Best Bed Frames for Back Pain

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 24 minLast updated on March 10, 2023

Back pain is a condition that no one wants to be stuck with, while managing is the best those already suffering from it can do. And one of the leading methods for reducing back pain is using an appropriate mattress along with the best bed frames for back pain.

Read through the article and see as we look at the top 3 choices of bed frames for back pain available on the market, how a bed frame eases back pain, and what to consider when making your purchase. Enjoy. 

A Quick Preview

Saatva Amalfi
Editor’s Choice

Saatva Amalfi
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Puffy Bed Frame
Most Durable Bed Frame

Puffy Bed Frame
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TEMPUR Power Base
Best Affordable Adjustable Bed

TEMPUR Power Base
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Nectar Claremont Bed Frame Sheet
Best Wood Bed Frame

Nectar Claremont Bed Frame
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Best Affordable Foundation

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Our Review of the Top 5 Best Bed Frames for Back Pain

Editor’s Choice — Saatva Amalfi

saatva Amalfi frame

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  • A button-tufted headboard gives a luxurious design to any bedroom.
  • Kiln-dried wood is more durable than standard wood, so the frame will last longer.
  • The frame has a removable headboard, allowing the bed to be free-standing.

The Saatva Amalfi is our Editor’s Choice for the best bed frame for back pain due to its sturdy, luxurious design. The Amalfi is made up of kiln-dried wood, which means it is less prone to warping and losing its integrity. You’ll likely have improved spinal alignment as the frame supports your weight, which may lead to a release of muscle tension and may result in a decrease in back pain. I think the kiln-dried wood is also good for longevity, meaning it will last longer than other frames made up of standard wood, such as the Nectar bed frame. Standard wood may buckle due to moisture or temperature changes warping the wood over time, whereas Amalfi will remain strong after daily use for a longer time.

Not only is the Amalfi sturdy, but it’s also luxurious. The button-tufted headboard is a beautiful accent piece for any home. I find this to be useful if you struggle with interior design, as the smooth features, and the eye-catching headboard can match any home, even if your room is minimalist or eclectic. 

Most Durable Bed Frame - Puffy Bed Frame 

Puffy bed frame

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  • Its slatted wooden foundation is excellent for providing a mattress with rigid support.
  • The frame is designed with a tufted headboard that provides back support for a user while sitting in bed.
  • Construction allows optimal mattress breathability as air can flow under the mattress.

The Puffy Bed Frame is our best durable bed frame for back pain due to its sturdiness and durability. It provides a user with the lumbar support needed for aligning the spine and reducing back pain. In addition, the bed frame’s solid wooden slats guarantee that the mattress stays in place without slipping or bouncing.

Another feature I particularly liked is how the frame does not squeak or make any noise. This is especially great for back pain sufferers who, like me, tend to toss and turn a lot during sleep and can be disturbed by the noise.

Read our full Puffy bed frame review for more information.

Assembled Puffy Bed frame
Puffy Bed frame

Best Affordable Adjustable Bed for Back Pain - TEMPUR Power Base

Tempur power base

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  • It has 2 adjust settings for changing the mattress position and easing back pain.
  • The base offers zoned massage features for improved user relaxation.
  • It's zero gravity mode creates a weightless feeling for reduced back pressure.

The TEMPUR Power Base is a versatile and adjustable bed frame that offers its users premium comfort features. It is one of the best bed frames for back pain since sleeping with back pain might sometimes require a user to adjust their sleeping positions by raising either their heads or legs. And it offers the mandatory lumbar support needed for spinal alignment.

Furthermore, while testing the product, the base’s massage feature helped me relax and loosen my cramped muscles for better sleep. And I also enjoyed its AI technology that tracks sleep metrics and points out ways to improve sleep habits.

“You should have a massage before sleep as it helps relax your body muscles, loosens the spine, and increases blood circulation for restful slumber.”

Best Wood Bed Frame for Back Pain — Nectar Claremont Bed Frame

Nectar Claremont Bed Frame

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  • A center rail with two additional feet helps keep the frame stable and connected to the ground so you don’t experience any wobbling while getting in and out of bed.
  • The padded corners and headboard make this frame child and knee-safe — keeping you and your household safe from bumps and sharp corners.
  • Slats and center rail help to keep your mattress level, increasing the feeling of support for your back.

The Nectar Claremont is my best wood bed frame for back pain due to its mix of solid wood and plush material, and extra stability. Claremont is made up of natural wood that’s sturdy, meaning it’s less likely to warp over time and can handle holding you up evenly. The slats are also supported by a center rail, which helps keep your back supported as the mattress is evenly supported along its entire bottom.

The Claremont also boasts extra stability with the two additional feet along its center rail, which help keep the frame and mattress from wobbling. This is useful, I think, if you need a bed that’s noise-free and not going to move around on you while getting in and out of bed, especially if you need stability so your back is less disturbed.

Best Affordable Foundation — GhostBed 

GhostBed frame

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  • Comes with adjustable legs for an easily customizable bed height.
  • The foundation can be set up quickly and easily, letting you enjoy your platform bed in minutes.
  • Is able to hold up to 2000 lbs, ensuring you are easily supported.

The GhostBed All-in-One Platform is one of our best bed frames for back pain due to its affordable price and customizable construction. I think the GhostBed is priced well while still offering a sturdy platform to help keep your mattress supported and your spine straight. GhostBed is $935 cheaper than Puffy, and $335 cheaper than Nectar, but still boasts a platform that can carry roughly 2000 lbs. That means it can easily support you for a longer time, encouraging spinal alignment, and causing the muscles to relax. 

