Who We Are & What We Do

We’re a team of highly motivated experts united by one simple goal: 

To help you get better sleep. 

One day we set out on a journey to equip you with all the information you may need about how sleep works and how you personally can start sleeping better. 

So, we began researching the market, picking the best mattresses, pillows, and sleep accessories, and thoroughly testing each product before writing our reviews. Our opinions are based on the latest scientific data as well as extensive personal experience.

We’ll do our best to help you get a better understanding of the science behind sleep and hopefully, this will encourage you to work on your sleep habits and spread awareness about the importance of sleep.

So, that’s who we are together. But who are we one by one? 

Well, let us introduce ourselves.

Meet the Team

Founder and Certified Sleep Science Coach — Alex Savy

Alex Savy

Alex is an online entrepreneur with a degree in Digital Marketing. Along with curating SleepingOcean, he’s been successfully managing several other online projects for the last 7 years.  But being this ambitious has turned against him at some point in his life. Alex developed chronic sleep deprivation because of putting himself to work too much, which significantly decreased his productivity.  However, Alex’s tireless desire to get to the root cause of things won over self-deprecating thoughts, and he decided to learn more about sleep and its effects on health and productivity in particular. It took him one year of learning and one certification — today Alex is a Sleep Science Coach certified by Spencer Institute (Certificate Number: Q224500682 from 01/03/2020).
Sleep Science Coach Certificate for Alex Savy
The document that certifies that Alex Savy is a sleep science coach certified by The Spencer Institute
Alex describes his primary goal for creating SleepingOcean as sharing his findings about sleep not only with regular users but also with entrepreneurs and business owners. Because sleep impacts every aspect of our wellbeing, including work performance, creativity, and strategic thinking — and all these traits define a good leader. So, today Alex does his best at researching and testing sleep products and providing the visitors of our resource with simple science-backed tips on solving their sleep issues.

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Research Writer — Julie Rhiles

julie rhiles Julie is our writing guru. She can break down any complex idea so that everyone understands it. She is the one who translates studies and research articles from Scientific to English. When it comes to publishing an article, Julie won’t calm down until she makes sure all the facts are double-checked, all commas are in place, and the headings are properly highlighted. When she’s not at work, you can find her doing yoga or taking photos of her cats.  

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