Amerisleep vs Novosbed Comparison

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 11 minLast updated on February 10, 2023

When you have to decide between Amerisleep vs Novosbed, it can be hard to tell which will serve your home better. That’s why I’ve reviewed both of these mattresses in a side-by-side comparison so you can learn what each of these mattresses can offer you. In this article, I will break down Amerisleep and Novsbed’s differences, construction, and who would benefit the most from each.

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Quick Overview:


Top Similarities and Top Differences of Amerisleep vs Novosbed

The top similarities between Amerisleep and Novosbed are their machine washable covers, their excellent motion isolation, and their edge support.

Top similarities between amerisleep and novosbed

Easy washing is always a great feature for mattresses, and I like how both mattress covers share this feature. Their only difference is that only the top cover of the Novosbed is washable, while the entire cover of the Amerisleep is washable. Additionally, the Novosbed and Amerisleep are great at silencing motion, keeping light sleepers less disturbed at night. Their edge support is also excellent, as I tested, and found both have similar strength to adequately support you, with the Novosbed only performing slightly better.

The top differences between Amerisleep and Novosbed are their warranties, as Amerisleep has a longer warranty, and their trials, as Novosbed has a longer trial. Novosbed also comes in more firmness options than Amerisleep, and sleeps a bit cooler than Amerisleep.

Amerisleep has a longer warranty of about five years; however, Novosbed offers a trial period that’s 20 nights longer. So, if you’re looking for a better warranty, Amerisleep can help you out. But if you want to try out your new mattress longer, Novosbed would be the one to choose.

Novosbed comes in three firmness options, while Amerisleep only comes in one firmness. That means Novosbed is the better option if you want more flexibility in firmness. Their heights are also slightly different, as Amerisleep is 12 inches, while Novosbed is 11 inches.

I’ve tested Amerisleep to be temperature neutral with Bio-Pure foam, which is moderately cooling for a restful sleep. However, Novosbed’s Tencel cover offers better cooling for those who love a cool sleep, as I found from my tests.

Novosbed vs Amerisleep: A Comparison



Construction & Design5 layers of contouring foam and coils4 layers of memory foam and support foam
FirmnessWe tested it to be a medium-firm firmness with a bit of hugComes in three firmness layers, Soft (which has hug), Medium (which has a bit of hug), and Firm (tested to be supportive on the spine with some sinkage)
Edge SupportWe tested it to have moderate edge support, sleepers will feel supported on the edgeSoft and Medium have moderate edge support, while Firm has above average support
Motion TransferFrom our tests, this mattress has excellent motion isolationAll three firmness options have great motion isolation
FeelWe tested it to have a hugging feel while still supporting the hips and keeping the spine alignedSoft feels body-hugging; Medium has moderate hug; Firm is supportive with less hug while still cushioning the body
MaterialBio-Pur foam with open-cell design and edge-support coilsContouring memory foam with transitional and support foam layers
Warranty and Trial20-year Warranty and 100-night Trial15-year Warranty and 120-night Trial
Price (Queen)$1099$1399

Construction & Design Between Amerisleep vs Novosbed

The construction and design between Amerisleep and Novosbed is broken down below.

Amerisleep construction design


  • Breathable Cover — I noticed this to be springy and easy to keep clean.
  • Bio-Pur Comfort Layer — Soft, conforming foam for pressure relief.
  • Pocketed Coils — Excellent for support.
  • Edge Support — Helps keep you on the bed.
  • Transition foam for extra support — Gives something for the coils to stabilize against.
Novosbed construction design


  • Tencel cover — Cool to the touch for better sleep.
  • Open-cell comfort foam for breathability — Helps circulate air to disperse heat.
  • Transitional foam — Gives more support, motion isolation, and pressure relief.
  • Support Core Foam — Additional support and durability so this mattress lasts a long time.

From testing these two mattresses, I found that, although Amerisleep’s cover is breathable, Novosbed’s cover has a nice cooling effect. Comparing the temperatures, I recorded only a 0.5-degree difference between them, with the AS3 about 0.58% more cooling, likely due to its open-cell foam.

I also found that out of the two mattresses, Amerisleep is a bit softer than the Novosbed Firm we tested; however, both offer that conforming memory foam feel for enhanced pressure relief.

The Firmness Between Amerisleep vs Novosbed

The firmness between Amerisleep and Novosbed is fairly similar, from what I’ve tested. Amerisleep’s firmness is a bit softer than Novosbed’s Firm, as it has more hug.

Amerisleep comes in one firmness, which we’ve tested to be around medium-firm with a bit of hug. However, it still supports where the body needs it most.

