Best Bed Frame for Airbnb and Vacation Rentals

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 18 minLast updated on December 22, 2022

As someone in the hospitality industry, you want your rooms to be as inviting as possible and your customers well rested to enjoy their vacation. And to achieve these, you need the best bed frames for Airbnb, specially tailored for vacation homes. 

You’ll be reading about the top bed frame options available for the industry in this piece, along with a buyer’s guide to help you make the best choice in your purchase.

A Quick Preview

Nectar Bed Frame
Editor’s Choice

Nectar Bed Frame
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Puffy Bed Frame
Best Bed Frame with a Headboard

Puffy Bed Frame
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Amerisleep Foundation<br />
Best Free-standing Bed Frame

Amerisleep Foundation
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Quiet Balance Bed Frame by Plushbeds
Best Budget Option

Quiet Balance Bed Frame by Plushbeds
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Our Review of the Best Bed Frames for Airbnb and Vacation Rentals 

Editor’s Choice - Nectar Bed Frame

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  • It has extra support legs for increased frame stability.
  • The bed frame’s slatted foundation is great for providing a mattress with more support.
  • Construction is designed to be squeak-free and easy to set up.

The Nectar Bed Frame is our Editor’s Choice for the best bed frame for Airbnb due to its chic design and well-built stability. The Nectar Bed Frame boasts a contemporary look with its tufted headboard and cozy linen design that I think will compliment most guest rooms easily. On top of this, the headboard is padded to give guests that extra bit of comfort if they want to sit up and watch TV or read a book in the comfort of their Airbnb bed. The Nectar Bed Frame also stands out for its price point, which is set competitively compared to Amalfi, being $325 cheaper, and the Puffy, being $579 cheaper.

Best Bed Frame with a Headboard for Airbnb - Puffy Bed Frame 

Puffy bed frame

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  • Its wooden slat foundation is great for providing a mattress with extra support.
  • The frame’s noise-free design ensures your clients can sleep without squeaking noises.
  • The slatted foundations increase mattress breathability and overall temperature regulation.

The Puffy Bed Frame is our best bed frame with a headboard for Airbnb due to its double-stitched upholstery that’s padded, and its durability. When you lean back on a Puffy headboard, you’re met with cushioning linen that’s supportive, making activities such as watching TV as a guest in an Airbnb room much more enjoyable. I find this is a key difference as compared to the Plushbeds bed frame which doesn't offer a headboard, let alone one that’s padded.

I also love that the Puffy bed frame does not require any special skill to set up, and you can finish the whole assembling process yourself.

Read our full Puffy bed frame review for more information.

Assembled Puffy Bed frame
Puffy Bed frame

Best Free-standing Bed Frame for Airbnb — Amerisleep Foundation

Amerisleep Foundation Bed Frame

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  • Open-slat system that helps circulate air, keeping your mattress drier and cleaner.
  • Minimalist design that can be easily incorporated into most Airbnb guest rooms.
  • Center rail that gives extra support to the slats, ensuring your mattress doesn’t sag.

The Amerisleep Foundation is our best free-standing bed frame for Airbnb due to its minimalist design and sturdy material. The Amerisleep Foundation doesn’t come with a headboard, and fits narrowly under your mattress, meaning it can fit in small guest rooms without taking up too much space. I also think the fabric texture and smooth legs lend themselves to a seamless addition; this foundation will pattern nicely with the most decorated interiors.

Another feature I think is handy for Airbnb rooms with this foundation is its slats and center rail. The slats are spaced evenly apart so your mattress doesn’t sag in between the cracks, and an additional center rail holds up the slats to help evenly distribute weight, giving your mattress better support which should translate to a better night’s sleep for your guests.

Best Budget Option - Quiet Balance Bed Frame by Plushbeds

plushbeds frame

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  • It's cheaper than the Amalfi and Puffy frames, making it suitable for shoppers on a budget.
  • The bed frame’s steel material makes for good durability and longevity.
  • Mattress thermoregulation is enhanced with the under-bed space the frame provides.

Coming in to wrap up our compilation of best bed frames for Airbnb is the Plushbeds bed frame. This bed frame works for vacation rentals and Airbnb owners who want a minimalist design, as the Plushbeds frame is compact and only takes up a small space. Apart from its simple look, this bed frame can also be great for sexually active couples (read here) with its sturdy and noise-free design.

