TOP 3 Best Hybrid Mattresses for Side Sleepers in 2023

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 28 minLast updated on February 17, 2023

According to statistics, side sleeping is the most common sleeping position (1). It’s also the healthiest one, according to experts.

However, if your mattress cannot offer enough support while you snooze on your side, this can easily ruin your sleep.

Now, it can be hard to find a hybrid mattress that isn’t too firm and allows your body to sink just as deep as your hips and shoulders need. That’s why I decided to thoroughly research the market and find 3 best hybrid mattresses for side sleepers

Want to know which one is the best? Read on!

A Quick Preview


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Brooklyn Signature Hybrid

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid
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Hybrid Mattress for Couples

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List of 3 Best Hybrid Mattresses for Side Sleepers 

Best Overall - Editor’s Pick — Winkbed



  • four firmness options for side sleepers of different body-build types;
  • a zoned lumbar support system to maintain healthy spinal position when sleeping on one side;
  • breathable construction for a cooler sleep.

The next item on the list of the best hybrid mattresses for side sleepers is the WinkBed. This model stands out from the crowd thanks to its ability to accommodate heavier side sleepers, as it’s available in different firmness variations. This mattress can offer decent support for larger individuals without creating sharp pressure points.

No matter which firmness level you choose, this manufacturer cares about the weak points of side sleepers: hips and shoulders. All mattresses are equipped with a zoned support layer for more precise contouring and an additional lumbar pad for targeted lower back support. So, while carefully enveloping shoulders and hips, the mattress conforms to the curve in the lumbar section and helps side sleepers maintain correct posture all through the night.

The comfort layers, besides offering a great hug, contribute to the cooling effect that all Winkbed mattresses have, thanks to their hybrid construction. The Tencel cover and gel-infused memory foam effectively wick excess body heat and dissipate it into the air.

So, if you need a hybrid bed, capable of withstanding larger weights while still keeping your spine relaxed and aligned properly, you should go for the Winkbed.

The Winkbed design aids restorative sleep with its hybrid layering which offers good body weight and can help you get into a comfortable sleeping position more easily. While testing this mattress, I enjoyed its enhanced edge support thanks to the enhanced wrapped coils placed around the edges.

Read our full Winkbed mattress review for more information. 

Winkbed Mattress On a Bed Frame

Runner-up — Brooklyn Signature Hybrid 

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid


  • It comes with a thick layer of individually wrapped ascension coils which accounts for its improved airflow and body weight support.
  • This mattress uses a latex-like foam material which is both contouring and responsive, which is quite handy if you’re active in bed.
  • The dense foam layer at the core of this mattress makes it sturdy and more durable.

My second pick of the best hybrid mattresses is the Brooklyn Signature hybrid. Firstly, this mattress is about $500 cheaper than the Winkbed. And yet, it offers quality cradling, pressure relief, and body weight support. Also, you’d get good value for your money, as it’s sturdy construction means the mattress is quite durable.  

While testing, I liked that its top quilted layer felt smooth to the touch, while the top comfort layer provided the contouring for my shoulder and hips. Then, to go alongside the pressure relieving top layers, the Brookly Hybrid features an 8-inch-tall wrapped coil layer which adds the bounce and responsiveness that makes the bed less restrictive.

Read our full Brooklyn Bedding Signature Hybrid review for more information.

Brooklyn Signature Hybrid-P1066649
Brooklyn Bedding Construction

Best Hybrid Mattress for Couples — Sparrow

Nest Bedding Sparrow Signature Hybrid Mattress


  • 4 inches of memory foam layers cushion and hug the body for adequate pressure relief.
  • The coil base is responsive and supportive, helping keep the spine and hips straight and making movements unrestricted.
  • Energex™ foam has a moderate response time, isolating some motion for couples.

The Sparrow is my best hybrid mattress for couples due to its high bounce, moderately slow-responding foam, and excellent edge support. I tested the Sparrow and found its total bounce of 10.7 inches relatively high for a hybrid, meaning the Sparrow will work excellently for ease of movement in bed for couples. In comparison, the Sparrow is 0.81 inches bouncier than the Winkbed, a similar hybrid mattress with a softer euro pillowtop.

The Sparrow also uses a unique Energex™ foam, which I measured to have a response time of 0.7 for a full recovery (the minimum, based on our tests, is 0.5 seconds). This is slow enough to absorb some motion, so you shouldn’t feel a restless partner's slight tossing and turning.

In addition, I also tested the Sparrow’s edge support, which had compressions measured at 3.8 inches (the maximum we tested for this type of mattress for good edge support is 4 inches), meaning you will feel supported and stable whether you’re sitting or lying on edge.

