Best Daybeds for Adults

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 20 minLast updated on April 21, 2021

Don’t you hate it when you have to limit yourself to only a few pieces of furniture?  Especially when we’re talking about smaller living spaces.

But what if I told you there was a solution

A good daybed can be your lounge area, your sleeping space, or even an extra spot for overnight guests. And there might even be some space left for your favorite coffee table! 

That’s why I’ve prepared a review of the best daybeds for adults. Hopefully, it will help you find a perfect solution for your home.

A Quick Preview

Zinus Eden
Best Overall

Zinus Eden
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Her Majesty by Novogratz
Second Best Choice

Her Majesty by Novogratz
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DHP Manila Daybed
Best for Unlimited Sleeping Space

DHP Manila Daybed
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Brandi Quick-Lock Daybed by Zinus
Best Affordable Pick

Brandi Quick-Lock Daybed by Zinus
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Best Metal Daybed

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Our Reviews of 5 Best Daybeds for Adults

Best Overall - Zinus Eden

Zinus Eden

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  • sturdy metal construction;
  • durable steel slat support;
  • suitable for two Twin mattresses.

The first item I want to mention in my review of the best daybeds for adults is the Eden. If you want a truly versatile piece of furniture that would deliver sturdy support and durable performance, the Eden might be the right pick.

Here’s the deal:

This daybed is perfect for any interior. Zinus implements a no-frills design here, using clean lines and simple elements. The color is classic black, which goes well with any décor. All of this makes the Eden perfect for those who appreciate minimalism.

Now, because of its smart construction, the Eden can be used as a sofa as well. Just throw a few cushions on it, and you will get an extra sitting area in your house. This daybed is suitable for two Twin mattresses, so it can work perfectly as a guest bed too.

This minimalistic piece of furniture can be a universal solution for your home. It looks sleek, features sturdy construction, and can help you save both money and space. It’s a great example of a daybed that can be used by adults regularly.

Second Best Choice - Her Majesty by Novogratz

Her Majesty by Novogratz

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  • sturdy wood frame for long-lasting performance;
  • multiple color options to work in pretty much any interior;
  • tufted headboard to create a comfortable daytime lounging spot.

Another model that belongs to the best daybeds for adults has kind of a loud name, but it lives up to expectations. This trundle bed features a luxurious design but doesn’t cost that much. The Novogratz Her Majesty uses linen upholstery to create that cozy, welcoming look, which means it can be a perfect multifunctional relaxation spot for smaller homes. And speaking of looks, I put this trundle bed in my living room and it fit the interior perfectly. 

Now, even though the Her Majesty was built to impress, it has a bit more to offer than just stylish looks. Using robust wood, this trundle bed can easily withstand regular use. Plus, it has a pull-out trundle that works smoothly and quietly (an important aspect if you have irritable neighbors downstairs).

Best for Unlimited Sleeping Space - DHP Manila Daybed

DHP Manila Daybed

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  • Victorian style to add a luxurious touch to your room;
  • includes a trundle for extra sleeping space;
  • sturdy metal frame and slats for increased durability.

Another model that deserves to be in this review of the best daybeds for adults is the Manila by DHP. This multifunctional piece of furniture can give you (or your guests) all the extra space you need. You can use it with two mattresses as big as King, which means there will be plenty of legroom for everyone.

The trundle comes with 4 casters for easy gliding - 2 locking and 2 non-locking. Both the frame and the trundle are made of sturdy metal and can offer reliable support to the sleepers. The slats are also metal and can work with different mattress types (maximum 8 inches tall for the daybed and 6 inches thick for the trundle).

The sleek white finish and Victorian-style details give this daybed an elegant look. It can help you add some class to any room, as this model looks more expensive than it really is.

All things considered, the Manila by DHP is a worthy contestant for the right to be called the best daybed for adults. It is well-made and versatile, which so many users would appreciate.

Best Affordable Pick - Brandi Quick-Lock Daybed by Zinus

Brandi Quick-Lock Daybed by Zinus

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  • lightweight steel construction;
  • simple quick-lock assembly;
  • minimal design.

If you appreciate minimalism, then you will love the next item in my review of the best daybeds for adults. The Brandi is a sleek piece of furniture that can fit into any interior. Its clean lines and simple design are perfect for minimalistic, small living spaces.

Now, Zinus offers its product at a very reasonable price. You don’t have to drain your wallet to get a new versatile piece of furniture. It’s also time-saving! The quick-lock design allows users to assemble this daybed in mere minutes. Even my grandma would handle it easily!

The side handles are also made of metal and serve to keep your mattress in place. This makes the Brandi a great option for a guest bed. It will prevent the mattress from sliding and ensure the comfort of your guest.
Being simplistic as it is, the Brandi excels at providing comfort and saving space. This versatile daybed comes at a very pleasant price, which is a nice bonus. Moreover, it will blend with your interior like a chameleon thanks to its clean lines. To me, that’s more than enough to love it!


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  • 7 reinforced legs for improved stability;
  • works with any mattress type;
  • luxurious dark copper finish.

This model by HOMERECOMMEND is made of durable steel with a sleek dark copper finish, can be compatible with any mattress type, and is pretty durable to withstand active use. 

This daybed can give you around 11 inches of clearance area, which you can use for storage purposes. So, if you have limited space or want to declutter your guest room, then this daybed could help you address these issues.

The daybed has 10 cylindrical metal slats that are spaced pretty widely. But if you think that it won’t support you and your mattress properly, you’re wrong. We’ve tested different types of mattresses on this daybed and didn’t feel the slats even through a thin mattress.

The only thing that bothered me a bit was the assembly process. The instructions are pretty easy to follow, but the daybed has so many parts that it starts to feel a bit annoying. It’s highly recommended to recruit someone to help you out.