And even though the Plushbed frame is cheaper than the Nectar and Saatva Amalfi models, its legs are sturdy, and the platform is thick enough to improve the overall support of a mattress.

Types of Bed Frames Used in Airbnb and Vacation Rentals

There are various bed frame types, but the most popular types used in Airbnb and vacation rentals are platform bases, slatted foundations, and floating beds. Here’s a look at how the best bed frames for vacation rentals are constructed:

  • Platform Bases

Platform bases or solid foundations are built as a single board resting on support legs. They are known for their weight capacity and can be adept at carrying couples and heavier sleepers. As vacation rentals are often patronized by partnered sleepers, platform bases are ideal for offering the support needed for all the weight on the bed.

  • Slatted Foundations

The two options in this category are solid and sprung slats. Slatted foundations are great at increasing mattress breathability due to their spacing and are adept at adding bounce to make foam mattresses less restrictive. Slat foundations can be more appealing for Airbnb owners, as these establishments are more frequented by active sleepers, people who are on the move.

(Read more about bed frames for memory foam mattresses here)

“If the distance between slats is too wide, it can affect mattress support. However, you can purchase additional slats or bunkie boards to fill the spaces.”

  • Floating Beds

Floating bed frames are trendy among vacation rentals because of their minimalist design and look. They follow the trend of more for less as they’re not as bulky as platform frames. In addition, they’re budget-friendly and can help with money-saving.

Buying a Bed Frame for Airbnb and Vacation Rentals: What to Consider

When making a purchase, you should watch out for the price as your budget ultimately determines which frame to pick, then consider the material used to ensure adequate support and durability. Furthermore, check out the weight limit, ease of assembly, and whether it has a squeak-free design to combat noise disturbance.

“Upholstered bed frames can be good for improving general room decor due to their styling and fabric finish.”

  • Price

You should purchase your chosen bed frame according to your budget. However, you shouldn’t ignore quality when considering the price, as this determines how your clients would enjoy the bed frame. 

  • Support

The support a bed frame adds to a mattress is a constant factor to consider as this is the primary function of a bed frame. This is especially true for Airbnb and vacation homes since you want your customers to feel comfortable and well-rested after sleep.

  • Durability

As a rental homeowner, you want a product that can last you for a long while producing optimal results. While a bed frame’s durability is usually determined by its material type and construction, more extended warranties are also good indicators of durability.

“Using a bed frame with your mattress improves the overall height and might make getting in and out of bed easier.”

  • Assembly

Another characteristic feature of the best bed frames for Airbnb is their ease of assembly. The bed frame’s set-up should be straightforward and shouldn’t require any special skills. 

  • Silence

Noise-free design is another vital feature of Airbnb bed frames because it means undisturbed rest for your clients, which also means better rating and feedback. In addition, you don’t want your customers to get uncomfortable with squeaks and creaks (especially for sexually active couples) from the bed frame, leading to unsatisfactory rest and bedroom activities.

  • Weight Limit

Knowing the weight limit of a bed frame allows you to see if it’ll be a good fit for heavy mattresses and heavier sleepers (read here) that might frequent your establishment.

“Aesthetics is vital in vacation rentals, as it makes Airbnb look promising and inviting to prospective customers.”

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Are wooden bed frames suitable for support?

Wooden bed frames are suitable for support. Just like metal, wooden bed frames are durable and sturdy enough to carry mattress and user weights while having the advantage of being stylish.

Do I have to use a box spring with my bed frame?

No, you don’t have to use a box spring with your bed frame. Instead, you can decide to either use a solid or slatted foundation for mattress support.

Wrapping Up  

In summary, choosing the best bed frames for Airbnb and vacation rentals isn’t straightforward as it involves checking the cost, weight limit, aesthetics, ease of assembly, noise factor, and how durable it is. 

However, in my opinion, the Nectar Bed Frame would have to be my top choice for Airbnb and vacation rentals due to its contemporary, tufted headboard, and center legs for stability. It fits with most inter designs to elevate the look of your Airbnb room and has support legs to even out weight, ensuring you sleep comfortably.

Which bed frame have you been most impressed by at Airbnb and vacation rentals? Share your experiences with us in the comments.



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