What I Don’t Like About This Mattress

One feature I don’t like about the Sparrow is that it can feel a bit hot if you’re sensitive to temperature changes.

Read our full Sparrow mattress review for more information.

Side sleeping on the Sparrow mattress
Sparrow mattress on a bed frame

Our Methodology - Why I Picked These Hybrid Mattresses

When choosing the best hybrid mattress for side sleepers, I check for the best pressure relief and extra sinkage to better hug and cradle the pressure points.

In my review methodology, I test mattresses for their ability to cradle by taking apart the layers, individually testing each, and putting them together to test how the mattress feels in different positions, specifically how it feels while lying on my side. I test for sinkage, indicating how well the mattress can provide pressure relief, by lying down and measuring how much the mattress compresses around my upper and lower body. A mix of previous experience and knowledge in the field helps me choose the best hybrid mattress, and I’ll share a few more methodology tips at the end of the article so you can better choose the right one for yourself.

Is Side Sleeping Good for Your Health?

So, you’re a side sleeper. Is it good or bad for you?

Definitely good.

Side sleeping is praised by many sleep experts (3) for a reason.

Is Side Sleeping Good for Your Health

Well, several reasons, to be exact:

  • Improved digestion. When you sleep on your side — especially on the left side — your stomach becomes lower than the esophagus and hence, stomach acid cannot flow back up and cause you heartburn.
  • Pain alleviation. Sleep experts suggest that side sleeping is the most suitable position for your neck and lower back, providing that you choose a proper pillow and a more cradling mattress designed for back pain relief. 
  • Snoring prevention. Chronic snorers can benefit from side sleeping because this position keeps airways open and allows air to pass freely.

Side sleeping is also recommended for pregnant women, as it improves blood flow to the uterus and prevents squishing of other vital organs.

Benefits of Hybrid Mattresses Over Other Types for Side Sleepers

Hybrid mattresses are the newest type of mattress to hit the market. They combine a supportive core — solid spring block or pocketed coils, with several comfort layers — generally made of a combination of different types of foam and latex.

Such construction is the main reason why a good hybrid bed for side sleepers has so many benefits for sleep.

Sleep benefits of hybrid mattresses

Sleep benefits of hybrid mattresses:

  • Pinpoint support. Coils and springs are more responsive than foam layers when it comes to adjusting to your body shape. Moreover, the pocketed coils can withstand larger weight without losing resiliency, so a hybrid bed might be a more suitable choice for a heavier side sleeper.
  • Motion isolation. Surprisingly, the individually wrapped coils used in hybrids perform way better in terms of motion isolation when paired with plush comfort layers. Memory foam or polyfoam can effectively muffle the bounciness of coils which gives you a balanced feel and an uninterrupted sleep all night long.  The only scenario in which you can notice motion traveling from one side of the bed to the other is when the weight difference between you and your partner is rather significant.
  • More comfort during sleep. The combination of coils and foam layers allows hybrid beds to offer a uniform sleeping surface from edge to edge, which is crucial for couples. Also, the moderate amount of sinkage in hybrid beds allows you to move freely when switching positions during the night.
  • Breathability.This is referring to how well the materials in a mattress allow air circulation. This is important because it helps us stay dry by transporting moisture away from our bodies. Being breathable also means less likelihood of dust mites, mold, and mustiness. The hybrid mattress spring block component is premium when it comes to airflow, couple this with its other temperature regulating features, the hybrid mattress is great for side sleepers.
  • Thermoregulation Hybrid mattresses are usually built with cooling properties embedded in them; from the spring blocks that help disperse trapped heat to the breathable covers gel-infused memory foam, the hybrid mattress is great for hot sleepers.
  • Pain relief Due to the cradling tendencies of the memory foam and the presence of pocket springs, the hybrid mattress is great for soothing aches, body pain, and general discomfort.

The only drawback of hybrid mattresses is their inconsistent lifespan. Depending on the materials used, a hybrid mattress might either wear out after 8–9 years or serve you up to 12 years. Keep in mind, organic materials may be the first to wear out, along with low-quality elements.

Construction of an Average Hybrid Bed Explained

Now, let’s dive a bit deeper into the hybrid mattress construction and see what materials are most commonly used for its layers.

