Best Car Air Mattresses for Long-Haul Drivers and Campers

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 21 minLast updated on March 10, 2023

Car trips are very exciting!

Unless they take more than four hours. 

If you’re a car traveler, you’ve probably had to sleep in a car at least once, and let’s be honest: 

A back seat is the least comfortable sleeping spot in the world.

However, you can fix that pretty easily!

I’ve reviewed 5 best car air mattresses below, so you just need to choose one of them and you’ll be able to sleep soundly during your travels!

A Quick Preview

Best Overall

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Best Air Mattress for SUV

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Best Air Mattress for the Truck Back Seat

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Best Budget Pick

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Best for Versatility

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Our Reviews of 5 Best Car Air Mattresses

Best Overall — Editor’s Choice - HIRALIY

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  • 440 lbs maximum weight capacity;
  • includes two inflatable pillows and a safety baffle;
  • powerful electric pump: inflates and deflates the mattress within 2 minutes.

The first model that I want to show you in my review of the best car air mattresses is the HIRALIY. This airbed is made of heavy-duty Oxford cloth and waterproof PVC and is compatible with almost any car seat in a regular sedan, SUV, or truck.

The airbed kit includes a portable electric pump that will inflate the mattress to the desired firmness in 2 minutes or quickly deflate it. Also, the mattress comes with a convenient storage bag for easy transportation and storage.

Speaking of the materials, the combo of Oxford cloth and durable PVC layers makes the mattress very durable. Also, the upper side of the HIRALIY inflatable backseat bed is flocked with comfy velvety material that adds some comfort.

To sum it up, I think that this car airbed will make a great purchase for truckers, campers, and those who just want more comfort during long-haul car travels.

Best Air Mattress for SUV - WEY&FLY

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  • double-sided flocking;
  • allows inflating separate sections;
  • weight capacity of 570 lbs.

Another contestant in this review of the best car air mattresses is for those who own an SUV and have a little more space than owners of a regular car. Being incredibly easy to install and maintain, the WEY&FLY airbed can also withstand active use and different weather conditions.

One of the most prominent features of this SUV air mattress is its construction. The WEY&FLY is divided into four different segments, each having a separate valve. So, you can either inflate it fully or only inflate the sections that fit your SUV space — and your needs — best.

Also, the WEY&FLY is made of PVC film, durable corduroy, and has faux suede flocking on both sides. This combination of materials makes the mattress a great pick for active use: according to the manufacturer, the airbed can adapt to temperatures between -13F and 122F, so if you’re a camping devotee, you may want to pay attention to this model.

Overall, I enjoyed sleeping on this airbed and think that it can make a good purchase for literally anyone. It’s well-made, durable, and comfy — what else could you need?

Best Air Mattress for the Truck Back Seat - Hikotor

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  • comes with earplugs and a sleep mask;
  • includes detachable pillows;
  • compatible with most trucks and SUVs.

Moving further down my list, and here’s a model for truck owners that will help make their sleep comfier. The Hikotor isn’t an airbed only: in fact, this is a fully arranged sleep kit that includes a mattress, pillows, bumpers, and even earplugs and a sleep mask! Also, the mattress is compatible with most trucks. These are the key reasons why I’ve added this model to my review of the best car air mattresses. But there’s more to it.

The mattress measures 66.9 x 26.6 inches (with a head pillow attached) and creates just the right amount of space for a single sleeper of average body composition. Also, you can inflate the bumper on the longer side and use it as a spot for your kid.

Since every section comes with an individual valve, this air mattress for the truck back seat becomes very versatile: you can use it as a regular camping mattress or turn it into a fully arranged sleeping space in your truck.

So, if you’re looking for something comfortable with good value for money, I recommend you to choose the Hikotor. This mattress has everything: durability, easy maintenance, and versatility.

Best Budget Pick - FB SPORT

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  • great value for money;
  • compatible with most car types;
  • includes two inflatable pillows.

Another option in my review of the best car air mattresses is offered by FB SPORT. This is a budget-friendly mattress that has all the features of more expensive models and will level up the comfort of your uneven back seat.

The FB SPORT measures 56.3” x 34.25” x 3” in the inflated state and won’t take too much space in the car. It may hold a heavy single sleeper with ease and support their natural spine curves. The bumper on the bottom side will ensure a uniform surface and won’t make you feel like you’re rolling off.

Another great thing about this blow-up mattress for a car is that it has an extra cushion that is placed between two front car seats to prevent you from feeling uncomfortable. The cushion is detachable, so you can use it as an extra pillow as well.

The included electric pump is very powerful and can inflate and deflate the airbed in minutes, and the convenient storage bag helps you store and transport the item easily.

As you can see, the FB SPORT doesn’t pack lots of extra features but is pretty comfy and supportive as for a budget-friendly bed.

Best for Versatility — SAYGOGO

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  • compatible with regular car seats, SUVs, and trucks;
  • comes with 2 inflatable pillows;
  • available in Black, Grey, and Beige colors.

