Amerisleep AS3 Mattress Review

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Written by: Alex Savy
Read 15 minLast updated on July 15, 2022


The AS3 is the best-selling mattress by Amerisleep. This model is considered universally comfortable and seems to be offering an excellent value for money.

But does this mattress live up to the expectations?

Today’s review of the Amerisleep AS3 mattress will take a close look at this model, how it performs in real life, and all its perks and drawbacks that might affect your experience.

weightWeight (Queen Size)

80 lbs



Delivery Format

Compressed and rolled in a box


Free shipping & returns


Memory Foam





Trial Period

100 Nights

WARRANTY Limited-lifetime warranty


20 Year


I’d like to start my Amerisleep AS3 mattress review with the cover, which will be the closest to the sleeper. 

The AS3 uses polyester for the cover (a popular option among most modern mattresses) but adds a little twist. The cover fabric also contains spandex and Celliant

Spandex makes the AS3’s cover stretchy and adaptive. It adjusts to the body’s shape and then springs back to its original state. That’s probably why my AS3 did not show any body imprints while I was testing it. The mattress’s surface looked brand new even after prolonged use.

As for the Celliant component, it is meant to transform the body heat into infrared energy, aiding muscle recovery and cooler sleep. I’m not sure about the infrared energy, as the AS3 isn’t the coolest foam model on the market. It remained neutral throughout the night, but I didn’t notice a significant cooling effect. I also experienced fast tension relief after hitting the gym, but this aspect might have to do with the adaptive foams of the AS3 (which I will discuss in detail below).

It’s worth mentioning that this mattress’s cover is zippered. There are two zippers - one for the main cover, and the other for the bottom blue section (allowing sleepers to clean the entire outer shell of the mattress). I did not have any issues with the zippers, as they seemed well-made and worked smoothly. The cover might be too large for some washing machines, but the removable design makes it easier to clean nonetheless (when you need to treat spots, for example).

Amerisleep AS3 Review-P1133812
Amerisleep AS3 Review-P1133820


Moving on to the next part of our Amerisleep AS3 mattress review – the layers that are hiding under the cover. They include:

  • Comfort layer (3 inches). Amerisleep uses its proprietary Bio-Pur foam, plant-based memory foam that has an open-cell structure. It has a cradling feel and adjusts to the body. The top layer returns back to its shape slowly after the pressure is applied, which is typical for memory foam. That being said, the Bio-Pur layer does feel a bit different, as it doesn’t trap as much heat as traditional foam. I was surprised when the AS3 maintained a neutral temperature even while I was sleeping on one side and experienced a deeper hug. 

  • Transition layer (2 inches). The second layer is slightly stiffer than the comfort layer, with a more noticeable response. This layer nicely balanced out the soft comfort foam, preventing that unpleasant quicksand sensation many foam mattresses have. Additionally, the AS3’s transition layer uses the HIVE technology. It has a convoluted design (resembling a beehive, hence the name), which allows the air to travel more freely through the mattress. The HIVE layer contributes to the cooling effect of the top Bio-Pur foam, which is why the AS3 helped me avoid night sweats. It’s also worth mentioning that the HIVE layer is zoned. It offers various support levels for different body parts (for instance, it’s softer around the shoulders but firmer in the lumbar area). Such a design ensures proper spinal alignment and reduced tension. I, for one, experienced immediate relief when lying on the AS3 with a stiff back. The pressure simply dissipated, which might prove this zoned layer works.

  • Base layer (7 inches). The foundation of the AS3 mattress is thick and dense. This layer feels firm and provides reliable support for the rest of the construction. To me, this layer seemed sturdy enough to withstand years of use. It also has a slightly springy feel (probably due to its firmness), which may also help prevent sagging.

Amerisleep AS3 Review-P1144069


Another important aspect I want to mention in my Amerisleep AS3 mattress review is the firmness level of this model. It will affect how comfortable different sleepers would be when using this mattress.

Now, firmness is subjective. One mattress can seem softer to heavier individuals and firmer to lightweight people, as they apply different amounts of pressure to the foam.

As an average sleeper, I think the AS3 is a medium-firm mattress. I would give it 6 on the firmness scale (with 10 being the stiffest). 

Overall, the AS3 feels nicely balanced, as for me. The top layer is cradling and offers a generous hug. However, once the body reaches the transition layer, it receives sturdy support. The AS3 made me feel like I was sleeping “in” the mattress rather than on it, but without sacrificing proper support

To sum up, the AS3 doesn’t feel like a plush cloud. Instead, it combines a gentle hug with reliable, solid support.