Despite some minor flaws, this daybed is pretty good. It can pair with any type of mattress to create a comfortable surface for your leisure activities or occasional sleeping.

So, How Do You Pick the Best Daybed?

Here’s the deal: 

It’s hard to find that perfect daybed. After all, we have our preferences and requirements.

But if you don’t want to be disappointed with your choice, you need to consider the following key factors:


Clearly, it all starts with your wallet. 

But here’s what I want to warn you about: 

Purchasing a daybed for adults does not stop when you buy the daybed frame itself. You will also need to buy a mattress (or two), some pillows for sleep and décor, sheets, blankets, and so on. Just keep in mind that every daybed requires extra accessories (at least a mattress). This means your final spendings will be bigger.


Are you going to use it as a bed? Or will it be a part of your guest room? If you have a small bedroom and want to use the daybed as your regular sleeping space, I highly recommend investing in a more expensive model. I will offer more support and will withstand active use better.

For occasional use as a guest bed (or for an extra sitting space), cheaper models are completely safe.

Also, daybeds are often used as transitional beds for toddlers to help them switch from a crib to a Twin-sized bed (1). High panels on three sides offer a safe enclosure that is familiar to your child. In this case, a wooden model is more preferable because metal ones may have sharp corners and edges that can injure your little one.

If your daybed is going to be used as a sitting space most of the time, it is advised to use a fitted cover for the mattress. This will help protect it from dirt or accidental tearing.


Now, appearance-wise, there are tons of options. Some daybeds are simple and minimalistic. Others look chic and luxurious. The choice depends on your personal preferences.

However, in terms of design, you should consider the following:

  • Frame material. Usually, daybeds are made of metal or wood. Metal models are more lightweight. They are also cheaper than wooden daybeds in most cases. However, wooden frames are usually thicker and thus sturdier.
  • Trundle. There are many models that come with a trundle, which you can use for storage or as an extra sleeping spot. However, some daybeds don’t have a trundle at all. Such models look less bulky and may be easier to assemble.
  • Padding. Many daybeds look a lot like sofas. They have soft padding on the sides and back. Such models are perfect if you need a cozy sitting area. However, if you plan to use your daybed strictly for sleep, you may not want to overpay for unnecessary padding.

If you’ve purchased a daybed with a trundle, note that the choice of the mattress height might be limited to 8 inches because higher models may not fit under the daybed (2).


Now, you probably know how a mattress can affect your health. Therefore, if you plan to use your daybed for sleep, it is important to choose the right mattress. 

But here’s the deal:

Not every mattress would be suitable for your daybed. Firstly, daybeds usually accommodate Twin mattresses, but Queen and Full might also be an option. Secondly, the thickness of the mattress is important too. Typically, daybeds are suitable for mattresses that are 6-8” thick. Take this into consideration when shopping. 


Who likes spending hours trying to assemble furniture?

I bet you know the answer. No one.

Luckily, most daybeds for adults are easy to assemble. They don’t have too many parts, and most of them are not moving. However, if your daybed has a trundle, extra storage parts, or a headboard, it can be more challenging to assemble. Just be ready to deal with more bolts and nuts. 

And if you are not up for a challenge, you can always find a simpler model. Some manufacturers even offer pre-assembled daybed frames. 

Storage Space

Because most daybeds for adults are used to save some space in smaller homes, you might want to consider a model that offers storage options. For example, taller daybeds without a trundle have plenty of under-bed storage where you can keep boxes or baskets with your stuff. Some daybeds come with built-in drawers, which can be a much “neater” solution. 

Types of Daybeds: Which One Is the Best for You?

Sometimes we stumble across so many products that one’s head might start spinning.

If you don’t know which daybed for adults will suit you the most, here are the most common types you can choose from:

  • Classic. Traditional daybeds have a very simple design. It involves three sides that are supposed to surround a mattress and hold it in place. Such daybeds are usually metal (3) and don’t have anything underneath (no trundle or storage unit, for example). 
  • Trundle. These daybeds offer two sleeping areas. Typically, they can accommodate two Twin mattresses, but you can also find larger options. The trundle is hidden under the daybed, which saves a lot of space. When needed, you can just pull it out thanks to the casters.
  • Canopy. Such daybeds are similar to the traditional ones — they hold the mattress using three sides. However, the frames in canopy daybeds are usually much taller and give off a luxurious vibe. Such models might be a bit pricier. But they can transform your interior and make it feel chic.
  • Chaise. They look a lot like those sofas you can find at a therapist’s. But don’t let this fact stop you: chaise daybeds look great in any interior. Just add a cozy pillow or a soft blanket to give it a welcoming look.
  • Sleigh. Not the most popular choice, but still a good option. The name says it all: these daybeds resemble old-fashioned sleighs. Usually made of wood, these daybeds are sturdy and look expensive. They can create a warm atmosphere in your home, which makes them perfect for a welcoming guest bedroom.

“There are outdoor daybeds as well. They are used in lounge zones for elevated comfort. You can put one in your backyard and enjoy the good weather. Or even use it for sunbathing!”


What kind of mattress do you use for a daybed?

Most daybeds will accommodate a standard Twin-sized bed, which is 39 x 75 inches. Thinner mattresses typically look better on daybeds and don’t make the daybed look bulky.


It is clear that a good daybed for adults is a very smart solution. It can refresh your interior, offer extra space for sleeping, and save space in smaller homes.

And if you are looking for “the one”, I can gladly recommend the Eden by Zinus. This daybed has everything you might need, including a multifunctional design, sturdy construction, and great value for money. It’s also quite sleek and would fit into pretty much any interior. To me, that sounds like a great deal!

Have you already made up your mind? Which daybed for adults managed to catch your attention? Let me know in the comment section!


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