Another pick for our selection of the best air car mattresses is the SAYGOGO. It’s a six-chamber inflatable mattress that you can use everywhere: in a regular car back seat, an SUV, or a truck. It’s made of durable materials and comes in three neutral colors that can match any interior.

Also, this mattress comes with two convenient pillows to make it into a full-fledged sleeping space. SAYGOGO is composed of six separate chambers that you can inflate freely to fit the mattress inside your car.  Once inflated, the mattress creates a durable construction that can hold up to 380 lbs.

Overall, SAYGOGO is a great mattress for those who often travel by car, as it can really improve your sleep in just 2-3 minutes.

Main Types of Car Air Mattresses

Main Types of Car Air Mattresses

You might be wondering:

What’s the point in using specifically designed backseat air mattresses for a car? Can I just buy a regular air mattress, like the one used for camping, and put it there?

Well, not really.

There are many types of cars today: regular sedans, coupes, SUVs, trucks, and many more.

But they have one thing in common.

Their back seat, in most cases, will be smaller than a Twin-size airbed. And Twin is considered the smallest among the standard bed sizes.

So yes, you have to purchase a car airbed specifically designed to fit your type of vehicle.

And don’t worry. Even though there are plenty of cars today, most car airbeds come only in two possible configurations:

  • Backseat air beds. This is the most common option. A backseat air mattress is placed — you guessed it — on your back seat and has two inflatable ‘legs’ that fill the space between the front and back seats to ensure a uniform sleeping surface. This type of car airbeds is compatible with most cars, trucks, and SUVs
  • SUV air mattresses. These are bigger than a standard backseat bed and may have many separate sections such as edge bumpers or additional head sections to make you feel more comfortable. SUV airbeds are typically laid down on the floor in the back area of your vehicle, which is why they’re mostly made of heavy-duty materials.

“Depending on the situation, almost any air mattress for a truck back seat can turn into a camping mattress. Just do not inflate the legs or protruding parts of the mattress to prevent damage and leaks, and you’re good to go.”

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How to Choose a Quality Car Airbed?

So, you’ve decided to become independent of expensive motels and get a car air mattress for your vehicle.

What things should you take into consideration?

Let’s find this out!


Most inflatable backseat mattresses are made of PVC. This material has waterproof properties and can withstand frequent inflation-deflation cycles due to its elasticity. However, some manufacturers can add other materials, such as polyester or oxford cloth, to make their airbed even more long-lasting and suitable for active use. 

Also, make sure to check out how much weight your air mattress can hold so that you could rest assured that it will properly support you if you’re on the heavier side.


An average backseat air mattress for a car consists of the mattress itself and two ‘legs’ to fill the space in front of your seat. This is the most basic configuration you can get.

If you need more comfort, opt for models with detachable segments, such as the head or leg section. Or, you might choose an inflatable bed that allows you to inflate separate segments of the mattress to ensure a better fit for your car.

All inflatable mattresses feature a support system made of the so-called ‘air beams’. These air beams are pretty responsive to your body shape and can contour it to ensure good sleep even on a backseat with limited space.

Additionally, car air beds are often multi-chambered. Each chamber has its own valve, so you can inflate only the chambers you need to make the mattress fit nicely in your car.

Your Lifestyle

The way you will use your car air mattress may also affect your choice. Those who plan to use the mattress not only during car trips but also for camping might need a bed that is waterproof and made of more durable materials (so that you wouldn’t end up frantically searching for the ways to patch your airbed in the middle of nowhere.)

Or, if you plan to travel with your kids, you may search for airbeds with safety bolsters that will prevent them from rolling off the airbed during sleep.

Air Pump

Most inflatable backseat beds already have a 12-Volt pump included in the kit. Make sure to test it before you set out on a trip: the pump shouldn’t vibrate too much or overheat while it’s working and should inflate your airbed in 2-3 minutes on average.

“During the first use, it’s better to inflate your airbed at about 90% of its capacity so that you won’t put too much stress on the seams.”

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Ease of Maintenance

Finally, your inflatable backseat mattress shouldn’t bother you with its maintenance. 

The good thing is, most of the modern airbeds are incredibly easy to care for.

Just wipe them with a damp cloth, deflate, fold it up, and put into the storage bag — and you’re ready to hit the road again!

Final Word

You can easily make your car trips a lot more comfortable without having to spend a lot of money on motel rooms. All the car airbeds I’ve reviewed here combine durability, versatility, and comfort in just the right proportions and can meet almost any demand.

If I needed to choose only one among them, I’d pick the HIRALIY. I loved sleeping on it the most because of the support it gave to my spine and the comfortable feel overall. Also, the mattress is made of heavy-duty materials and can withstand years of active use without tears or punctures.

What type of car do you own? And which model from those above do you think can make a perfect fit for it? I’d love to read your answers below!


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