5 Best Sturdy Bed Frames for Sexually Active Couples: Comprehensive Review & Buying Tips

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 23 minLast updated January 25, 2021

Having an active sex life is great, but there are numerous factors that can ruin the romantic mood very easily.

One of them is a squeaky bed. Apart from revealing your activities to everyone, squeaking is simply annoying and can reduce the desire at once.

A sex-friendly bed frame is a solution here. And I can help you find a good one.

In this guide, I will review 5 best bed frames for sexually active couples and give you some useful tips on choosing the right product for your particular needs.

So, let’s see which one you will love the most!

A Quick Preview

Zinus Justina
Best Looks

Zinus Justina
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Zinus Tom
Best Low-Profile Pick

Zinus Tom
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Olee Sleep
Best for Durability

Olee Sleep
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Best Budget Pick

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Best for Small Apartments

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Our Reviews of 5 Top-Rated Bed Frames for Sexually Active Couples

Best Looks - Zinus Justina

Zinus Justina

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  • easy assembly;
  • different designs to choose from;
  • durable materials.

I’ve included the Zinus Justina on my list of top-rated bed frames for sexually active couples for its overall design. The upholstery fabric brings in that luxury vibe, and thick wooden legs contribute to the nice looks. Also, you can choose from three different designs to find what will fit best into your bedroom’s interior. Isn’t that great?

If you take a look under the fabric, you’ll see a sturdy steel frame. The Justina measures 16 inches high and has 7 inches of under-bed space. You might use that for storage, but don’t expect it to be too large.

Also, the frame comes disassembled, but the assembly doesn’t take much time. All the slats have a snap-in lock, and the manufacturer even includes a mallet to secure them in place.

Overall, this frame is very sturdy and will hold bigger loads without a problem, although its weight limit isn’t specified. I think that it will serve you well even if your sex life is extra active and full of adventures.

Best Low-Profile Pick - Zinus Tom

Zinus Tom

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  • noiseless design;
  • pairs with mattresses up to 20 inches high;
  • footboard and headboard included.

It’s not a secret that hybrids are among the best sex-friendly mattresses. The problem is, they are also pretty thick due to a large number of layers. So, if you have a sex-friendly hybrid mattress, you need a low-profile bed frame to keep the entire construction from getting awkwardly high. That’s why the Zinus Tom is on my list of reviews of bed frames for sexually active couples.

This frame is only 10 inches high, so you can pair it with a mattress up to 20 inches thick! Also, it’s designed with a headboard and a footboard. They will keep your mattress securely in place, which is another advantage if you’re overly active in bed.

Finally, the bed frame has wooden slats, and a foam padded tape is added to prevent any unwanted noises during your love activities.

I mean, if this isn’t sex-friendly, then what is? I totally recommend the Zinus Tom to anyone looking for a low-profile bed frame.

Best for Durability - Olee Sleep

Olee Sleep

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  • extremely durable construction;
  • doesn’t make annoying noises;
  • can add some bounce to your bed.

The third option in my selection of the best bed frames for sexually active couples is offered by Olee Sleep. If you want something really sturdy and completely silent, this frame is what you need.

The Olee Sleep frame has 9 metal slats, and if you think that this is not enough to support your heavy mattress, you’re dead wrong. Once you assemble it and tightly secure all the screws, you’ll get an unnoticeable in terms of sound yet sturdy bed frame. 

Also, the frame has really strong edges, so if your mattress is lacking edge support, pairing it with this frame may fix this issue.

The only controversial thing about this frame is assembly. It comes with lots of bolts and screws, so it might get a bit annoying if you do the assembly by yourself. Also, the manufacturer gives you an option of installing a headboard, but you have to purchase it separately.

Overall, I enjoyed using this model by Olee Sleep. It’s a durable steel bed frame with a reasonable price tag. So, if that’s what you’re looking for, go for it.

Best Budget Pick - AmazonBasicsAmazonBasics

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  • requires no assembly and is easy to transport due to foldable construction;
  • doesn’t squeak;
  • works well with any mattress type.

Another model in my review of bed frames for sexually active couples is designed by AmazonBasics. Despite having a price tag lower than 100 dollars, this bed frame is awesome for multiple reasons. And I have listed them right below.

First, the frame is foldable, which allows for easy storage and transportation. Second, you don’t need any tools for assembly: just slide the halves into each other and lock them, and you’re all set. Also, the frame has a mesh-wire construction that can support any type of mattress without sagging. 

