Alex Savy - The Founder and Certified Sleep Science Coach

Alex Savy

Alex Savy is the Founder and Certified Sleep Science Coach at Sleepingocean.

Alex’s journey to the world of sleep product reviews started when he first read his favorite book on sleep. Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker captured Alex’s attention because of the author’s deep insight into the nature of sleep and how it affects people’s everyday lives. 

Realizing the importance of proper rest inspired Alex Savy to start tracking his sleep using the Oura ring. With time, Alex Savy began to understand how big of a role a mattress and other sleep accessories play when it comes to restful slumber.

That’s why Alex Savy decided to start reviewing mattresses and other sleep products. Having written over 100 articles about sleep and sleep-related products, Alex Savy enjoys diving deep into the topic and discovering what can help people get a good night’s rest. 

He has also reviewed over 20 products (for now), including mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows, sheets, and more. Alex realizes that each of these products can potentially help people sleep better, which makes the review process so exciting for him. For Alex, it’s more than simply testing a product. It’s about helping people find the right solution to their sleep issues and, hopefully, helping them improve the quality of their slumber and life. 

Alex Savy also makes mattress video reviews on YouTube. This allows him to share more details and important specs with the audience, giving more people a chance to find the right mattress. 

When he is not busy learning more about sleep or testing mattresses, Alex enjoys playing soccer and traveling. Also, Alex Savy has a degree in Digital Marketing.

Alex Savy is a Sleep Science Coach certified by Spencer Institute (Certificate Number: Q224500682 from 12/26/2021).

Sleep Science Coach Certificate for Alex Savy

Sleeping position: side and back

Usual bedtime: 10:30 pm

Wake up time: 7 am

Favorite routine before going to bed: taking a warm shower and reading.

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