5 Best Floor Mattresses for Guests and Yourself

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 20 minLast updated on February 27, 2021

Everyone loves spending time with their friends.

And no one loves sending them home in the middle of the night if the party lasted a bit longer than expected.

But here’s the good news: 

You can purchase a floor mattress and offer your guests a decent place to spend the night.

Below, I’ve collected some of the best floor mattresses available today, and the coolest thing is that each of them can be used both for occasional sleeping and even as a regular sleeping spot. So, go check them out!

A Quick Preview

Best Price Mattress
Best for Cradling

Best Price Mattress
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Best Convertible

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Best for Versatility

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Best Choice Products
Best for Occasional Guests

Best Choice Products
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Best for Thickness

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Our Reviews of 5 Best Floor Mattresses

Best for Cradling - Best Price Mattress

Best Price Mattress

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  • anti-slip bottom, suited even for restless sleepers;
  • washable cover for effortless maintenance;
  • thick enough and offers a good amount of cradling, suitable for those who are only starting to sleep on the floor and don’t want their “bed” to feel too stiff;
  • high-density base layer for extra support;
  • memory foam comfort layer for increased comfort.

I’ve placed the Best Price Mattress in my review of the best floor mattresses because it packs two layers under the cover and can offer great body contouring even for larger sleepers.

The mattress is 4-inch thick. Its upper layer is made of plant-based memory foam with a decent hug and good temperature neutrality to it. You will sleep relatively cool on this mattress even on a summer night.

The base layer of this tri-fold mattress is made of dense memory foam, ensuring low motion transfer and uniform weight distribution. This model will support proper spine alignment and may suit back and side sleepers the most.

The Best Price Mattress is a decent choice for floor sleeping. Being portable, it also offers good cradling and won’t make you overheat.

Best Convertible - Milliard


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  • high-density foam construction for improved durability;
  • turns into a Queen mattress when unfolded, large enough for partnered sleep;
  • removable cover for easy cleaning;
  • foldable, which makes it a great space-saving solution for smaller rooms;
  • polyester cover, soft and smooth to the touch, can be used without a bedsheet.

The next item I want to mention in this list of the best floor mattresses is the Milliard. Perfect for smaller apartments or dorm rooms, this mattress serves a dual purpose, as it can be easily converted into a sofa.

Now, the Milliard uses high-density foam to provide enough support and cushioning. It is 4 inches thick, which means you can sleep comfortably on the floor. If you want to use your Milliard for sitting, you can turn it into a sofa in mere seconds using the handy velcro straps.

It gets better:

The polyester cover is super easy to clean. It is removable and machine-washable. And the deep blue color would fit nicely into almost any interior.

Overall, this floor mattress is a great find. It offers versatility in use that so many sleepers can appreciate. Plus, it’s comfortable for both sleeping and sitting.

Best for Versatility - Willpo


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  • compact rollable design, suited for camping;
  • comes with a storage bag and allows for easy transportation;
  • removable and washable cover for effortless cleaning;
  • anti-slip bottom to keep the mattress in place during the night;
  • medium-firm feel to accommodate different types of sleepers.

While reviewing the best floor mattresses, I aimed to find the most versatile model on the market, and I think I succeeded. Meet the Willpo, a rollable floor mat that you can use for sleeping, yoga, camping, occasional guests, or a play area for your kids.

So, this roll-up mattress is almost three inches thick and is made of really dense foam with a medium-firm feel. I think that it can offer enough support for combo sleepers of average and small weight, but heavier individuals will be less likely to feel comfortable on it.

The Willpo is camping-friendly from top to bottom. Lightweight and foldable, it has a removable cover with an anti-slip waterproof bottom that will prevent moisture from getting into the mattress. And it comes with a carrying bag! So, if you’re a camping devotee and want to improve your level of comfort, consider buying this mat.
I think that the Willpo is a great mattress for both camping and occasional sleeping at home. It seems pretty durable to me, and it offers good contouring for your body curves along with proper spine support.

Best for Occasional Guests - Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products

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  • minimalistic design, would fit into any interior;
  • integrated handles for easy repositioning;
  • comes with a storage bag for more convenient transportation;
  • removable and easy-to-clean cover;
  • uses high-density foam to deliver proper support.

Moving further on my list of the best mattresses for sleeping on the floor, and here’s another convertible pad by Best Choice Products. This model can make a great pick for those who love hosting guests or throwing parties and need a multifunctional piece of furniture to accommodate their guests.

The mattress is made of medium-firm memory foam. I slept on it for three nights and I can say that it offers great spine support for supine and side sleeping positions.

The mattress is encased in a removable cover in a neutral grey color, so you can easily clean up any stains and maintain a fresh look.

The manufacturer also includes a carrying case for easy storage when your mattress is not in use.

I think that this model by Best Choice Products is a decent floor mattress for multifunctional use. It can turn into a comfy sofa if you live in a small apartment, or unfold into a full-fledged sleeping spot for you and your guests.

Best for Thickness - Inofia


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  • breathable bamboo cover for cooler sleep;
  • anti-slip bottom, suited for restless sleepers;
  • high-density base foam for proper weight distribution;
  • memory foam comfort layer for extra cushioning and increased comfort;
  • mesh sides for improved air circulation.

Finally, the last option in my review of the best floor mattresses is the Inofia. This floor mattress is 6 inches thick, so it can easily support larger sleepers and help them sleep soundly.