The GhostBed is also customizable, which I think is a useful feature for back pain. The legs come in two parts, adjusting the height of the mattress from 12 inches to 15 inches. Having the ability to adjust the height of the frame, such as making it higher so there’s less of a gap between sitting and standing, can make getting in and out of bed less of a strain on the back muscles.

How Does a Bed Frame Can Ease Back Pain

A bed frame can eases back pain by providing adequate back support for spinal alignment. Several factors lead to back pain (1); however, one of the leading causes is bad posture. If the spine is not aligned correctly during sleep, the user might wake up feeling worse than before going to bed.

A bed frame complements the mattress’ efforts and provides additional support to keep the spine straightened and in a natural position during sleep; reducing pressure on the back and easing pain. A bed frame can mean the difference between sinkage and appropriate cushioning, even when using a soft mattress.

Other benefits of using a bed frame include heightened mattress breathability, under-the-bed storage, room decoration, etc.

“The best way to maintain your upholstered bed frame is by spot-cleaning it. This is because of cases where the fabric gets dirty and cannot be washed.”


Types of Bed Frames for Back Pain

The types of bed frames for back pain include the adjustable bed, solid foundation, and slatted foundation. They all perform the function of providing support for a mattress but have slight individual differences:

  • Adjustable Bed. Adjustable beds are best known for their customisation and various comfort setups. They are excellent for reclining and easing back pain as they can help position the legs, neck, and head for proper spinal alignment. However, due to their many features, they tend to be expensive.

“An adjustable bed can be put inside a standard bed frame to buffer up the sides and make it more aesthetically pleasing. The frame has to be without slats though.”

  • Slatted Foundation. A slatted foundation comes in two dimensions; solid and sprung (2). While sprung slats offer bounce and are an incredible frame choice for memory foam mattresses, they are not ideal for back pain sufferers. Solid slats guarantee mattress support devoid of bounce that might aggravate back pain. And in addition, both types are designed for optimal breathability.
  • Solid Foundation. Solid foundations, also known as platform beds, make up a considerable percentage of the best bed frames for back pain available on the market. They are ideal for back pain sufferers since the frame offers little to zero bounce, is adept at providing rigid support, and makes soft mattresses firmer. However, some frame models might limit temperature regulation.

What to Consider When Buying a Bed Frame for Back Pain

Not every bed frame can be dubbed bed frame for back pain, and this is why when buying a bed frame for back pain, the users should consider support as it is what guarantees spinal alignment, the type of material used for durability and aesthetics, and its weight capacity for heavier sleepers. 

In addition, they should also ensure that price is in their budget range, its assembly and set-up is stress free, and that it has a noise-free design for silent usage

Let’s take a look at how each feature is essential to a user’s optimal comfortability:

  • Support. The primary purpose of buying a bed frame for back pain is support. The structure must be sturdy enough to guarantee spinal alignment when the user sleeps on it. Furthermore, it must be able to shore up a mattress’ firmness level to ensure appropriate lumbar support during sleep. 
  • Noise-free Design. The bed frame has to be free of all creaking and squeaking sounds identified with bolts, hinges, and connections. These sounds can constitute a disturbance and worsen a night already stressed with back pain. Noise-free design is one vital feature that every bed frame for sex ought to possess.
  • Weight Capacity. Not all bed frames are designed for heavy lifting, and it is one of the key points to consider when purchasing a bed frame. The buyer has to consider the user's weight and mattress weight, as a bed frame unable to support its users' weight can damage the mattress, frame, and person.
  • Material. Metal and wood are the top 2 materials used in constructing bed frames. The type of material used plays an essential part in aesthetics as people find upholstered bed frames more visually pleasing than plain wood or metal frames.
  • Durability. Durability is also impacted by the kind of material used in construction. As a rule of thumb, metal bed frames tend to last longer than wooden frames. However, they are not great for room decoration and can get quite noisy. 

“One way to be assured of durability is through warranties; extended periods are your friend.”

  • Ease of Assembly. The bed frame set-up should be straightforward. An easy-to-assemble piece means that the user does not require any technical knowledge. Processes like attaching a headboard and where to make connections shouldn’t be too hard for the user to grasp.  
  • Price. Like all others, the cost of a product plays a significant role in its purchase. The trick is ensuring that the value offered is commensurate to the amount spent, just like Thuma and Thuma alternative bed frames. However, it is also important to note that expensive bed frames tend to have more sleep-improving features than their cheaper counterparts.


Is an adjustable bed frame good for back pain?

Yes, an adjustable bed frame is good for back pain because the adjust settings allow the user to change mattress position by raising either their head or legs. For individuals who suffer from low back pain or sciatica, slightly raising the head and feet reduces pressure on the spine and ensures easier rest.

Wrapping Up

As simple as it sounds, we can see that choosing the best bed frames for back pain is no easy feat. Even though the major component is adequate support, some other factors go into consideration. 

If you’re struggling with back pain, my opinion lies with Saatva Amalfi for its sturdiness and luxury look. Not only is the Amalfi made up of kiln-dried wood that’s less prone to warping and wearing down over time to help support your spine, but its high headboard and tufted upholstery gives any room a luxury look that’ll impress.

Do you have any experience dealing with back pain? Can you tell us what using a bed frame felt like? Please, hit us up in the comments section. We’d love to hear from you.



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