Finally, the AmazonBasics frame is completely silent, even though foldable constructions are more prone to squeaking due to the friction in the folding joints. And even if you do hear the noise, you will only need to grease the folding areas to solve the problem.

So, anyone who wants to get a really cool bed frame without spending tons of money will love the AmazonBasics. It’s affordable, supportive, and totally sex-friendly because of the noiseless design.

Best for Small Apartments - VECELOVECELO

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  • spacious under-bed area;
  • easy assembly;
  • comes with a footboard and headboard.

The model closing my review of top-rated bed frames for sexually active couples is offered by VECELO. It will make a good purchase for those who live in small apartments. Mostly due to its compact and minimalistic design and 11 inches of under-bed space where you can keep your things.

So, this model by VECELO has durable metal legs and center support bar for better stability. You can pair it with any type of mattress and you won’t feel the slats at all. However, larger sleepers may want to look for other options, as the weight limit of the VECELO frame is only 440 lbs.

Now, this bed frame has a footboard and a headboard, so it will hold your mattress in place even during the most passionate activities. Also, the assembly of this bed frame is very simple, and I even kind of enjoyed it (and I hate assembling things). 

Overall, I think that VECELO is a good sex-friendly bed frame that will make a perfect pick for smaller rooms that lack storage space. Just be sure to first check the combined weight of yourself, your partner, and your mattress. 

How a Sex-Friendly Bed Frame Can Be Helpful to You?

Making sure your mattress is good for sex makes completely sense, right?

Although when I offer people to look for a sex-friendly bed frame to support their mattress, I often see raised eyebrows.

But the truth is:

A suitable bed frame can make whatever activities you and your partner are into more pleasurable.

Let’s see exactly how this works:

  • More bounce. The main feature of a sex-friendly mattress is a good motion response. Unfortunately, some types of mattresses — such as all-foam beds — lack it and may rather feel like quicksand, making it hard to move around. But bedroom time is all about moving, right? So, a good bed frame for sex should have a sturdy construction that will reinforce the weak points of your mattress and make it bouncier for your love nights.
  • Healthier sleep. You probably know that sex has many health benefits (1). But you still need to get your portion of restorative sleep afterward to make the most of your activities. And if your bed is unable to offer you the needed amount of support, chances are you will wake up sore and stiff. The good thing is, a sex-friendly bed frame is totally capable of providing you with the level of support you need during sleep. 
  • Noise-free experience. Or, annoying-noise-free experience, to be precise. A quiet bed frame is a total must-have if you live in a block apartment or a dorm. Not only will it keep your night activities private, which is crucial if you have neighbors or kids, but it also won’t ruin the mood for both you and your partner.

Some bed frames have headboards or canopy pillars, which creates plenty of room for experiments and fantasies.

How Different Types of Mattress Support Perform in Terms of Sexy Bedroom Activities?

The modern market is really saturated with different types of support for your mattress, and choosing the most sex-friendly and sturdy bed frame can give you a headache.

So, just let me guide you through different types of foundations and how they perform in terms of intense night activities:

  • Box spring. A box spring is the most traditional type of foundation you can get. Typically, it’s most compatible with innerspring mattresses. But most of the modern mattress brands eliminated the need in box springs simply by using more quality materials. Even though a box spring is incredibly bouncy, which is definitely adds to sex-friendliness, it’s surely not a silent type of mattress support, as metal coils are very prone to making noises.
  • Bed frame. A regular bed frame is probably the most common type of mattress base today. It consists of a metal frame with legs and may have pre-installed slats (in most cases), or you will have to purchase those separately. In my opinion, bed frames offer the most balanced support and can greatly enhance the qualities of your mattress, making your sex life more enjoyable.
  • Solid platform bed. This one looks pretty similar to the previous one, except that it has a solid surface instead of slats and typically doesn’t have any under-bed storage opportunity. However, the absence of legs also means that there are fewer potentially squeaky spots, which contributes to a noise-free design (2). Just like bed frames, platform beds work well with any type of mattress and are pretty durable.

Adjustable bed bases are also suitable for different sexual activities. Moreover, you can use the controls to change the incline of the surface and thus spice up your love nights.

Best (And Worst) Materials for Sex-Friendly Bed Frames

Here comes the most important part of my review. I will briefly walk you through the main materials that are used for making bed frames. Their choice will determine the durability, level of support, and noise-free properties. 