From my experience, the Inofia has a medium-firm feel. It conforms to your body pretty closely and can relax pressure points in shoulders and hips. Along with that, I found that this mattress, even though it can offer a good hug, doesn’t make you sleep hot, which is definitely a plus.

The cover of this foldable mattress is made from bamboo rayon, so you can expect great moisture-wicking properties and good breathability overall.

As with all foldable floor mats, the Inofia is pretty compact in the folded state and won’t take much space in your room if you plan to use it occasionally.

I think that the Inofia is a suitable pick for anyone who wants a thicker mattress. It’s pretty cushioning, supports almost any sleeping style, and looks well-made and durable.

Types of Floor Mattresses and Their Features

Some proponents of floor sleeping suggest that adopting natural sleeping postures, and in particular sleeping on the bare floor, may reduce low back pain and joint stiffness (1). But there still isn’t much research into the topic of whether sleeping on a floor mattress is good or bad for your health. However, it definitely won't be good if you choose the wrong mattress type.

So, let’s see what floor mattress types there actually are and which one of them will be the most beneficial to you.

Foldable Mattresses

As the most common type on the market, foldable models usually come in the following variations:Types of Floor Mattresses and Their Features

  • standard tri-fold mats that can be used for sleeping or other activities, such as yoga or camping.
  • convertible mattresses, which have four or more sections and can turn into a sofa.

Typically, foldable mattresses are made of denser foams to withstand active use, which is why they tend to be firmer than other types. Also, they might be thicker than other types and offer more cradling, so they may perfectly work for heavy users and couples.

Roll-Up Mattresses

Roll-up mattresses are the second most common option for those who need a floor mat. Here are their main features:

  • More compact. Roll-up mattresses, in most cases, are thinner than foldable ones — and hence, more lightweight.
  • Softer feel. Since these mats need to be rolled for storage, they’re made of more flexible foam and generally have a softer feel.
  • More versatile. This is the result of the two points above. Smaller weight and plush foams make roll-ups a decent pick not only for sleeping but for other activities too.

Floor Futons

Technically, floor futons are a kind of roll-up mattresses, but I gave them a separate category because they have a couple of distinctive features:

  • Traditional floor futons consist of several elements: the futon itself, the duvet cover, and the tatami mat that serves as a support layer. Some sets might also include a small pillow.
  • Futons may be filled with fibers only or have a foam core with fiber padding around it, while standard roll-ups are mostly made of foam only.
  • Traditional futons can only be used indoors, whereas other roll-up mattresses may have a waterproof bottom layer or cover which allows using them for camping and outdoor activities.

Checks to Make Before Purchasing a Good Floor Mattress

Now, we all have different demands, especially when it comes to buying sleep accessories. 

That’s why before purchasing any floor mattress, I suggest you ask yourself the following questions so that you can determine your needs:

  • How often do you plan to use it? If you’re buying a mattress for occasional use and will store it most of the time, I’d suggest you go for a roll-up model. Foldable models are more supportive and make a great pick for regular sleeping, but they’re also bulkier, even in the folded state.Some users worry about mold growth when using their mattress on the floor nightly. While this factor depends on the environment in the room (1), you can try adding a simple low platform for improved airflow if you wish (2).
  • How big is your room? Those who live in a small apartment will probably try to make the most of every inch of space. In this case, a convertible floor mattress can be a good pick, as it combines several pieces of furniture in one. A Twin or Queen roll-up — depending on the number of sleepers you want to accommodate — will make a decent sleeping spot for a small apartment, as they’re very compact when rolled.
  • What firmness do you need? A preferred level of firmness is tied to your weight, sleeping position and overall preferences. Roll-ups tend to be softer, so they might suit average-weight users who sleep on their back or side. Thicker and firmer models, which you typically find among foldable floor mattresses, can become a better pick for large sleepers and solid back or stomach sleepers.
  • Any extra features? If you plan on using your floor bed only indoors, you probably don’t need a waterproof lining, so you shouldn’t overpay for this feature. At the same time, those who need a more versatile mattress should look for a durable, washable cover that can withstand active use.


How to make a mattress on the floor look good?

You can add more layers to it to create a cozy look (like pillows or throw blankets). You can also try and place some accessories nearby, like a house plant or a low-profile bedside table.

How to keep a mattress from sliding on the floor?

A rug placed under the mattress should help. You may also consider buying a special non-slip tape or pad.

How to let a floor mattress breathe?

To let a floor mattress breathe, you can put it on a slatted bunkie board or regularly raise it and lean against the wall to air out.

How to protect a mattress on the floor from bed bugs?

Using a dense mattress encasement may help you prevent bed bugs from penetrating the mattress.

What to place under a floor mattress?

You can put a rug or a piece of cardboard under your floor mattress to ensure a better grip and some insulation. Alternatively, you can use a bunkie board for improved airflow.


Today’s market can offer you a pretty diverse choice of floor mattresses for any occasion. All the models I’ve gathered here can make a good pick for your home and bring the sound slumber to you or your guests. My favorite among the five is probably the Inofia sleeping mat. I love everything about it: the foldable construction, great hug, breathable design, and decent durability. I think it can make a good sleeping surface for anyone.

What features do you consider important for a good floor mattress? Did any of the models on my list appeal to your eye? Answer below!


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