Amerisleep AS3 Review-P1133756
Amerisleep AS3 Review-P1133767

Edge Support

Strong edges are often a necessity for couples who want more sleeping space. Amerisleep AS3 Review-P1133790 However, this aspect is something most memory foam mattresses lack.

When testing the edge support in the AS3 mattress, I tried both sitting and sleeping near the edge. The results were satisfactory but not impressive

The AS3 managed to provide decent support when I was lying close to the edge. I didn’t feel like I would roll off, which means this mattress can offer extra sleeping space for average and lightweight sleepers. Sadly, heavier individuals might have to look for a hybrid model if they want solid edge support.

That being said, the foam around the edges compressed noticeably when I was sitting. While such a performance is common for most all-foam mattresses, the AS3 might not work for sleepers with somewhat limited mobility. The mattress simply doesn’t offer any help (boost) when trying to get up.

It’s also worth mentioning that the AS3’s surface is a bit slippery. It’s not critical but might be an issue for people with somewhat limited mobility (due to pain, for example).

Motion Transfer

Moving on to motion transfer, a factor that can be a real deal-breaker for some couples (especially if one of them is a restless sleeper). 

Now, foam mattresses usually absorb shock from motion pretty well, so I was expecting excellent results from the AS3 by Amerisleep. And thankfully, this mattress did not fail me. Even though the AS3 is slightly more responsive than your average foam mattress (so it doesn’t feel like quicksand), it does not allow shock from motion to travel to the other side of the bed. This allowed my wife to sleep peacefully throughout the night, even though I tried to be extra active when tossing and turning.

How It Feels for Different Types of Sleepers

Naturally, one mattress cannot be comfortable for everyone. That’s why I wanted to see how the AS3 by Amerisleep would perform for different sleeping styles. Here are the conclusions I’ve made:

  • Side sleepers. When sleeping on one side, I was happy to discover that the AS3 did not cause pressure build-up in the protruding shoulder or hip. Instead, the mattress cushioned my curves and offered a generous hug. The top comfort layer is also gentle enough to cradle petite individuals. As for heavier side sleepers (over 230 pounds), they will also experience a deep hug with decent support for the spine. That being said, I feel like the AS3 might seem too plush for some heavier individuals, especially those who prefer sturdier sleep surfaces. Amerisleep AS3 Review-P1133774
  • Back sleepers. Lying on my back, I felt the tension melting down. This probably has to do with the correct alignment. My lumbar back was properly supported, with the AS3 filling in the natural back curve. It also gently hugged my hips, resulting in a very balanced feel. I also think the AS3 can provide enough of a hug for petite back sleepers while keeping them in a proper alignment. As for heavier back sleepers, they might not receive enough support with the AS3, unfortunately. Amerisleep AS3 Review-P1133761
  • Stomach sleepers. I expected the AS3 to allow for some unwanted sinkage when I was sleeping on my stomach. However, I received decent support and felt perfectly comfortable. I think petite stomach sleepers will also enjoy proper support and alignment when using the AS3 by Amerisleep. As for heavier stomach sleepers, this model might be too plush for them. Amerisleep AS3 Review-P1133783

Other Important Information

Some details can either improve or ruin one’s experience with the mattress, so it’s crucial to consider them before finalizing the purchase.

Amerisleep offers a 100-night sleep trial with the AS3, which is a pretty standard duration on the mattress market. However, shoppers might not be aware that this sleep trial includes a mandatory 30-day break-in period. It allows sleepers to get used to the new mattress. Just like that, the foam requires some time to adapt to the sleeper. That’s why the AS3 may seem too firm for the first few days.

This mattress comes with a 20-year warranty, which is good coverage for this price category. Just to compare, the Casper comes with a 10-year warranty, despite being a bit pricier than the AS3 by Amerisleep.

It’s also worth mentioning that the AS3 arrives compressed in a box. As a result, the mattress has slight off-gassing upon unpacking. It’s not that strong but can still be an issue for sensitive individuals. That’s why shoppers might want to wait for around 24 hours before sleeping on the AS3. I left my mattress in a well-ventilated room in the morning, and it was odor-free by evening.

Wrapping Up

The AS3 by Amerisleep effectively combines generous cradling with reliable support, making it as close to a universally comfortable mattress as possible. It might be too soft for heavier sleepers, but the AS3 can still accommodate a wide range of users. This mattress also feels sturdy, doesn’t sleep hot, and has a slow response to pressure (great news for partnered sleepers). Therefore, it’s safe to assume that the AS3 is worth trying out.


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