Many bed frames have wooden slats or are entirely made of wood, so it’s a pretty common material.

The quality of the particular model and its compatibility with sexual activities will depend on the type of wood it’s made of — specifically, softwood or hardwood. Let’s break each of these types down.

Pine and cedar are softwoods, and if you see them listed as the main materials, it’s better to search for other models. Softwoods are pretty pliable, so they are great at shock absorption and motion response, but they are also less durable and more prone to squeaking.

If you want a heavy-duty bed frame for your romantic time, hardwoods, such as oak or birch, are much more preferable options. They can withstand bigger loads without squeaking and bending, which makes them more suitable for heavy sleepers and couples. The main drawbacks are their price (these types of wood are usually on a more expensive side) and weight.


Now, metal is the best option you can get for a sex-friendly bed frame (3). High-quality steel can have a weight limit of up to 1,000-1,500 lbs, so it definitely won’t break even on the hottest nights. Also, steel bed frames typically come with foam padding around the inner perimeter, so they remain completely silent all along.

The only problem with steel frames is that they typically require assembly. And if you screw the parts too tight, this might ruin the balance of the whole construction and make it squeaky in weird places.

Metal Alloys 

Sometimes, manufacturers use not only steel but also some other metals, so you get a metal alloy. These bed frames are typically cheaper compared to the solid steel ones. 

But here’s the deal:

While some of the additional ingredients make a frame more durable and sturdy, others may contribute to faster resiliency loss and even breaking. 

So, if you go with this type of material, be sure to choose a reliable brand that offers warranty coverage for its products. Thus, you will be safe from possible accidents.

Things to Look For When Shopping for a Bed Frame for Sex?

Finally, let’s get familiar with the main features you need to check before making a purchase. All of these are based on my own experience as well as the experience of other users, so I hope they will be helpful to you.


Durability is made of two things: 

The choice of material and build quality. 

As for the former, I would really advise you to opt for an all-steel bed frame. Or, models that combine hardwoods and steel. 

As for the latter, search for models that have fewer details, as more parts usually mean more weak points; and more weak points mean that the bed frame will start squeaking and may even crack sooner.

Noise-Free Design

If your bed frame is properly assembled, it will likely be noise-free. But you may still look for brands offering a foam tape. Or, you can purchase a polyfoam adhesive strip at the hardware store and try to make your bed noise-free on your own.

Note that wooden bed frames are typically more squeaky and require more maintenance for that matter, whereas with metal ones, you can just grease the joints and screws regularly to prevent noises.

Easy Assembly

Again, if you need a bed frame that doesn’t squeak, it’s better to purchase a one-piece construction, as it doesn’t have friction points. 

If that’s not an option for you, at least make sure the legs of your bed frame are welded to the frame itself, as these are typically the most problematic places in terms of making noise and breaking.

Do not screw the bolts too tightly. You might damage the bolt thread or even completely wreck the joint, making it useless. Apply a gentle force and stop when you feel enough resistance building up.

Weight Capacity

A decent weight limit will ensure that your bed frame won’t break during the most intense activities. Models made of steel typically have greater weight capacity compared to others, so they are a better choice, especially if your or your partner’s weight is above average.

Anti-Slip Design

Nothing is more annoying than a mattress that is wandering around the bed with your every move. If you don’t want that, you will need a bed frame that is able to hold the mattress in place. And luckily, there are several options for you:

  • Wooden slats. Wooden slats have a better grip compared to metal and will keep your mattress where it is.
  • Headboards and footboards. These construction elements can easily secure the mattress and prevent it from moving.
  • Anti-slip tape. Some bed frames come with it, but you can also purchase it in the hardware store.

Wrapping Up

Let me keep it simple:  Sex is a very important part of any relationship. And a supportive and bouncy bed is an important part of great sexual experiences. I hope that the models I’ve presented to you in this review will suit your preferences and help you get rid of the squeaky bed frame you own now. 

My absolute favorite among the five is the Zinus Tom. I liked everything about this bed frame: the presence of headboard and footboard, the level of support, and the high-quality materials. Oh, and did I mention that it’s completely silent? Those who are on a budget may love the AmazonBasics frame. It comes with all the benefits of a sturdy steel frame but is more affordable. Plus, you can fold it in half for storage and transportation. 

So, which model among the five appeals to you the most? Are you looking to get a wooden or a metal frame? Let me know in the comments section below!


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