solution for that.

You might also need a box spring if you want to prolong the lifespan of your current mattress. You see, a good box spring can effectively absorb shock and may help with proper weight distribution, thus reducing the unwanted wear of the mattress (3).

Pricing of low profile box springs

Aside from the height, material and durability, the price tag or affordability is a very important factor to consider. The cost of box springs is usually less than what is used to purchase mattresses. For a standard queen-sized box, you can expect to pay as little as $50, and as much as $750 for a split queen.

Although the prices of these box springs vary depending on the manufacturer and model, highly rated box springs seem to cost between the range of $80 and $150. We recommend you always read the reviews and compare the different box models based on your preferences to figure which is best for you and your pocket.


How high is a low-profile box spring?

Typically, low-profile box springs run between 4 to 6 inches.

What does a low profile box spring mean?

A low-profile box spring has the same design and purpose as the regular box spring but can be much thinner to compensate for a thick mattress or bed frame, for example.


Foundations are invaluable if you desire to wake up without pains and aches. Not using a good foundation will cause your mattress to lack the support needed for it not to sink. And that can be really uncomfortable. The sinkage will deprive your body the support it needs while you sleep causing you to be a friend of pains and aches.

You can be sure to get great value for your money, especially for our top pick - the GhostBed All-in-One Foundation. This model offers reliable, long-lasting support, thanks to its sturdy construction. But the best part is - the GhostBed is extremely versatile. It can work with different headboards and easily blends with various interiors. This foundation also comes with adjustable legs, so sleepers can set the perfect height of their new bed. All in all, the GhostBed is an ideal example of a quality low-profile foundation that can make countless sleepers happy.

Now, what is your current bed configuration? Do you have any concerns about choosing a low-profile box spring? Please share below!



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  1. This article was a godsend to me. After many years, my husband and I decided we needed a new mattress –
    ours was probably around 10 years old. We have a king sized bed with headboard, footboard and side rails.
    We decided on an Avocado mattress and foundation. After it arrived and was assembled, we found that it
    was way too high – 32″ – I needed a step stool to get on it! We realized that the foundation was too high and
    that we needed a low profile foundation. Avocado doesn’t seem to have a low one, so we need to get one
    – maybe 4-5″ that will fit on our existing bed frame (it has a ledge around it). Will the foundations reviewed above be suitable? Please advise – and thank you;-)

  2. Hi Donna,

    Zinus is 4-inch height and Brooklyn Bedding Bi-Fold is 8-inch height. I would suggest considering one of these. All others are a big higher (10 inches and more).

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