Comfort Layers

Comfort layers are the upper layers of the mattress, placed right under the cover, and are responsible for the amount of sinkage you get from your bed. The number of layers also helps define the firmness feel. For example, if you need a mattress with an extra firm feel, choose models with fewer comfort layers, and vice versa. Now, the main materials used in comfort layers:

  • Top cover. This is the first part of the mattress that comes before the comfort layers. It can either be quilted or non-quilted. Hybrid mattresses can make use of organically sourced breathable cotton; cashmere, latex, polyester, and wool are also examples of materials that can be used in the cover of a hybrid mattress.
  • Memory foam. Due to its ability to cradle your body curves and relieve pressure points, memory foam is the most popular material for any type of mattress. Modern hybrid beds typically feature gel or copper-infused memory foams with far better thermoregulation which means you won’t sleep hot.
  • Polyfoam. Polyfoam is more squishy and bouncy than memory foam, so it’s typically used for support and transitional layers. It also has an open-cell structure, which makes it slightly more breathable than traditional memory foam.
  • Latex. Natural Dunlop or Talalay latex is usually used in the more expensive hybrid beds. It’s more durable than synthetic foams and can help cradle your body without making it sink too much. This is great if you are looking for a mattress with a firmer feel. Latex is also more resistant to bacteria and dust mites than foam, which makes it an excellent option for allergy-prone sleepers.

Most of the hybrid mattresses also feature a quilted pillow-top for enhanced comfort. It’s usually made with natural wool or synthetic fibers for closer conforming.

Supportive Core

Most of the hybrid mattresses use pocketed springs as their foundation; however, mattress models with a traditional solid coil block do still exist. Individually wrapped coils are more responsive to your movements during the night and perform better in terms of distributing your body weight around the mattress surface more evenly (2). However, they may lack edge support, especially when thinner coils are used. Solid spring blocks are typically devoid of this issue, as all the spring rows are connected rather than separate. But this can also be the culprit — hybrid mattresses with solid springs tend to be very bouncy.

Additional Elements of Construction

Today, even a mattress under $1,000 can offer smart, durable construction and additional comfort features. Hybrid mattresses are no exception here.  For example, some of the brands listed above can offer you the following:

  • Lumbar pad — an additional layer of foam or latex placed in the lumbar area for a more targeted pressure relief.
  • Reinforced edges — some brands encase the springs in dense foam around the perimeter for a more uniform construction and stronger edges.
  • Zoned support — a coil block may be divided into zones with different spring diameters or different steel gauge, which will help with weight distribution.

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What Makes a Good Hybrid Mattress for Side Sleeping?

If you want a good-quality hybrid mattress for side sleeping, the next part of this article will point out the main characteristics you will need to look for.


The durability of a hybrid mattress is defined by three things:

  • density of the foam comfort layers;
  • coil count;
  • Coil gauge.

A general rule of thumb for the first two parameters is: 

The more, the better

However, shoppers need to remember that higher density often means a slightly firmer feel.

As for the coil gauge — “gauge” is a technical term for the thickness of something. Coil gauges generally range from 12 to 15. A lower number indicates thicker steel coils — resulting in a firmer mattress, and vice versa.

However, you should be careful here. While coil count is important, coil gauge is what really matters. You see, some manufacturers may use more coils (hence, their mattresses will have a higher coil count), but they can also use thinner coils that are of lower quality. And if the coils are thin, they won’t last that long, no matter how many of them are used for the mattress’s support core. Therefore, you should always check the coil gauge first.

Now, mattresses can be softer or firmer depending on the coil gauge.

As an example, 12-gauge coils are fatter than 15 gauge coils. This means a far firmer mattress with not much give.

A 15-gauge coil has more give due the wire being thinner. This allows for a softer, springier sleeping surface.

Usually, this information can be found on the manufacturer’s website or by contacting customer support. Typically a lower gauge (fatter wire) will also mean more durability.

Check the wire gauge to make sure you’re investing in a high-quality, durable mattress with your preferred firmness/softness.

Balanced Rebound

Ideally, your hybrid mattress should be neither too bouncy nor too cushiony. A balanced feel will allow it to support proper spine alignment without creating awkward curves in your hips and shoulders.

Opt for models with softer comfort layers, as they can compensate for the high resistance of the spring system, thus giving you just the right amount of cradling.

Edge Support

Strong edges in a mattress can come in handy for those side sleepers who like to sleep close to the edge of the bed, sometimes with one arm hanging over it. Additionally, good edge support would offer partnered sleepers more space and legroom.

As I’ve already mentioned, some hybrid mattresses may lack edge support. If you need a bed that can accommodate two sleepers, look for mattresses with reinforced edges, or at least consider investing in a sturdy mattress foundation.

Other Important Details You Should Consider Before Purchasing Hybrid Mattress

And now, let’s share a few details that can make or break the deal.


As a side sleeper myself, I’ve found that a softer bed (4–5 out of 10) is the best option because that’s when your hips and shoulders will feel hugged properly, without losing essential support.