Novosbed comes in three firmnesses: Soft, super cushioning; Medium, a bit less cushioning but still has a bit of a hug. And Firm, which from our tests, I found to be supportive but still offers some sinkage — though you’re going to feel a bit more ‘on the bed.’

Comparing the two, the AS3 had a bit more sinkage, understandably. The AS3 was 11.9% more body-hugging than the Novosbed, making it a good option if you prefer more sinkage.

Edge Support Between Amerisleep vs Novosbed

The edge support between Amerisleep and Novosbed is similar, with Novosbed out-performing Amerisleep only by a little.

I tested Amerisleep for its edge support, and you will not fall off the edge when lying close to the sides. However, there is a bit of sag present.

From my reviews, I found Novosbed to have overall reliable edge support — better than most all-foam mattresses I’ve tested.

Novosbed excels in this category, outperforming the AS3 by 24%, making it the better option if you want more stability while sitting on the edge.

Read my detailed Novosbed review here

Motion Transfer Comparison of Novosbed vs Amerisleep

The motion transfer comparison of Novosbed and Amerisleep is slightly different, with Amerisleep outperforming Novosbed by a little.

I reviewed Amerisleep for motion transfer, and I found it aced the test - it did not allow movement to travel across the bed, meaning couples will not disturb each other during the night, even if one tosses and turns a lot.

Novosbed has average motion isolation, with Soft being the most isolating due to its super cushioning layers. I tested Firmness for its motion isolation, and I like how its mix of cushioning foam and firm foam makes it decent at isolating motion, but also responsive for ease of movement in bed.

The Feel Difference Between Novosbed vs Amerisleep

The feel difference between Novosbed and Amerisleep is slightly different, with Amerisleep feeling softer and more pliant than Novosbed (Firm).

From my tests, Amerisleep has a medium-firm feel with a moderate amount of hug. I found that sleepers won’t necessarily fall into the bed, but they’re not on top of the bed either — it’s a well-balanced feel.

Novosbed Soft has a super conforming, body-hugging feel, while Medium has a moderate hugging feel. I tested Firm, and found it to have an ‘on top of the bed’ feel, which feels great on the spine, but still offers some cushion for comfort. 

Amerisleep vs Novosbed: Material 

The material difference between Amerisleep and Novosbed is most prominent in their covers. I like the springy feel of Amerisleep’s spandex, Celliant, and polyester blend cover, from my tests. It responds fast to pressure with a good spring back. Novosbed has a polyester Tencel cover, which I found to be pleasantly cool to the touch and overall better at temperature control.

Novosbed material top
Novosbed zip
Novosbed Foam
Amerisleep material
Amerisleep material top
Amerisleep material spandex

Amerisleep vs Novosbed: Responsiveness and Bounce

The responsiveness and bounce of the Amerisleep and Novosbed are similar, as both are high-quality all-foam beds. Both foams bounced back to their full shape from my compression tests at 0.9 seconds, meaning both are slow-adaptive enough to provide pressure relief without you feeling like you’re stuck in the layers (anything beyond 2 seconds is considered to feel too slow.)

The bounce values of each mattress are also somewhat similar, with the AS3 a bit bouncier by 2.79%. That means the AS3 may be more helpful if you prefer a more responsive bed for fast movements and shifting positions quickly.

Price Between Amerisleep vs Novosbed

The price difference between Amerisleep and Novosbed is moderate, with Amerisleep being $300 cheaper than Novosbed.

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Sleeping positions Between Amerisleep vs Novosbed

The sleeping positions between Amerisleep and Novosbed are slightly different, with Novosbed Firm better suited for heavier combo sleepers, while Amerisleep may work better for light-weight side sleepers.

I tested Amerisleep and found it to be a good option for light and average-weight side, back and stomach sleepers, however, it may be too soft for heavier sleepers

Novosbed Soft may work best for side and back sleepers, while Medium may work best for all sleep positions due to its well-balanced feel. Firm, from my tests, may work best for stomach and back sleepers due to its extra firmness and support. I also found that its firmness may, in fact, be too much for lightweight side sleepers, but a great option for heavier combo sleepers.

I’ve written a full guide and review for Amerisleep on our site if you need more information.

Amerisleep sleeping position
Novosbed sleeping position


Both mattresses have their pros and cons, and from what I’ve tested, Amerisleep is a well-balanced bed that’s temperature neutral, working best for sleepers who want motion isolation, and a good option for combo lightweight and average-weight sleepers.

Novosbed is a good option that I think would best suit sleepers who want firmness options, extra conformity in the Soft option, or a slightly cooler sleep with the Tencel cover and open-cell design.

Which mattress do you like better? Let us know in the comments below!

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