However, this level of firmness might not be enough to accommodate a larger sleeper. In this case, I would suggest adding at least 2 points and going for a medium-firm or firm bed (7–8 out of 10).  This allows it to distribute body weight better and keep the spine better aligned in the side sleeping position.

As for petite individuals (those who weigh less than 130 pounds), they sometimes have to go on step softer. The thing is, their weight might not be enough to compress the comfort layers and enjoy the needed hug when sleeping on one side. That’s why lightweight users are advised to choose softer mattresses. This way, it will be easier for them to sink in deeper and get the needed cradling.


Thankfully, the modern mattress industry offers tons of mattress sizes to choose from, including the less popular Twin XL or Cal King beds.

Speaking of hybrids — you can easily find them in all sizes.

Now, the optimal mattress size would depend on how sleepers plan to use it. For example, a Queen should be enough to accommodate two adults, but a King would give them more space in case they prefer to lie further from each other.

Queen is also a popular choice among solo sleepers who prefer more space. However, a Full or a Twin XL may also be enough for one adult. And given that these two sizes are usually cheaper, they can be a great solution for budget shoppers.

For families that practice co-sleeping or allow their pets in bed, a King is usually enough. 

However, shoppers need to remember: the larger the mattress, the more it’s going to cost.


Since side sleepers usually experience more sinkage, they are also more prone to overheating at night.

Therefore, for chronic hot sleepers, it’s better to choose hybrid mattresses that use latex for the comfort layers. Latex is rather cradling (which makes it suitable for sleeping on one side) but doesn’t usually allow for much sinkage. Therefore, this material is less likely to retain heat.

As for memory foam fans, they need to look for cooling components in the mattress. The most popular one is gel infusion, which allows the foam to trap the heat inside the gel beads and keep it away from the sleeper’s body. 

Another temperature-neutral option is open-cell foam. It has tiny air channels that aid proper air circulation during the night. And improved breathability helps with thermoregulation, allowing side sleepers to remain sweat-free.

Motion transfer

Many side sleepers can’t stay on one side all night long. Often, they need to change the sides to prevent pressure accumulation in one shoulder. 

And if such a sleeper shares their bed with a partner, their movement can disturb the other sleeper.

In this case, the hybrid mattress has to have thicker comfort layers. As for the material, foam works the best in terms of absorbing shock from motion, as latex is more resilient. 

Sleep trial

Committing to an expensive mattress can be scary, and that’s completely normal.

Luckily, most modern mattresses sold online come with a sleep trial. During this period, users can test their new mattress and get a refund in case it doesn’t work for them.

Usually, companies offer 100 or 120 days for the trial. Hesitant shoppers can also consider the rare few brands that include 180- and even 365-night sleep trials with their mattresses.

Where to Buy

When it comes to shopping, you generally have two options: 

  1. visit a traditional brick-and-mortar store, or 
  2. choose a mail-order mattress brand.

I highly recommend you do the latter.

And here’s why:

First, online mattress stores are the place to go if you want to find a really cheap mattress. As these stores usually have only a website, a warehouse, and a manufacturing facility, they can afford to make prices significantly lower compared to physical brick-and-mortar stores.

Second, online mattress stores are open 24/7, and you can browse them at your own pace without feeling the pressure from a salesperson.

Finally, online stores are great for their almost all-year-round sales and promotional offers, which means you get to keep more money in the bank.


What is a hybrid mattress made of?

An average hybrid mattress includes a sturdy supportive core (typically made of coils) combined with a couple of comfort layers (these can be made of memory foam, gel foam, or latex, etc.)

Are hybrid mattresses good for side sleepers?

Yes, a hybrid mattress can work perfectly well for the side sleeping position. It just has to be soft enough to offer a deeper hug for the protruding shoulder and hip. This also means a good hybrid mattress for side sleepers needs to have thicker comfort layers.

What mattress firmness is the best for side sleepers?

Average side sleepers typically feel the most comfortable on soft to medium-soft mattresses (rated around 4-5 on the firmness scale). Petite individuals (less than 130 pounds) need to go a bit softer (about 3 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest). As for larger folks (over 230 pounds), they need sturdier support even when lying on one side. Therefore, heavier sleepers may want to go 1-2 steps firmer (6-7 on the firmness scale).

Wrapping Up

Hybrid mattresses are considered the most innovative among all the bed types.

Different combinations of materials and support systems make this type of mattress suitable for almost everyone.

To pick a mattress that will go well with your sleeping style, pay attention to the materials – denser foams, thicker coils, and cooling infusions are always great — and keep in mind that hybrids may feel firmer if you’re used to foam mattresses, so you may have to toggle your firmness preferences a bit.



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